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Where Did You Wear It. Arduino and Microcontrollers Daily. Geocaching - The Official Global GPS Cache Hunt Site. Google. Geo-Location Game “Urban Defender” using Arduino. By using an Arduino, GPS, and an accelerometer, this group put together the “Urban Defender” – A hyper-local geolocation based game which allows users to “claim” various districts of a city by throwing the ball against a wall to claim the territory. The ball tells you whether you’re in friendly or enemy territory through it’s built in speakers and LEDs.

Geo-Location Game “Urban Defender” using Arduino

The concept video below does a great job of demonstrating the project. The map above is how the users can track which geo-locations are owned by different groups. It’s just a concept for now, but it would make for a great iPhone app to use to monitor which territories are owned by each team. The Concept: The superb concept video above demonstrates the goal of the game, mapping out your “territory” by claiming and taking over blocks of a city. Awesome stuff!

The Execution:


Sightsmap. Check In on Facebook, Foursquare, and Twitter with Encounter (game) Project logo Encounter is an international network of active urban games.

Encounter (game)

At the beginning of spring 2002 Ivan started seeking for donors to continue the project. Minsk internet provider "BelInfonet" company was there to sponsor the game. By June 2002 "Skhvatka" games were resumed. Disputes over the project arouse between Ivan Masliukov and "BelInfonet". Urban Game - Team building sur tablettes tactiles - urban game & urban games par Urban Gaming.