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Romantic Gifts

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Lights, Camera, Action! As many newlyweds can testify the budget can be a bit tight when you first get married.

Lights, Camera, Action!

So help the happy couple with this gift idea! It is a date night complete with everything they’ll need for a fun evening. To put it together you will need: A basket, or popcorn bowlSodasCupsMicrowave PopcornMovie style candyMovie Add the printable tag and a bow and you are set! As soon as the bridal shower is over it seems like you have to start thinking about a wedding present. Anywhodle, here is another printout to use for the wedding present. "All About You" Basket. By Lisa P.

"All About You" Basket

I recently created a list of 101 reasons why I love you, for my husband. I thought back to when we were dating and how I had done the same thing, and thought it would be a great idea. So I didn’t leave it at that, I decided I would create an, “All About You” Basket, which would include my love letter but some gifts as well. (You could create a list at any length, I chose 101 because I had done this before.) I had to spend some time coming up with meaningful reasons to write about in my 101 reasons. Then I headed to the store with all of my reasons to pick out a few things to buy to put into my basket. To make your basket one of a kind. I picked out specific things in my letter that I could buy something for. Once I bought my items, I came home and looked through them. Then I started to fill the basket with everything I bought and their tags. I got home and left it on the table as a present.

You Might Also Like These Related Articles. DIY Project – CD Wallet Scrapbook. I’ve always thought that the sign of a healthy relationship is a couple that’s stronger when they’re together than they are individually.

DIY Project – CD Wallet Scrapbook

There’s something about being with Mr. Eggplant that brings out the best in me and challenges me to grow. I like to think that the theme of our relationship can be wrapped up in two words (and coincidentally one song by Jack Johnson): Better together. Mr. Eggplant and I want to carry out the “better together” theme throughout our wedding, and to honor our this, I plan to display at our reception a scrapbook that I made Mr. I thought I’d share the project with you all since it’s quick and easy and would make a great bridesmaid gift or present for your S.O. 2. 3. 4. 5. Mrs. Location: San Francisco Occupation: Human Resources Wedding Date: October 2007 Venue: Ceremony at a cement and stained glass cathedral and reception at a boutique hotel ballroom.

Romantic Ideas. Warning: You may be here a while with all these fun ideas to spark the romance!

Romantic Ideas

Click on each category label and read your heart out! Lovopoly. You may have heard of this before...but have you ever gotten the creative guts to make your very own personalized version?


This is perfect if you have little or no budget for date night. I've featured Becca from Happiness is Homemade before...but what can I say, she is brilliant! She created this game for her husband's birthday. Here's the breakdown of how she did it: Made her own board, cards, and money using poster boardBorrowed the dice, houses, and motels from the real Monopoly GameCut out pictures of their faces for the playing piecesFound the Monopoly rules online and cut and pasted them into Word, and then just replaced some of the words to match her game (turned "Jail" into "Doghouse", "Go" into "Home", "Community Chess" into "Family Jewels" and "Chance" into "Get Lucky.