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Principles of Color and the Color Wheel. Add the right feeling and mood to your site using the color wheel, mix and match hues and create effective color schemes.

Principles of Color and the Color Wheel

The first color wheel has been around for more than 300 years and was developed by Sir Isaac Newton, according to ColourLovers. Other color charts, though, existed before that time. The basic design has evolved over time but the concept remains the same – almost any color combination from the wheel will work together. A basic color wheel features 12 colors that can be combined in a variety of ways to create a number of different effects. Colors can complement one another, or even create chaos. Expanded color wheels build on this design and add equal variants of color around the wheel. Types of Color The basic principle of the color wheel starts with three primary colors – red, yellow and blue. Secondary colors are made by mixing two primary colors from the color wheel. The last group of hues, tertiary colors, is made from mixing a primary and secondary color.

Teach Yourself Graphic Design: A Self-Study Course Outline. Symbols/Patterns/Textures. Images / Vectors. Adobe InDesign Templates. SHIZOO DESIGN... your daily websource drug. Photoshop Tutorials, Flash Tutorials and More! P2L Tutorial Search. 500+ Free Exquisite Vintage Textures and Backgrounds. The scariest thing about time is how fast it goes. It’s so fast that most of us doesn’t even know what we’ve missed, and before we know it, they’re all gone in a blink and all that is left are vintage images of the past which will just oftentimes, bring nostalgic feelings of the good ol’days.

Sorry, I just can’t help feeling nostalgic this new year prompting me to gather some good ol’stuff like this round-up of 500+ free exquisite vintage textures and backgrounds that you can download and use right away without the hassles of going to antique shops or searching in your granma’s attic. Design for screen: 10 things print designers need to know. Making the move from designing for print to designing for screen, and particularly for the web, can be a frustrating process.

Design for screen: 10 things print designers need to know

It feels like everything should be straightforward and simple; you’ve got design skills so these should just translate like-for-like... right? Unfortunately, while the fundamental aspects of good design very much apply - size, colour, position, white space, typographical best practice and so on - there are many unique characteristics that make transitioning from print to screen a challenge. The 5 best colour search tools for designers. Have you ever felt the lack of a sophisticated and intuitive way to search for colour inspiration?

The 5 best colour search tools for designers

If so, you'll find a remedy here. Whether you're looking for free or stock photos in a specific colour palette, or a CSS code shortcut for the perfect gradient, these five tools are the ultimate resources for searching, manipulating, and creating colour palettes on the web. You'll find all our colour-related articles here 01. Online Color Scheme Generator. Color Scheme Designer 3. Mantone: 5 colour palettes for the modern man.

You've heard of Pantone, you may have heard of its booze-related buddy Beertone... now Chicago-based designer LunchBreath has created Mantone, described as "five exciting colour palettes for the complex modern man".

Mantone: 5 colour palettes for the modern man

The 2013 colour forecast features five easily recognisable male stereotypes, each with their very own descriptions and colour palette: the hard-working hipster; the angsty alpha; the unemployed underachiever; the timid technophobe and the paranoid prepper. We're sure you'll be able to think of at least one guy that would adhere to at least one of these Mantones. 216 Web Safe Color Chart Codes. If you're looking for a 216 web safe color chart, you've come to the right place.

216 Web Safe Color Chart Codes

However, before reviewing the chart, you may be interested in learning a little bit about the 216 web safe color codes. Netscape specified 216 colors that have precedence in web browsers based on the 256 colors displayed within an 8-bit system. Designers' List - Great resources and websites for designers. - Aurora. Graphic Design Inspiration, Tutorials, Resources, Freebies, and More! - You The Designer. Creative COW - Creative Communities of the World. Tutorial Section Information & FAQs. 28 High Resolution Wood Textures For Designers. Once in a while, you may want to try a different approach in design.

28 High Resolution Wood Textures For Designers

If the concept/idea is green or nature related, wood elements can fit in pretty nice and they are fundamentally suitable. In this article, we attempt to showcase you 28 High Resolution Wood Textures designers can take full advantage of. Unable to create realistic wood texture from scratch in Photoshop is no longer an obstacle. Note: Some of these textures have limited rights. That means they are not allowed for commercial usage. Design Tutorials - Photoshop, Illustrator & InDesign. Computer Arts is the magazine for people who believe design matters, and has been inspiring and informing graphic designers and illustrators since 1995.

Design Tutorials - Photoshop, Illustrator & InDesign

With both a deluxe print edition and a fully-interactive, bespoke iPad edition, Computer Arts brings you behind-the-scenes access to cutting-edge design projects, in-depth analysis and incisive opinions from the design world's thought leaders, plus the very best new work from the global design community. Whether it's a shift in creative thinking or a change to the business of design, you can rely on Computer Arts to bring you detailed analysis of the pivotal events.

We'll introduce you to the industry’s most exciting trailblazers as well as highlighting the world’s freshest new talent, digging deep to discover what makes each of them special. In short, if design matters to you as much as it does to us, you need a Computer Arts subscription. Editorial Advertising. The Online Design Marketplace With +100,000 Designers. 50 Excellent Icon Design Tutorials. Six RevisionsMenu Main Categories.

50 Excellent Icon Design Tutorials

How to create a design style guide: 20 pro tips. When handing over a creative project, most agencies for freelancers include a document known as a style guide.

How to create a design style guide: 20 pro tips

This not only adds an additional air of professionalism to the work but rationalises to your client the creative choices you made and that there really was method behind the madness of the creative journey you took them on. Here are 25 tips for ensuring your style guide does the job right in ensuring others do it right. Words: Paul Wyatt 01. Style tiles: why every designer should be using them. Style tiles are a visual reference to the design language of a website (or other design deliverable).

Style tiles: why every designer should be using them

They help tell a story through fonts, colour and style collections, and when viewed in combination with wireframes, site-maps and other UI elements, they define that story in an accessible, client-friendly manner. In this article I'll explain how to get the best out of this handy technique. 01. What do style tiles contain? A successful style tile should contain sample user interface elements, define a colour scheme, show how the principles of typographical design will be used and demonstrate the relationship between the client's brand and the proposed visual solution.


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