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Gratis Programvare

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Download free DVD, iPod, YouTube video converter and editor software and freeware.

Free Licensed Software

Free AVI MPEG to SWF Converter - Download Freeware - Only Freewares. Soft4Boost Any Audio Record is a wonderful way to record audio data going to ...

Free AVI MPEG to SWF Converter - Download Freeware - Only Freewares

Gratis CD og DVD verktøy. Programvare. Skoleøkonomien tilsier ofte at vi må benytte oss av gratisprogramvare, da det som regel ikke finnes penger til programvare.


På denne siden har jeg sorter ut noen gratisprogrammer som jeg mener kan være nyttig i Norsk skole. Freeware library. Today: Wise PC Engineer 6.3.3 - Wise PC Engineer is a bundle of most important system utilities for performing different tasks on your PC. It not ... GRATISPROGRAM. CD/DVD brännarprogram: CD/DVD-bränning, kopiering musik filmer mm.


CDBurnerXP Pro : Gratisprogram för bränning av CD/DVD. Ett bra alternativ till Nero Burning ROM. Dvd Shrink : Gratisgrogram som krymper dvd-filmer så att de får plats på en 4,7 GB dvd-skiva. Bildprogram: bildbehandling, bildvisning mm. GIMP : GIMP är ett mycket avancerat bildbehandlingsprogram som ger dig tillgång till funktioner och möjligheter att hantera bilder som annars bara kan hittas i dyra program som Photoshop. Easy Thumnails : Med ett klick skapar man frimärksstora kopior av dina bilder, gratisprogram. Iconoid : Med Iconoid kan man redigera ikoner och bla. låsa deras plats i skribordet, gratisprogram. Inkscape : Inkscape är Open Source vector-grafik editor. IrfanView : IrfanView är ett enkelt och mycket populärt bildprogram (gratis för privatbruk) Det är i första hand avsett som bildvisningsprogram, men har även en del redigeringsfunktioner.

GRATISPROGRAM. 40+ awesome free Windows apps. Depending on your internet connection you might be able to download a lot more (or a lot less) than 1Mb in two seconds - but calling this a post about apps under a meg just isn't quite as much fun!

40+ awesome free Windows apps

No, you don't really need to pay too much attention to an application's hard drive footprint any more. After all, when you can buy a 1.5Tb drive for less than $150US, what difference does a few megs here or there make? On the other hand, it's amazing to see what some developers are able to accomplish with a very small amount of code. There are a ton of great, free applications that have been created in less than 1Mb - I didn't fully realize just how many until I started putting this list together. This is by no means a complete list, so if your favorite got overlooked make sure to share it in the comments! Desktop/Shell Enhancements Launchy (408Kb) - Hotkeys FTW! Open++ (114Kb) - Helps you tweak your context menu six ways from Sunday. Encryption File Tools Internet and Networking Multimedia. Gizmos Freeware Reviews. AlternativeTo. Free Stuff.

Download VYP. FileCluster. Daily Freeware. Freeware Files - Free Software Downloads. Free Software and Shareware Downloads - Tucows. Free software download,Over 90000 software free downloads. "By luck, I stumbled upon your site, and of course I wanted to try it out.

Free software download,Over 90000 software free downloads

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Julia Moore - Chicago "Just started trading binary options a month ago. - Free Software Downloads - Over 100,000 Freeware & Shareware Free Downloads. - Download Free Software. Free software downloads - Free Drawing Software. Site Tour Creator – Simple. Free. Open Source. By AN Jay on December 17, 2007.

Site Tour Creator – Simple. Free. Open Source.

Portable Applications.

Portable software

Best Free Portable Applications. Best Free Portable Backup Program & Folder Sync Utility: Toucan -- Download | Support | Forum | Editor Review Description: Toucan has a simple interface for syncing and backing up.

Best Free Portable Applications

It allows you to easily keep the same files and folders on multiple locations. If you want to sync to a flash drive, just use its "mirror (update)" function to periodically add new programs and remove unwanted programs from the flash drive. 10 Excellent Applications To Organize Yourself. Don't Forget to participate in a contest where you can win an amazing e-Commerce template from TemplateMonster.

10 Excellent Applications To Organize Yourself

Do you face problems scheduling a get together or remembering your chores? If yes then you are one of the countless people who need a little extra help to better organize themselves. Over the course of my blogging I have written about various programs and tools that help us improve our schedules and to-do lists. Here is a list of 10 of those programs which I feel all “people like us” can benefit from. Read each entry in the list, use whichever suits you best, and let me know what you think in the comments.

Do It Again - Free, simple program to automate tasks by recording and playing back macros. Do It Againsimple task automation software Many thanks go to Henrik Anfelt of Sweden for extensively testing and suggesting new features for Do It Again during its development and v1.1-1.5 stages.

Do It Again - Free, simple program to automate tasks by recording and playing back macros

Without his contributions Do It Again would definitely have fewer features and more bugs. If you find Do It Again useful and would like to show your appreciation, please feel free to donate via PayPal: User Testimonials "Just tried your program on, what I think, is a fairly complex bunch of steps. "Hi Tony, Greetings from Canada. "Hi, I have downloaded Do It Again and it's an amazing program. "Hello!