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Regional Alliances - Good Examples

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Student Start-Up. About the Irish Regional Alliance The MASTER Regional Alliance in Ireland is led by Roscommon LEADER Partnership.

Student Start-Up

Stakeholders in the Alliance include local authorities, local training and education providers, enterprise agencies, higher education institutions and specifically those in these organisations who are involved in supporting enterprise education. If you are interested in finding out more or joining this alliance Contact: Paul Clabby, Roscommon LEADER Partnership-090 6630252 Who’s involved? The MASTER Irish Alliance is benefitting from the guidance, input and support of the key enterprise, education and economic development stakeholders that have a commitment to developing and transforming the teaching of entrepreneurial skills in VET. Those involved are Actions–The main actions the Irish Regional Alliance is trying to achieve. Pittsburgh Regional Alliance.

Overview The Pittsburgh Regional Alliance (PRA), is the economic development marketing affiliate of the Allegheny Conference on Community Development.

Pittsburgh Regional Alliance

PRA works with companies looking to locate or expand in any of the 10 southwestern Pennsylvania counties comprising the Pittsburgh region – one region of opportunity. The PRA champions long-term regional growth, job creation and business investment success for companies who select the region. Guiding this work are leaders from the region’s public and private sectors, including the economic development community. The PRA can connect you to all of the resources for business investment success in southwestern Pennsylvania via a robust Regional Economic Development Network.

Member One Fayette County Commissioner Representative serves on this Board. Dave Lohr - Commissioner RepresentativeTerm Expires: December 31, 2020 Term Members have a term duration of one year. Board Vacancies None. YEA Project. Young Enterprise through Arts is a dynamic project to encourage and support young entrepreneurs in the field of Cultural Creative Industries.

YEA Project

It will find new ways to integrate high quality entrepreneurship education into existing youth services and structures by training youth workers. To achieve this we will: Establish 4 Youth Entrepreneurship through Arts REGIONAL ALLIANCES, bringing together key youth, enterprise, and social policy stakeholders to explore best practice in integrating entrepreneurship education into creative arts youth work, devising individual and collective commitments to action in a YEA ACTION PLAN;Create, publish and promote the “Youth Entrepreneurship through Arts Tool kit” to encourage the creation of further Alliances across Europe.Develop and publish a course curriculum and learning materials to train youth workers to effectively engage the young people they work with in entrepreneurship education. As a result of our project: Related. Youth Enterprise Alliance.

Regional Employment Alliance - Germany. In spring 1999, almost all German federal states are covered by "regional alliances on employment" of some kind.

Regional Employment Alliance - Germany

This feature summarises developments and activities since the mid-1990s. In the 1990s, Germany has witnessed the emergence of employment alliances and pacts at all levels in order to avoid redundancies, and sometimes even to create new jobs (TN9710201S). These have ranged from national, regional or sectoral tripartite or bipartite employment alliances and pacts, to company-level agreements between management and works councils or trade unions (DE9902293F). At the overall national level, unsuccessful efforts were made in 1995/6 to conclude an employment alliance (DE9702202F), and a tripartite "alliance for jobs" (Bündnis für Arbeit) was finally concluded by the government, trade unions and employers' and business associations in December 1998 (DE9812286N).

The table below outlines developments in all 16 of Germany's federal states. form. Dementia Action Alliance. What are cookies?

Dementia Action Alliance

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