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Thibaud Petitpas
Marthe Delaporte Marthe Delaporte Comme l'indique le titre, voici mon deuxième lipsync, environ 10 jours de boulot repartis sur 3 semaines. J'ai beaucoup appris, et surtout, j'étais ravie d'avoir Chel, un perso qu'on demandait depuis pas mal de temps ! (bon, au final, j'en ai pas trop profité pour animer ses formes, mais ce fut tout de même agréable! )
Manddy Wickens surprising work coming from me, right?: p Some times ago i felt like it'd be time for me to try to do some characters too so i took couple of classes with Joe Pitt who had the difficult task to try to push me as much in my thought-process about character as well in my actual way of drawing. Well, guys, i got to admit charadesign is so much harder than i thought! It's a way different job than environment o.o But hey here is one of the character i did, i hope you might enjoy it :) Hobo guy, completly inspired by Portland dudes i sometimes see (and hear) In this exercise, Joe gave me a bunch of car pictures and i had to figure out a character fitting to the car. Manddy Wickens
Lora Pannetier
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Juliaon Roels
Hélène Leroux
Gaspard Sumeire
Cyrille Chauvin
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Chloé Nicolay
Augustin Clermont
Adrien Gromelle Adrien Gromelle dimanche 5 janvier 2014 DU BON GROS FLUO (comme j'ai pas l'habitude d'en faire) En collaboration avec Alice Publié par Adri à 23:02 1 commentaire: jeudi 19 décembre 2013 pour faire comme si j'étais un designer...
Guillaume Dousse Hi everyone. First of all, you can now follow me on facebook (click here). Here is the result of a test I provided for ThatGameCompany, the great independant videogames studio, located in Los Angeles. They created Cloud, Flower, Journey,etc... Guillaume Dousse