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GED VIZ. North American Religion Atlas. GRASS GIS: Introduction. Geographic Resources Analysis Support System Newcomers: How to start with GRASS?

GRASS GIS: Introduction

Here some pointers: Commercial GRASS support. Gaiamatics Solutions Inc. Free Website Polls. GIS Training from the GIS Software Leader. Learn Arcgis tutorial. Notes for GIS and The Geographer's Craft. Sample Examination and Study Questions Aerial Photography and Remote Sensing by Shannon Crum -- An introduction to the basic concepts of remote sensing, with emphasis on air photograph interpretation.

Notes for GIS and The Geographer's Craft

Also includes background on common satellite imaging systems. Application Areas. Introduction to GIS. The GIS Primer. GeoSpatial Training Services. LLC. Risk Mapping through the use of GIS technology. Mapping Hacks ยป public geodata. Libre Map Project - Free Maps and GIS data. Your Open Source Compass. Geospatial Analysis - spatial and GIS analysis techniques and GI. The Geospatial Analysis book and web site contain a large number of examples from different GIS and related software packages and tool sets.

Geospatial Analysis - spatial and GIS analysis techniques and GI

This page provides links to some useful resources for those investigating possible software solutions to use. Marine GIS Tools: Ecosystem based management tools(EBM network) Marine GIS tools 1 and Marine GIS tools 2 (Davey Jones Locker/Oregan State Univ) Marine Geospatial Ecology tools( MGET project) Mind Mapping & Diagrams. Mind Maps/Thinking Maps/Graphic Organizers.