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Great EU firewall

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The entertainment industries' copyright lobby supports an LEWP proposal to introduce Europe-wide firewall to censor and block ‘illicit’ websites: The Pirate Bay team is rallying public support to defend the free Internet and end this threat : worldnews. The Great Firewall of Europe. US And EU Nations In Secret Talks To Implement “Great Firewall Of Europe” To Censor Internet Just Like China. Image via Wikipedia from Steve:_ Posted by Alexander Higgins – April 29, 2011 at 4:47 am - Permalink – Source via Alexander Higgins Blog Member nations of the European Union are in secret talks, which include the United States, to implement a “Great Firewall Of Europe” which will block and censor online content to all nations in Europe. The proposal is very similar to the China firewall which blocks access to blogs, social networking sites and all foreign news websites that publish anything that contradicts official state sponsored propaganda. We are tipped off with a post by Glyn Moody : 8.

A press release on the US embassy website to Hungary informs us that the US Attorney General Eric Holder and Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano also attended the conference. The Pirate Bay - The world's most resilient bittorrent site. The finest hour February 2011, MAFIAA Lobbyists began a massive attack against the European Union.

The Pirate Bay - The world's most resilient bittorrent site

Defending the union were seeds and peers of The Pirate Bay along with the Telecomix, Anons, and the Pirate parties. The MAFIAA relied on an aggressive battle plan, utilizing modern communications such as radio and telefax to direct troops in the field. The Allies, for their part, assumed a defensive posture, just as they had done at the start of World Internets War of 2003, and in many cases still relied on irc.

La guerre des Internets a commencé. En février dernier, un groupe de députés européens baptisé LEWP (Law Enforcement Working Party) a commencé à travailler en secret sur un projet de loi [PDF] dont l'objectif est de mettre en place un grand firewall européen.

La guerre des Internets a commencé

Soutenus par les lobbies américains, ce projet de loi aura pour but d'exclure d'Europe certains sites internet considérés comme illégaux. Tous les FAI devront alors se plier à cette loi et appliquer ce filtrage Européen. Rien n'est encore fait (heureusement), mais en général, comme on l'a vu avec Hadopi et d'autres loi liberticides, ce que les lobbies veulent, les lobbies l'obtiennent... Il suffit de se mettre dans la poche quelques députés, de surveiller le faible niveau de protestation des internautes, de leur organiser un diner ou de leur filer de fausses responsabilités comme avec le CNN, histoire de les occuper, de leur donner un os à ronger et ensuite, d'attendre patiemment que tout se fasse tout naturellement.

The Pirate Bay déclare la guerre des Internets en Europe. L'Union européenne va-t-elle se doter elle aussi d'une sorte de grande muraille numérique, à l'image de celle ceinturant et censurant l'Internet en Chine ?

The Pirate Bay déclare la guerre des Internets en Europe

Repérée par The Telegraph, une proposition défendue par le LEWP (Law Enforcement Working Party), un groupe de travail issu du Conseil Justice et Affaires Intérieures, prévoit de mettre en place un espace Schengen numérique, protégé par des frontières virtuelles. Le grand firewall européen et la guerre des Internets. Les attaques aux libertés numériques sont légion.

Le grand firewall européen et la guerre des Internets

En France, on en parle même plus tellement ça devient lassant… et il va falloir tenir encore au moins un an. Alarm over EU 'Great Firewall' proposal. The closed meeting was held in February, but the minutes have only gained attention this week after being published online.

Alarm over EU 'Great Firewall' proposal

Malcolm Hutty, head of public affairs at LINX, a cooperative of British ISPs, said the plan appeared “ill thought-out” and “confused”. “We take the view that network level filtering of the type proposed has been proven ineffective,” he said. Broadband providers say that illegal content should be removed at the source by cooperation between police and web hosting firms because network blocking can easily be circumvented. Glyn Moody, a prominent advocate of openness online, said: “They only have to look at how porous the Great Firewall of China is - something that has been created and honed by experts with huge resources.

Civil libertarians slam EU Internet filtering considerations. Considerations by the European Union to create a more "secure European cyberspace" by requiring ISPs to block "illicit content" have come under attack from anti-censorship groups, who compare the plan to China's system for controlling citizen's online access.

Civil libertarians slam EU Internet filtering considerations

"It's a bad idea, opening the floodgates to a lot of restrictions on what people can and cannot see on the Internet," said Jim Killock, executive director of the UK-based Open Rights Group, told Deutsche Welle. Europe's 'single secure cyberspace' plan under attack. IDG News Service - European Union plans to "create a single secure cyberspace" have come under fire from civil liberties groups, with many saying that they only serve to highlight how far the bloc still has to go in understanding the modern online world. In February, at a secret meeting of the Council of the European Union's Law Enforcement Work Party (LEWP), politicians discussed plans to create a "virtual Schengen border" (the Schengen area is the common passport area within the E.U.) with ISPs required to block "illicit content" from outside the area.

The Council of the European Union is the E.U.'s central legislative and decision-making body. There has been no clarification as to what this "illicit content" might be, merely that there would be an E.U. blacklist. The Great (fire)Wall of Europe. I suppose it was only a matter of time before the EUSSR got around to considering this one : Broadband providers have voiced alarm over an EU proposal to create a “Great Firewall of Europe” by blocking “illicit” web material at the borders of the bloc.Anti-censorship campaigners compared the plan to China’s notorious system for controlling citizens’ access to blogs, news websites and social networking services.The proposal emerged an obscure meeting of the Council of the European Union’s Law Enforcement Work Party (LEWP), a forum for cooperation on issues such as counter terrorism, customs and fraud.

The Great (fire)Wall of Europe.

If they do try to create a European firewall along the lines of China’s then they will have to be prepared to plough in huge sums of money to get a very leaky wall. My brother is in China at the moment and was telling me about the system they have to control internet access. At cyber cafes, users have to log on with an ID card. The Not-So-Great Firewall of Europe. MAFIAA™ - Music And Film Industry Association of America™ Pirate Bay déclare la guerre à un projet européen de censure du Net. Euro-court outlaws criticism of EU. How To Remain Connected If Your Internet Gets Shut Off.

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