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font dragr | Drag and drop font testing

font dragr | Drag and drop font testing Testing fonts within font dragr, while useful, won't give the full look and feel of testing it on your own site. That's where the font dragr bookmarklet comes in handy. The bookmarklet allows you to test any font from your file system or any of the fonts found in the gallery. Same simple approach the web app has, with the added ability for testing on any website. To install the bookmarklet in your browser just drag and drop the button below to your bookmarks.
C’è chi dice che i lineamenti del viso rappresentino la vita che la persona ha condotto, l’artista John Sokol ha preso molto seriamente questa credenza popolare e l’ha trasformata in una serie di opere mozzafiato in cui i tratti somatici di alcuni famosi autori sono rappresentati da parole prese dalle loro stesse opere; parole non scelte a caso, a detta di Sokol, ma non riuscendo a leggerle bene, direi che ci possiamo fidare dell’autore. Colui che vedete in alto è, ovviamente, Charles Baudelaire, esponente del simbolismo francese ed autore di “Les Fleurs du Mal” (di questa raccolta conoscerete almeno “L’albatross”, opera che appunto lo rappresenta nel ritratto). Sotto invece troverete alcuni italiani, come Dante e Calvino, il ritratto di quest’ultimo è un vero spettacolo, secondo me il migliore insieme a quelli di Faulkner ed Hesse. Trovate altre opere dell’artista, che non sono affatto male, nel suo sito. Enjoy the gallery! Word Portraits Word Portraits
Word Portraits
Web designers can (and should) draw inspiration from places other than web design, so today’s article is going to showcase 25 creative packaging designs that I found on For anyone who hasn’t browsed through deviant art yet, you are missing out on a lot of creative inspiration. yes, the css galleries out there are good for inspiration, but I find myself searching sites like behance and deviant art much more lately, because of the diversity of designs and the fact that they don’t have to be “approved” before you see them. Do you know how many killer designs get submitted to css galleries every day, but never make it? With Deviant Art, you don’t run into that problem. So below are the 25 packaging designs I liked the most on deviant art.

25 Ultra-Creative Packaging Designs From DeviantArt

25 Ultra-Creative Packaging Designs From DeviantArt
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40+ High Resolution and Shiny 3D Wallpapers To Spice Up Your Desktop | DesignBeep I’m a big fan of 3D Modeling and sometimes i use these images as a wallpaper.All these kind of 3D’s need special talent to create and i always respect the creators of 3D images.Not only you have to use some programs perfectly but also you need an amazing imagination.I always think that all 3D images have story especially the below ones. Today i’ve collected really inspirational 3D images which you can use as a wallpaper and i’m sure you like them all. I Daydream in 3D Glass Windows Orange Apple Banana Beachcomber 40+ High Resolution and Shiny 3D Wallpapers To Spice Up Your Desktop | DesignBeep
Photoshop Tutorial:Create A Multimedia Player | DesignBeep Photoshop Tutorial:Create A Multimedia Player | DesignBeep Today we will draw an interesting In-Car Media Multiplayer and Receiver.The tutorial is not an advanced tutorial and mostly creted by using Blending Options so it will be good for the beginners. In order to understand easily and follow steps better i separated the shape into 3 parts in my mind.Left,Screen and Right Part. Now let’s begin the tutorial.Please give your layer names by your own.
70 High Quality and Very Detailed Adobe Illustrator Object Tutorials | DesignBeep You know Adobe Illustrator is the most preferred vector illustration application.When it comes to technical drawing you can easily see the difference between Adobe Illustrator and other softwares.Although learning or becoming an expert is not as much easy as photoshop or other applications but when you see the results and discover advantages of using it you will not leave again.Be sure!! A month ago,we’ve collected Adobe Illustrator Character tutorials and this month we bring together the objects created using Adobe Illustrator.Some of them are for beginners and some are for experts. Realistic Video Projector Vector With Illustrator View Tutorial Illustrating a Business Briefcase in Windows 7 Style 70 High Quality and Very Detailed Adobe Illustrator Object Tutorials | DesignBeep
Collection of Free Adobe Illustrator Brushes in 38 Sets | DesignBeep
65 Very Useful Adobe Illustrator Character Tutorials To Help You Create Your Own | DesignBeep In the last few years cartoon characters and mascots became very popular and you can see them everywhere.Creating these kind of characters is not hard but of course it not easy.As being a beginner in illustration i learnt a lot from the below tutorials.You can also create amazing characters and mascots especially for websites.(I do.)Adobe Illustrator is one the best application for creating vectoral graphics and today i’ve collected best tutorials which you can learn very detailed techniques and basic skills from beginners to advanced users. 1.How to Create a Vector Illustration and Prepare it for Micro-Stock Sale This tutorial details a professional workflow for creating vector illustrations and prepping the artwork for these sites. 2.How to Illustrate a LeBron James Cartoon Character Another good tutorial to create cartoon character using adobe Illustrator.The steps are described very detailed. 3.Create Your Own Leprechaun for St. 65 Very Useful Adobe Illustrator Character Tutorials To Help You Create Your Own | DesignBeep
It’s been a few months since the last wallpaper collection.(40 Meaningful Wallpapers Dedicated to Japanese) so it is time to another one.This time we’ve collected very beautiful and really creative vector wallpapers.They are all colorful and i’m sure you will like most of them. Here is the collection of colorful vector wallpapers for your desktop. Rainbow Concepts II. Collection of Very Creative and Colorful Vector Wallpapers | DesignBeep Collection of Very Creative and Colorful Vector Wallpapers | DesignBeep
Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine

Interview With Khajag Apelian“Type Design Is Not Only About Drawing Letters” Having started his career studying under some of the best typographic minds in the world, Khajag Apelian not only is a talented type and graphic designer, unsurprisingly, but also counts Disney as a client, as well as a number of local and not-for-profit organizations throughout the Middle East. Even more impressive is Khajag’s willingness to take on work that most people would find too challenging. Designing a quality typeface is a daunting task when it’s only in the Latin alphabet.
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Industrial Design Blog - Part 6 Industrial Design Blog - Part 6 Online Home Decorating Catalogues Home decorating is often seen as a necessity however, it should be an exciting experience. There are so many home decorating styles to choose from, so many colors, such a selection of furniture and accessories.
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Vector images: Animal Art Bird Black Blue Brown Button Cartoon Color Computer Flower Food Girl Gray Green Grey Heart Icon Image Logo Man Map Music New Orange Outline Pink Purple Red Sign Support Symbol Tree White Yellow Raster / stock photos: - A And Animated Arts Big Black Blue Design Dsc Edit Flag Flower Free Girl Green Head Icons Image Img Japanese Logo Man Music New Photo Picture Red Sea Ship Support The Tree View

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Advertisement Color in design is very subjective. What evokes one reaction in one person may evoke a very different reaction in somone else.

Color Theory for Designers, Part 1: The Meaning of Color - Smashing Magazine

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