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New Page 2. Google Image Result for. Mrvaselineglass' Photostream. Mosser Glass, Inc. - About Us. The origins of Mosser Glass go back more than half a century to the time when my father Orie was the plant manager of the Cambridge Glass Company.

Mosser Glass, Inc. - About Us

I began working there as a teenager, learning the trade the right way, from bottom to top. When Cambridge Glass closed in 1954, I decided I wanted to continue in the glass business with a company of my own. Depression Glass Price Guide. Collectible and Antique Glassware on CYBERATTIC. Glass Encyclopedia. Uranium (fluorescent) and Vaseline Glass article from the Virtual Glass Museum. In this article Fluorescent Glass and Uranium Glass are defined very simply as any kind of glass which has uranium in it.

Uranium (fluorescent) and Vaseline Glass article from the Virtual Glass Museum

I have avoided the term "Vaseline Glass" because there are conflicting interpretations of what it means. And I recognise that this definition includes some opaque glass as well as translucent and opalescent green and yellow glass. During the early 19th century glass makers in Central Europe started to use uranium as a good way to make yellow and green glass.

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