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Game & App Developer. [Special Edition] Kinect for Windows coming February 1, 2012. Kinect Fun Labs. YVision. Kinect for Windows SDK Beta Launch. The WebKit Open Source Project. Extensions / Information about Webkit PyMT port. Introduction Webkit port is designed to have a embedded webbrowser inside PyMT, and also having a html widget.

Extensions / Information about Webkit PyMT port

The actual code run on version 0.3.1 of PyMT, but it's not designed for final users. GIT Repository : This is a work-in-progress state. Here is a fast TODO list : fix crash on fix width of text field implement contextual menu (select list etc..) add url-open event fix bug of loading freeze (sometime, page don't show)make optimization of rendering (shared texture or pixel buffer ?) Prerequire Webkit + PyMT port need lot of library and tools to compile it. On Ubuntu Jaunty : sudo apt-get install autoconf autogen automake libtool \ bison flex gperf libjpeg-dev libpng-dev libicu-dev libpango1.0-dev \ libgtk2.0-dev libcurl4-openssl-dev libsqlite3-dev libxslt-dev \ libxt-dev python-dev Installation $ git clone $ cd webkit-pymt $ git checkout -b branch-pymt origin/branch-pymt $ .

News. Paris, France – September 29th, 2011: Omegame today announced the user interface of Driver: San Francisco has been authored with Menus Master.


Developed by Ubisoft Reflections, the game marks the return of the Driver franchise that has sold 14 million copies worldwide. Reflections' team had high expectations, notably on the technical side, by deciding the game should run at 60 frames a second. "It meant we had to draw twice as fast as most games, and that’s a big technical ask" Reflections' studio manager Gareth Edmondson explains. Menus Master has a fully open and flexible architecture, based on drivers. Any kind of custom technologies or 3rd-party middleware, present or future, can consequently quickly be supported by Menus Master. Menus Master helps artists and programmers to dramatically reduce the time it takes to author any sophisticated game user interfaces: 2D and 3D front-ends, in-game UIs and heads-up displays (HUD).

Iggy Game UI. Iggy is our new, powerful system for creating graphical user interfaces using content created in Adobe Flash.

Iggy Game UI

With Iggy, you create graphics, scripting, animation, and interactivity in any Flash authoring tool, then use Iggy to run the exact same content on any of our supported platforms. This means that your programmers won't have to spend time writing or maintaining a custom UI solution. UI artists can get right to work using a fully-featured authoring tool like Adobe Flash CS5, and because things they do in Flash will work in Iggy, they don't have to ask programmers for new UI features.

Another nice advantage to using Flash is that there are thousands of artists and tons of pre-written content that can now be used with your game UI. Iggy is currently available for Windows, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Sony PS4, Sony PS3, Apple iOS, Nintendo Wii and Nintendo Wii-U, but we are adding platforms all the time (let us know what platforms you need!) Berkelium: Awesomium.