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Welcome to - Official Website of the Foundation for the Law of Time and the 13 Moon Calendar. Sum. Why Time Flies. Have you ever noticed how older people keep mentioning that time keeps moving faster and faster? It's because we perceive time relative to the 'absolute' time we can compare it to... When you are 4 weeks old, a week is a quarter of your life. By the end of your first year, a week is just a fiftieth of your life. By the time you turn 50, a whole year will be a fiftieth of your life. This theory was first put forward by Paul Janet in 1897.

Like many things, this will require some patience to get through. But in the end it'll be over faster than you thought or hoped it would be. Albert Einstein said about the perception of time, that 'an hour spent in the company of pretty girls passes more quickly than an hour spent in a dentist chair'. Waiting 24 days for Christmas at age 5 feels like waiting a year at age 54. According to this theory, assuming you'll become 100 years old, half of your perceived life is over at age 7. Did you notice how much faster the 10th year scrolled by than the first? Atlas 4D (TV Series 2010–


TIME MANAGEMENT. HISTORY. FUTURE. The World Clock – Time Zones. Jewish Calendar. The Source Code You may download the source code and use it on your website.

Jewish Calendar

(There's also a Drupal module.) It's GPLed. The API The most important part of the code is the JewishCalendar PHP class. Here's a taste of the API: The output of this snippet is: Holidays for 2007-09-20: Holidays for 2007-09-21: ערב יום הכיפורים Holidays for 2007-09-22: יום הכיפורים Holidays for 2007-09-23: Holidays for 2007-09-24: Holidays for 2007-09-25: Holidays for 2007-09-26: ערב סוכות Holidays for 2007-09-27: סוכות Holidays for 2007-09-28: חול המועד סוכות Holidays for 2007-09-29: חול המועד סוכות Holidays for 2007-09-30: חול המועד סוכות Holidays for 2007-10-01: חול המועד סוכות Holidays for 2007-10-02: חול המועד סוכות Holidays for 2007-10-03: הושענא רבה Holidays for 2007-10-04: שמיני עצרת ‎ שמחת תורה Holidays for 2007-10-05: Holidays for 2007-10-06: Holidays for 2007-10-07: Holidays for 2007-10-08: Holidays for 2007-10-09: Let's have another script...

Welcome to - Official Website of the Foundation for the Law of Time and the 13 Moon Calendar. World Time Buddy - Ridiculously easy world time and meetings across time zones! A Brief History of Time Management. 3 tips for getting more done in fewer hours — Online Collaboration. With the ability to work whenever we wish, web workers face ever-increasing work hours.

3 tips for getting more done in fewer hours — Online Collaboration

We slip in “just one email” after dinner or fail to resist the pull of our smartphone before our morning workout. But one blogger is arguing that longer hours actually usually mean less productivity. Writing on Freelance Folder, Lexi Rodrigo cites Parkinson’s Law as the underlying rationale for her argument. The principle, first recognized in regard to the ever-expanding British civil service in the 1950s, declares that “work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.”

For web workers, the principle means that however many hours we allot ourselves to work, we will find activities to fill them. Rodrigo backs up her ideas with arguments that would be true for a baker or cobbler, but there’s evidence that quantity does not necessarily translate to quality, especially for knowledge workers.

So how can we shorten our workdays? Keep your deadlines challenging but realistic. Time Zone Converter - The Time Zone - What time is it in ___? Your Astrological Weather Forecast. Foundation for the Law of Time - Welcome to the New Time. I CHING DAILY ORACLE CALENDAR. THE BOOK OF DAYS: The Sacred Geometry Paintings Daily Oracle & Master Almanac 2011 by david alexander english in Reference.