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Four arrested in government bribery and contracting scam - Crime Scene. Posted at 12:48 PM ET, 10/04/2011 Oct 04, 2011 04:48 PM EDT.

Four arrested in government bribery and contracting scam - Crime Scene

Take Action. Please RSVP to your house party host by finding their email address on the map below.

Take Action

The November 9 House Parties in Eastern Time will be from 7 to 9 p.m.; Central Time will be 6 to 8 p.m.; Rocky Mountain will be 5 to 7 p.m. or 8 to 10 p.m.; Pacific Time will be from 7 to 9 p.m. (Please confirm this timing with your host.) “Telling a Story is a Form of Activism”: Interview with Naveen Naqvi. Changemakers recently sat down with Naveen Naqvi, co-founder and executive director of Gawaahi, to discuss her work in Pakistan’s turbulent and often violent environment, where she uses citizen media as a tool for political engagement and raising public awareness.

“Telling a Story is a Form of Activism”: Interview with Naveen Naqvi

Gawaahi, which means “witnessing” in Urdu, is a Pakistan-based citizen-sector organization that produces digital stories of survival and resistance. Through its online platform, Gawaahi shares stories about women's human rights, child sex abuse, unfair labor practices, and religious persecution. “Time to Rally” – Robert Reich at the Take Back the American Dream Conference. The crowd was hyped for Robert Reich yesterday as we kicked off the first American Dream summit here in DC. And he didn’t disappoint. Reich – the former Secretary of Labor under President Clinton, public policy professor at UC Berkeley, and acclaimed political economist and commentator – brilliantly weaved together the history of our broken economy with today’s progressive movement. Off To The Races: Help Find 10,000 Censorship Opponents In 24hrs.

Flash Mob hits Target for it’s Homophobic & Anti-Democratic Policies. 'Occupy Wall Street' Should Also Take Aim at Health Insurance Companies. The lobbyists for U.S. health insurers surely have to be feeling a little uneasy knowing that thousands of Occupy Wall Street demonstrators who have been marching and protesting in Washington as well as New York and other cities might target them in the days ahead.

'Occupy Wall Street' Should Also Take Aim at Health Insurance Companies

After all, the headquarters of the insurers’ biggest lobbying and PR group, America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP), at 601 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W., is just blocks away from Freedom Plaza, where the demonstrators have set up camp, and problems with health insurers appear to be near the top of the list of protesters’ concerns. Health Care for America Now, an umbrella advocacy group that played a key role in the health care reform debate, last week analyzed the 546 comments that had been posted by then on “ We are the 99 percent ” Tumblr site.

In my book, Deadly Spin , I wrote about how the “Wall Street takeover” of the American health care system has created many of the problems mentioned in the Tumblr site. CREDO Mobile, Warren Buffet and the Limits of Progressive Business. WikiClaimLeaks. Is Our Children Learning? Not When It Comes To Civil Rights History. Human Rights Petition: Tell Obama: Take Action to Stop Racial Profiling. 2011 DC Stop Modern Slavery Walk - Team Statistics. Oct. 6 – Join Us in Freedom Plaza. Awesome Analysis: Borosage and Vanden Heuvel on The American Dream Movement. Photo by Brian Auer, used under a Creative Commons license Longtime progressive commentators Robert Borosage and Katrina Vanden Heuvel have an extensive article in The Nation, “Can a Movement Save the American Dream”, on the historical roots of the American Dream Movement, parallels to older American reform movements, and the unique challenges that we face today.

Here’s a peek: Wisconsin provided inspiration for the effort by Van Jones and others to launch the American Dream Movement. Jones, the founder of Green For All, joined, the Center for Community Change, the Campaign for America’s Future and dozens of unions and other progressive organizations to build an initiative that many activists can affiliate with and help to define.

As a first step, the initiative held more than 1,500 house parties across the country to help develop a “Contract for the American Dream.” The Rainbow Struggle: A primer for the global gay rights battle. UNITED NATIONS — This June the UN Human Rights Council narrowly passed its first-ever resolution calling for universal gay rights with the support of more than 80 countries.

The Rainbow Struggle: A primer for the global gay rights battle

It was an historic milestone, a global recognition that gay rights and human rights were finally synonymous, at least on paper, here in New York at the world body. How these rights play out in the real world is a very different story, and it is the subject of this GlobalPost “Special Report” which will examine the rights of people who are gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) through a series of reports over the next two months from every corner of the world. In South Africa, for example, the very country that introduced the successful resolution, there is a domestic crisis of rampant gender-based violence.

That violence includes a uniquely horrifying brutality known as “corrective rape” which is a targeted sexual attack against lesbians. The divine opposition. Defend Equality. Tell Senator Cornyn you support our servicemembers’ First Amendment rights. Black Voices for Internet Freedom to Launch Friday - Center for Media Justice. Manu Chao Stands in Solidarity with Sheriff Joe Arpaio Protesters (Video) On National Coming Out Day, we should respect everyone. Free/open software to run your election campaign. The NAACP's Photo.