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Ultra Cool Floating Table Lamp Isn't an Optical Illusion, Just Science. No, this ultra cool floating table lamp isn't an optical illusion accomplished with wires or strings, but just science. What actually makes this $1300 lamp float is integrated levitation technology consisting of several electromagnetic components and a sophisticated control system. Continue reading for a video, more pictures, and additional information. Next to the fact that they employ the very latest LED technology, the lamp is low in power consumption too.

With a touch of your fingertip, the lamp can be dimmed to the intensity you require. The lamp consists out of a handcrafted wooden base with a high glossy black finish. Attached is a stylish black fabric covered power cable. [Source] Interesting Posts Around the Web. Forget 3D Printing: These Hacked Household Gadgets Are Cool New Tools. Inink’s Playful Tees: Wear Your iPod on Your Shirt. Some people wear their hearts on their sleeve, but you can wear your iPod instead. It’s more than just a novelty, because this shirt by inink can actually come in handy, especially if you listen to music a lot. If you’ve never sprung for one of those iPod or iPhone armbands that let you run, jog, or do whatever it is you need to do with both hands, then this shirt is a fun alternative. These shirts are part of inink’s “pocket series.” All of the shirts in this run come with a translucent, sealable pocket that lets you carry small-sized items like your iPod, phone, handkerchief, and even your wallet.

Check out the shirts on inink’s site (Japanese language.) VIA [ Spoon & Tamago ] Walyou. 20 High Tech Outdoor Camping Gear & Gadgets. This post is dedicated to the hardworking geek who also has a love for sweet mother nature. If you are into hiking with your family members, traversing the outdoors, climbing hills or peaks and would like to bask in the sounds of nature while keep your gadgets closeby, there are solutions listed here that you will probably love. Compiled in this list are 20 high tech gear and gadgets for your next outdoor adventure or camping trip. For those who have to conduct research in wooded areas, we have also listed some high tech tools to help you document your data, recharge your batteries, give you safe drinking water (very important) and keep you safe and and on track. Recommended Reading: 20+ Ideal Gifts For Photographers MPOWERD Luci. Eton Scorpion.

Sawyer Squeeze Water Filter System. X-1 Surge Contact Waterproof Headset. CamelBak All Clear Bottle. Nemo Helio Pressure Shower. Handspresso Wild Hybrid. Petzl NAO Headlamp. LifeProof Braven BRV-1 Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers. Garmin Quatix. Plantronics BackBeat Go 2 Bluetooth in-ears: sweat resistance, six-month sleep. MK3 Exoskeleton Suit Promises to Make Schoolgirls Better, Taller, Stronger. Cyborgs might walk among us one day. For now, it’s just Japanese schoolgirls decked out in exoskeleton suits. You might have noticed that manufacturers turn to schoolgirls whenever they want to market some hot, new product in Japan. This time around, it’s the Powered Jacket MK3 developed by Sagawa Electronics. It’s the first commercially available exoskeleton that’s being marketed in the country. Weighing in at just 55 pounds, the suit stands 7 feet tall and can be worn to travel around the city. The promotion video starts out a bit weird at first, but watch for a bit longer to see the demo of the exoskeleton suit.

The exoskeleton will be made available in limited numbers starting this month and will be priced at $123,000. VIA [ Dvice ] 'Drone It Yourself' Lets You Create a Drone from Any Object. Have you ever wished for a flying book? A flying keyboard? Or, perhaps, a flying bodyboard? Well, it's your lucky day, because thanks to "Drone It Yourself," you can turn pretty much any object into a quadrocopter. The drone kit, created by Dutch independent designer Jasper Van Loenen, is comprised of pieces that can be 3D printed, and then clamped to any object you so desire.

On his website, Van Loenen points out that the parts can be custom-designed, and that other DIY enthusiasts can modify them to make new add-ons for the quadrocopter drone. To find out more, check out the video, above. Image courtesy of Vimeo, Jasper Van Loenen. Dentsu – ASOBERU-T – New T-shirt technology – Hold up a smartphone over the T-shirt, then characters and other designs will pop up on the screen from nowhere. Dentsu, a Japanese advertising company, announced that they have developed a new T-shirt technology called “ASOBERU-T”.

They developed the unique and fun T-shirt technology that gives you 3 different ways to enjoy the T-shirt: Play, Shot and Share. To start playing with the T-shirt, you need to install the dedicated free application on your smartphone. Play: Hold your smartphone over the T-shirt, then you will see characters and other designs pop-up on the screen from nowhere. You can play with those characters and designs. Shot: Pose with the characters and take some good photos with them. Share: Post those photos on the SNS sites. As part of its first stage, BEAMS, which is a popular Japanese clothing brand, is going to release 5 kinds of “ASOBERU-T” T-shirts in collaboration with Gindama (anime) and The Wonderful! Meet B, the flying car that'll make it even easier to terrorize local wildlife (video) Robo Raven is a robotic drone that flies like a real bird | Science!

Before the concept of lift was well-understood, humanity tried all manner of bird-shaped contraptions in the pursuit of powered flight. It was a monumental failure back then, but a team at the University of Maryland Robotics Center is reviving the idea with a robot. They have managed to construct a lightweight flying robot with flapping wings, just like a bird. It’s almost a little creepy how much it looks like a real bird. The so-called Robo Raven is not the first attempt to build a robot that mimics bird flight. A decade of experiments resulted in abject failure, or at most a few seconds of linear flight. The University of Maryland team, led by professors S.K. Gupta and Hugh Bruck, have cracked the code by building a bird drone with independently controlled wings.

It uses two electronically synchronized programmable motors to flap the wings. It doesn’t just fly, though. Now read: DARPA shows off cheap robot hand capable of delicate maneuvers. Emopulse Smile SmartWatch goes up for pre-order. Many of the communication devices that attempt to make the jump from our hands to our wrists tend to follow the same form factor as mechanical watches (think Pebble or the much-rumored Apple iWatch, for example). The Smile SmartWatch from Emopulse is quite a different proposition. If the company manages to transform its working prototype into an actual commercial product, the Smile will be a smartphone, entertainment and gaming hub, social network and news feed, personal assistant, digital watch, and a stunning piece of wrist bling all rolled into one futuristic device.

View all Basically a twin-display smartphone you can wrap around your wrist and wear like a bracelet, the working prototypes are reported to have made use of experimental flexible displays. The first batch were monochrome, but the latest are full-color OLED. The upper screen auto activates as the arm is raised, while the lower screen turns on when it's pointed upwards by twisting the wrist. Sources: Emopulse, Indiegogo. This Gadget Turns Any Window Into A Power Outlet. Solar chargers, a revolutionary idea just a few short years ago, are popping up everywhere. We’ve featured dozens, maybe even 100 on this site to date. But none of them offer the simplicity and intuitive design of the Window Socket.

The brain child of designers Kyuho Song & Boa Oh, this nifty gadget is exactly what it sounds like: a tiny portable solar panel on one side and a traditional socket (albeit a European one) on the other. Combine that with the ability to stick to any type of glass window and BAM! Imagine the possibilities (and the envy of all those within eye-shot) when you roll into the crowded airport gate area, and stick your very own power outlet onto the nearest window. Eliminating even the few moving parts associated with existing solar chargers was a main goal of Son and Oh. Image via Kyuho Song & Boa Oh/Yanko Design And the awesomeness of this concept doesn’t end there. Researchers build miniature flying robots, modeled on Drosophila. It's relatively easy to get something big and heavy to fly. With enough equipment, it's possible to load the object with lots of energy to power the flight, specialized parts to control it, and the computers (or people) needed to direct the flight.

But things get challenging as you make things smaller, and it gets harder to squeeze all the requisite parts into an ever-shrinking space. In that, nature has us beat, since something like a fruit fly crams all the energy, control systems, and specialized hardware into an extremely compact form. We may not be at fruit fly level yet, but researchers are giving the insects some competition. The authors are all from the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard, and they clearly find insects inspirational, noting that, despite their simple nervous systems, "flying insects are able to perform sophisticated aerodynamic feats such as deftly avoiding a striking hand. " Overall, it's an impressive little device. Creative Products Ideas to Buy for the Ones You Love – Holiday Gift Guide 2012. In this post we will showcase some creative products that you can actually purchase as a gift for the holidays!

Find the perfect holiday gift for everyone on your shopping list! Every single item, listed below, was handpicked based on originality. Get a head start on your holiday shopping right now. Avoid the lines and do your holiday shopping online, then settle in for a merry, stress-free holiday season. We hope this guide will give you a head start and plenty of time to find the right gift for that special person in your life. Before the celebrations kick off, you’re probably trying to figure out the best gifts to give to your friends, family, and co-workers. To make things easier, we created this stellar holiday gift guide filled with creative products.

There are so many interesting things in the modern world and around us that you can’t help but look over. We hope you will find the products listed below cool, clever and creative. . $24 Buy Buy $190 Buy $18.99 Buy $39.99 Buy $18 Buy $61.98. Samsung and LG to launch flexible smartphone screens in 2013. Could 2013 bring with it one of the biggest revolutions in mobile phone design since the advent of the touchscreen?

If the growing rumors surrounding flexible displays are true, and that one of the major manufacturers will release a device with a bendable screen next year, then yes, we could see the start of a huge trend. While flexible smartphone screens will be new to most of us, the technology has been around for some time, and is already in several devices; you just may not realize it. A decade of hype Reports of companies developing flexible displays date back more than a decade, with a startup named Universal Display being linked with their development in 2002.

Universal Display is now at the forefront of research into OLED screen technology and the creator of the panels used in Samsung’s Galaxy S2 and S3 smartphones. Philips effort was a monochrome, rollable E-Ink screen on a device named the Readius, which was shown off at CES 2006. Flexible OLED panels for smartphones.

Surf report: gadgets and apps for a paperless lifestyle. Technology, bah; some people say nothing quite compares to flipping through — not swiping — pages and writing on paper. But we're here to say the two aren't mutually exclusive, as evidenced by this week's tech picks. iNotebook As crazy as people are about the iPad, it doesn't have quite the flexibility of the freewheeling old-fashioned notebook. But in late November, Targus debuted a solution to bring notes and doodles — in your own handwriting — to the tablet.

Built in collaboration with iDevices (the company that also brought us the iGrill food thermometer and iShower radio), Targus' iNotebook ($179.99) transports paper notes into digital ones on the iPad. The beautifully designed accessory includes a sensor and pen that will transmit handwritten notes to an app using Bluetooth. You don't need to buy special paper to take advantage of the technology since the most important components are the pen, sensor and app. Sensu stylus Another thing you can't quite do on a tablet: watercolors. DoorBot Wi-Fi doorbell camera lets you see visitors on your smartphone. EUA já comercializa papel resistente à água | Blog de Escalada. Nos Estados Unidos já existe uma empresa que comercializa papéis resistentes à água. O seu uso, segundo o site “It works” o produto é recomendado para quem pratica atividades outdoor, trabalhos em ambientes sujeito à umidade e chuva.

Pelo vídeo é bem interessante, e deve ser olhado como uma boa ferramenta de anotações. Para mais detalhes veja em Autor: Luciano Fernandes Engenheiro e Analista de Sistemas, começou a escalar em 2001 e escalou no Brasil, Áustria, EUA, Espanha e Argentina. Comente agora Comentários. The Red Ferret Journal » Headphone Splitter lets you share sound with friends.

Japanese Company To Launch One-Man Electric Helicopter. A Japanese company called Hirobo has announced their plans to launch a one-man helicopter that runs on batteries. The counter-rotating flying vehicle can be remote operated or flown by a pilot, and reaches speeds of 62mph for up to 30 minutes. The reason you’d want to be able to remote control it is in cases of rescue operations where you could just fly it up to the person in need, have them hop on, and bring them back to safety. The silent operation of the electric motor would also help locate a person hypothetically crying out for help. The HX-1 is an ambitious and costly project. $125 million will have been poured into it by the time its 2021 rollout comes about. The reason for the long development time? Mostly regulatory, according to the president of the RC helicopter manufacturer, Kotaro Matsuzaka.

VIA [ NewLaunches ] Misfit Shine: an elegant, wireless activity tracker. [Acessório da Semana] Um amplificador de som sem fios com tecnologia NFA. Top 5 Coolest Gadgets Designed to Look Like Everyday Objects. IRIScan Book 2 mobile scanner review. Here’s how to use a mouse on a jailbroken iPad. Lockitron launches iPhone-controlled keyless lock that pings you when someone knocks (video) IRIScan Express 3 portable scanner. [curiosidade] Veja o tempo que cada geração do iPhone leva para ligar. FinderCodes Uses QR Codes to Find Lost Phones. FORM 1 Is A Low Cost, Cutting-Edge 3D Printer For Everyone [VIDEO. Pulse: A Ring And iPhone App To Keep Track Of Your Heart. Welcome - - Home of the Venus of Cupertino.

ReadyCase iPhone 5, 4S and 4 Case Is A Cool Idea. [vídeo] Faça seu iPad ficar à prova d’água. This Tiny Keychain Laser Keyboard Is Still a Waste of Space. Beyond the Kindle: what the future holds for E Ink. The Bionic Cockroach. LG Mouse Scanner – Copy Power in the Palm of your Hand. 5 Mind-Blowing Cars from the Future. iPad and Augmented Reality (or bringing your walls to life part 2) Here Are A Few External Keyboard Shortcuts For Your iPad Which You Probably Don’t Know Of [VIDEO. House Party! The 3-D Light Show You Can Control With an iPad or Wii | Wired Design. How to use Evernote and an iPad to Manage Projects. [dica] iPad na Educação: Conheça os melhores sites internacionais que poderão ajudar pais, professores e pedagogos no dia-a-dia. | iPadDicas - Dicas. HyperJuice Charger. Mophie JuicePack Powerstation: fast, high-volume charging for iDevices. iPhone 360 Degree Panoramic Video Lens.

INSTEON Ships World’s First Remote Control Networked LED Bulb. Ingfah Restaurant \ Integrated Field. Casa Vale do Lobo by Arqui+ Arquitectura. Magic Numpad - Trackpad + Numpad For Apple Mac. SKINNY iPad 2 Bluetooth Touch Keyboard Case. Hatch & Co. SKINNY iPad 2 Bluetooth Touch Keyboard Case (White): Computers & Accessories. Converge Docking Station For iPad And iPhone.

Quirky Converge Docking Station for USB charging devices: Electronics. Dexim Green Illuminating Charge & Sync Cable for iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad. BioLite Camp Stove. iPad 3 Concept - 3D Edge-to-Edge Retina Screen. Point of Sale redefined for iPad — Square Register. Brydge + iPad: Do more. by Brad Leong. AG++ Aluminum iPhone 4/4S Case. Novo teclado bluetooth pode ser usado ao mesmo tempo no Mac, no iPhone e no iPad. RadicalFlow allows designers to create iPhone and iPad apps without having to know how to code. Pocket Projector for iPhone 4 Devices at Brookstone. [review] Testamos a Yogo iPen, a caneta touch para iPad, iPhone e iPod touch. TiVizen: um excelente presente para as mamães noveleiras e tecnológicas. Interactive Whiteboard Pen Writes on Anything — No Whiteboard Required | Gadget Lab. YouTube. Metal, Glass, And iPad Controls: This Amazing Yacht Was Meant For Steve Jobs. Spatially aware devices. Blog Archive » Natural interactions with spatially aware devices.

5 External Hard Drives For iPad 1, iPad 2, iPad 3. TelyHD brings free high definition Skype calls to your living room flatscreen TV   LilyPad ~ Using Light to Power All Our Mobile Devices by David Foster. Keyglove Wearable Input Device by Jeff Rowberg. Magnic Light: Get New Energy! by Dirk Strothmann. GoPano micro - Capture 360º videos from an iPhone 4 by Michael Rondinelli. CloudFTP. Wirelessly share ANY USB storage with iPad, iPhone by Daniel Chin. Remee - The REM enhancing Lucid Dreaming Mask by Bitbanger Labs. YouTube. Grippy Pad: Magically Stick Your Gadget To Your Dash. Pebble: E-Paper Watch for iPhone and Android by Pebble Technology. Exklusiv bei uns: Die Bauteile zum Fahrradschloss aus dem TV-Spot. YouTube. YouTube. Electronics Shop for Multimedia, Computing, Car Entertainment - Conrad Electronic SE Online Store. Uma tranca de bicicleta que escala postes | Alô terra. Top 10 Most Creative Gadget Hacks. Portable Water And Surface Sanitizer.

100 Tools to Develop the Next Killer iOS or Android App. Arduino-powered Artbot writes the time, erases it, writes again (video) The new iPad Siri Dictation demonstration. How to Block Any Site from Showing Up in Google Search Results. Terrafugia’s flying car prototype makes first flight. The Tjiller Beer Chiller.