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Coconut Panna Cotta. How To Make Perfect Chocolate Pudding from Scratch. What would the world be without chocolate pudding?

How To Make Perfect Chocolate Pudding from Scratch

Chocolate and cream, licked off a spoon, is one of the greatest desserts I know, ranked with fresh strawberry shortcake and warm chocolate chip cookies. How To Make Perfect Chocolate Pudding from Scratch. In the kitchen with: aran goyoaga. This week’s recipe for a Lemon Curd and Buttermilk Panna Cotta Cake comes from Aran Goyoaga, pastry-chef, food stylist, photographer and author of the Cannelle Et Vanille blog.

in the kitchen with: aran goyoaga

Just back from the International Conference on Food Styling and Photography, sponsored by Boston University Gastronomy Program, Aran was very eager to make good on what she learned. Judging by her submission, I’d say she was a star performer at the conference! For us, she has chosen to produce a delicate citrus-y summer dessert that might be a bit more complicated than what we’re used to seeing here on the column, but the satisfaction you’ll get out of it is directly proportional to your effort! (Ok, it will be just as fabulous for you even if you already know how to do meringue) For those of you who may need a few tips, we promise Aran will stay close by to answer any questions you may have!

–Kristina CLICK HERE for the full recipes after the jump! Lemon Curd and Buttermilk Panna Cotta Cake Baked Meringue Sticks. How To Make Peanut Butter Cups Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn. This is how you win friends: make them homemade peanut butter cups.

How To Make Peanut Butter Cups Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn

Peanut butter plus chocolate is always a winning combo, of course, but peanut butter cups are really the ne plus ultra of what the duo can accomplish. Made from scratch, they seem almost magical — how did that creamy peanut butter filling get in there? Mini Buttermilk Berry Milkshakes Recipe. This buttermilk milkshake recipe was inspired by a recent trip to Napa.

Mini Buttermilk Berry Milkshakes Recipe

My friend Pam regularly invites me on fun excursions that find me heading north from the city, across the Golden Gate, and north-east towards wine country. I won't go into too much detail about the amazing Oaxacan feast she hosted (with partner Carl) at their home/winery on a perfect day late last summer - because you will just be flat-out jealous, but I will tell you that the homemade black bean tapenade seasoned with Mexican avocado leaves (grown in Napa) being served, was one of the best bean recipes to ever pass my lips. Lillet Buttermilk Shakes Recipe. A lot of things were banished to the basement in our recent move.

Lillet Buttermilk Shakes Recipe

The basement is expansive, and the general rule of thumb was this: if we weren't going to need it in the following three weeks, use a big, fat, Sharpie to indicate basement/sotano on the cardboard box. Straight to the basement. One perplexing item that ended up in the kitchen was a milkshake maker. After living in the garage for years, it seemed like the sort of thing that would go to the basement without much of a discussion. Dairy-Free Dessert Recipe: Strawberries & "Cream" Chia Pudding. Chia seed puddings are all the rage these days, and for good reason.

Dairy-Free Dessert Recipe: Strawberries & "Cream" Chia Pudding

When stirred with water, juice, or milk, the seeds gel up and thicken, creating the most delightful tapioca-like texture. It's easy (no heat required!) And contains all the nutrition of chia seeds, which taste neutral enough that you can play with your favorite flavors. In my case, that means a sweet spring combo of strawberries, coconut, and lime.

Dessert Recipe: Coconut Chocolate Pudding with Coconut Flakes. I've made a dangerous discovery this week.

Dessert Recipe: Coconut Chocolate Pudding with Coconut Flakes

A discovery that involves heating up a can of coconut milk with a handful of really good chocolate and a little vanilla (and a few other ingredients) and creating the silkiest, dreamiest pudding you may have ever tasted. Although usually quite easy, puddings can sometimes be tricky. Honey-Roasted Fig, Almond and Toasted Coconut Parfaits. Here’s the thing: working the farmers markets in the summer isn’t all that bad.

Honey-Roasted Fig, Almond and Toasted Coconut Parfaits

How To Make Perfect Chocolate Pudding from Scratch — Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn. Bon Appétempt: Video Attempt: Baked Apples with Crème Anglaise. Amaretto-spiked Chocolate Mousse Recipe. Souffle. Limón. Tiramisu. Bavarois. Tricolor. -Limpiar las frutillas y hacer un puré con ellas con el agregado de ½ copa de Cointreau.

Bavarois. Tricolor

-Por otro lado y por separado hacer también puré con las peras y los duraznos, con algo de su almíbar. -Una vez obtenidos los 3 purés, reservar un poco de cada uno y al resto incorporarle 1 ½ sobres de gelatina sin sabor, previamente hidratada y diluida en agua tibia. -Mezclar bien y agregar a cada puré en forma envolvente, crema batida a medio punto con azúcar. - Rellenar un molde, primero con la mezcla del puré de frutillas y llevar al frío por media hora. Bavaroise. Vainilla + Masa de banana. Masa de bananas.

Bavaroise. Vainilla + Masa de banana

Bavaroise. Limón. Para el pionono: - Batir los huevos con el azúcar a punto letra, agregar la harina tamizada fuera de la batidora con movimientos envolventes. - Colocar la preparación en una placa con papel manteca enmantecado y enharinado. - Cocinar en horno precalentado a 200 °C, en la parte superior, por aproximadamente 7 minutos. - Una vez dorado, desmoldar sobre una rejilla y una vez frío cortar un disco de 26 cm de diámetro. - Realizar dos discos con el mismo procedimiento.

Para el bavaroise: Postre. Peras Pocheadas + Miel + Especias. Poached pears, so elegant and refined, are also my idea of a party trick. They feel fancy but are the dinner hostess's dream dessert. They cook ahead of time and hold perfectly in the fridge until they are wanted. And while they are cooking they perfume the house so sweetly.

What more could you want in a light spring dessert? Over-wintered woody fruit like apples and pears are the best way to enjoy fruit in the spring, before strawberries and rhubarb emerge. Postre. Chocolate. I am a chocoholic and not afraid to admit it. Postre. Manzanas horneadas + Crema Inglesa. Postre. Panna Cotta. The word "perfect" is a one-size-fits-all label in the blogosphere, applied to everything from our lipstick du jour or the latest chocolate cookie to blow our minds. So when I use the word perfect to describe the dessert that I think has it all, the dessert that everyone should have memorized and ready to go, I do so with some trepidation.