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CyanogenMod 9 (4.0.x)

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ROM A.O.S.P][CM9 RC0] Teamhacksung's ICS (BUILD 16) Des développeurs Teamhacksung's sur le forum XDA ont mis à la disposition du public un portage d'Ice Cream Sandwich pour nos galaxy S.

ROM A.O.S.P][CM9 RC0] Teamhacksung's ICS (BUILD 16)

Cette ROM deviendra certainement CyanogenMOD 9, s'il vous plaît consulter la section des problèmes connus avant de signaler un bug.Pour toutes les questions relatives aux mods, modems et kernels c'est :- Tweaks : Aller plus loin avec CM9 dirigé par Alois- Tweaks: Aller plus loin avec ICS tenu par Smartg2os. Flashing tutorial for dummies [ics sgs team rom] Flashing tutorial for dummies [ICS SGS TEAM ROM] It doesn`t matter on what rom you are, first you need to download a stock gingerbread rom, a kernel which has root and clockworkmod recovery and of course a flashing program (in this case Odin, simply because it does the job), also Samsung USB Drivers : NOTE : It would be best to have your phone fully charged before flashing 1.

Flashing tutorial for dummies [ics sgs team rom]

First install the drivers ONLY if you haven`t already installed them, also if you have Kies installed there is no need to install these drivers, but you are better off installing these anyway : 2. Download this package (it includes i9000 stock rom+kernel+odin) : if you have a Captivate or a Vibrant just download a stock rom for your phone model and find a kernel which has root and cwm in it. Tweaks] Aller plus loin avec CM9. [KERNEL] Semaphore ICS 0.9.1. [KERNEL] Semaphore ICS 1.3.0 This is a kernel based on the pawitp's one and it works for Android 4.0.x ICS ROMs.

[KERNEL] Semaphore ICS 0.9.1

Features In order to load various modules of the kernel and enable or disable features use HM.Carbide's Semaphore Script Manager application. [APP] 360 Launcher Beta 1.5.1. This is really cool. i like how it can import setting/layouot/application shortcuts from other launchers.

[APP] 360 Launcher Beta 1.5.1

I have this now on the lateest MiUi I am running (MiUiScottland) and seems to be all good. It even seems to be styled a bit like MiUi. The weather widget does not seem to want to find me in Tasmania, Australia. I like to folder animation, reminds me a bit of Simi Folder and I think the standard GB folder. DroidNation Revolutionized! [ROM] DroidNation Revolutionized V3!

DroidNation Revolutionized!

[JVU BASE!] DroidNation Revolutionized ROM Logo was done by meh.hajj, Thanks mate! *Old logo was done by PrimeDeluxe, Big Thanks to him too! "A Droidminator turns back in bring the latest Android Ice Cream Experience on the smartphone that Literally Changed Everything=> The Original Galaxy S! " Screenshots: DroidNation Revolutionized V3DOWNLOAD WIPE Version: Dropbox Direct LinkMIRROR: BulletUpload (Thanks KuberChip!) Changelog Revolutionized V3 - Base : XXJVU (2.3.6)Download NEW BASE !!! Addons for Revolutionized V3: - No Addons available yet! BIG ANOUNCEMENT!! Old Downloads: I9000 Samsung JW1 Base + CF-ROOT for Revolutionized V1/V2!

DroidNation Revolutionized V2. [ROM][ICS][ITL41D] teamhacksung's ICS Port for Galaxy S (BUILD 5) [ROM][ICS][IML74K] teamhacksung's CM9 ALPHA for Galaxy S (BUILD 17) BUG REPORTS ONLY Moved The project is now continued under CM9 Nightlies.

[ROM][ICS][ITL41D] teamhacksung's ICS Port for Galaxy S (BUILD 5)

This thread will be kept here for history/reference. Perka[MOD]ICS based on teamhacksung's ICS Port [08-01-2012] B13 New charge anim!! Quote: This is for activating CRT off anim and SIP As for the Extended Power Menu, I dont know, maybe if there is a good guide for it, as I am no Dev im a copy/paste man Overglow?

Perka[MOD]ICS based on teamhacksung's ICS Port [08-01-2012] B13 New charge anim!!

Maybe Ill give it a go What color? Give cred to the real devs!!! EDIT: If you have good a good guide for 9 lockscreen, overglow, extended powermenu, and what ever that is cool to have, I can do it (well I can try. [FAQ][DISCUSSION] CyanogenMod 9 Alpha Builds. [ROM][ICS] Onecosmic's ICS Port Android 4.0.3 RC1. [ROM][ICS][I9000] Team ICSSGS RC4.2 NOTICE: We apologize for the lack of updates recently, we just want to make it clear that development has under NO circumstances stopped.

[ROM][ICS] Onecosmic's ICS Port Android 4.0.3 RC1

We are absolutely still working on this and still supporting it. Thank you for your patience. Team ICSSGS -- DemonWav -- Nushor -- Onecosmic -- PaulForde -- RaymondDull -- Trae32566 -- This ROM is based directly on the source code straight from Google themselves, the way Android is meant to be. Source code can be found here If you can, please donate a small amount via paypal, we do this for fun and this is optional but it is greatly appreciated and it is a way for you to contribute. We do not support anything that is not produced by us! Come chat with us! Downloads:I9000I9000B Flashing Instructions. Android 4 : test d’Ice Cream Sandwich. Pas d’Android ICS pour le Galaxy S de Samsung. Là c’est bel et bien officiel, Samsung vient de dévoiler la liste des ses terminaux qui disposeront prochainement de la mise à jour vers Android Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0).

Pas d’Android ICS pour le Galaxy S de Samsung

Comme nous avions pu précédemment le dire, les Galaxy Note et Galaxy S2 en bénéficieront rapidement, on parle du premier trimestre 2012 sans plus de précision.