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Argent Data Systems. Please note that the OT1+ is currently being phased out due to component obsolescence.

Argent Data Systems

The OpenTracker USB has replaced it as our entry-level APRS tracker. The OpenTracker+ is an APRS tracker that can also receive data from other stations and has waypoint output capability. Use the OT1+ to report position, course and speed, time, and altitude when connected to a GPS -- not just from a vehicle, but anything, including a bicycle, weather balloon, or backpack. Or, use the OT1+ to encode and transmit data from a supported weather station. The tracker will also report telemetry from its onboard temperature and voltage sensors, and an external counter input can report a cumulative total of counter events or the number of events since last transmission. The OpenTracker+ SMT is a surface-mount version of the OT1+, with a 24-pin DIP form factor. OT1+ Rev 1.1 OT1+ in case Major features include: Specifications: Brochure OpenTracker+ Brochure (two page .pdf).

Configuration Program Firmware. TinyTrak4 GPS Position Encoder. TinyTrak4 TinyTrak4 takes the features of the popular Byonics TinyTrak3Plus and adds...

TinyTrak4 GPS Position Encoder

DSP Packet Decoding - Using software DSP, the TinyTrak4 can not only decode 1200 baud packet, but also 9600 baud (9600 encode in development). Since the decoding is not hardware based, new demodulation capabilities will be added to existing TinyTrak4s. APRS Digipeating - The TinyTrak4 can act as a smart APRS digipeater supporting WIDEn-N, callsign substitution, and dupe checking. KISS TNC - Connect to a computer and operate standard packet, Winlink, and any of the APRS software. Additional Functionality:APRS tracker that can plot positions as waypoints on compatible GPS receivers Weather station support Packet display Remote control UI TNC New!

Scott Evans, VK7HSE has setup a TinyTrak4 Wiki at Don Arnold, W6GPS has a new video demo of using the TT4 with the AvMap. Ordering TinyTrak4s are shipped with Alpha v0.67 firmware installed. Google Maps APRS. Downloads) SARTrack Radio Tracking for Search and Rescue. F4EIR - Météo -WXSVR-FR. F4EIR - Météo -WXSVR-FR. Argent Data Systems. The Tracker2 series is currently being replaced by the Tracker3 series.

Argent Data Systems

Tracker2 models may still be available by special order. Successor to the OpenTracker, the Tracker2 bridges the gap between APRS tracker and TNC. It retains all of the APRS functions of the OpenTracker+, and adds far more: Plots received positions as waypoints - APRS stations, objects, and items received over the air can be passed to a GPS receiver to be plotted on its map display. When used with a supported Garmin or Magellan GPS receiver, waypoints will be created with appropriate map symbols, comment text, and elevations. Tracker2 model OT2m The standalone OT2m model has all of the above features, and comes fully assembled in a heavy-duty steel enclosure.

OT2m case front OT2m case rear OT2m circuit board Tracker2 model T2-301 The T2-301 is a combination of the Friendcom FC-301/D VHF data radio and a Tracker2 daughter board. End View. IS0GRB ATV - APRS - PSKMAIL - DXCLUSTER - WIRELESS - ECHOLINK - AUTOCOSTRUZIONE - ANTENNE. Google Maps APRS. Aprn. Dias – F4FWH » Blog Archive » APRS Mobile. Et voilà je recommence une installation APRS mobile, je passe en effet d’une solution sous windows XP à un raspberry Pi.

Dias – F4FWH » Blog Archive » APRS Mobile

Beaucoup m’ont demandé des informations sur ma précédente installation que je n’ai pas assez documenté, donc je vais tenter de me rattraper avec cette installation. Donc tout d’abord une petite liste de course : -Raspberry Pi version B, entre 35 et 45€ -Un clavier/souris et quelques choses de petit pour la voiture de ce type -Un écran LCD, je suis passé d’un 7″ in-dash tactile à un 4.3″ comme il ne servira que pour l’APRS, sur le célèbre site de vente aux enchères pour une vingtaine d’€uros -Pour le TX un VV-808 que j’ai présenté ici : il faut compter donc 60€ -Pour le TNC un TNC-Pi basé sur le TNC-X ici : pour 57$ soit 45€ Photo de M0SPN : -Une tête GPS pour la localisation, pour cela je réutilise celle de la précédente installation une navilock NL-302U :

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