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WFMU Wants to Change How Media Talks to Its Audiences and Raises Money. "It's super ambitious -- and a culmination of my life's work," Ken Freedman, general manager of beloved independent radio station WFMU, tells Billboard.

WFMU Wants to Change How Media Talks to Its Audiences and Raises Money

He's referring to Audience Engine, a free and (truly) open-source piece of software, developed by Bocoup that Freedman oversaw the creation of. Audience Engine's goal is no less than changing how media outlets from radio stations to magazines interact with, and keep, their audiences. Oh, and make money. The story begins 16 or 17 years ago, when Freedman requested a piece of software that would allow its non-technical radio staff to post their playlists online. (Up to that point, some tech-savvy WFMU disc jockeys had been hand-coding their lists in HTML live on the air. Three years ago -- 14 years into the development WFMU's website, for those counting -- the Geraldine R.

The result of that half-million dollars is Audience Engine. An open source toolkit for media and democracy. Hatchfund - Great Art Forms Here - Artist Fundraising & Advocacy. KissKissBankBank — Unleash Creativity! Aflamnah: Crowd-funding creativity. From left, Masoud Amralla Al Ali, Lotfi Bencheikh and Vida Rizq. Cairo: This time last year, the global media was in a frenzy with sensationalized catch phrases labeling the Arab revolutions as the “internet uprisings” and “Facebook revolutions.” While technology certainly contributed to their success, the revolutions in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya were not technological revolutions.

Social media did not create these revolts, but it did keep the movements alive and connected. Technology allowed the world to watch and spread the onset of protest — it helped link activists, build political networks and galvanize a movement that led to the toppling of autocrats. In a nutshell, technology opened our eyes and enabled the communication needed in the long fight for change, in a region plagued with despotism. Although little has changed in the day-to-day lives of many Arab citizens, innumerable lessons have been learned since the uprisings. Crowdfunding for SA Small Business Funding, Creative and Social Projects. Fiscal Sponsorship + Crowdfunding = $$ for Creative Projects.

Launch a project on MyMajorCompany. 1.

Launch a project on MyMajorCompany

Creating my project You can pitch any innovative and original project on MMC provided you are more than 18 years old (or you are represented by a legal guardin if you are a minor) and that your project has not already been funded through another website. The first thing to do when you set up a project on MMC is to have a Member Account. If you don't have one yet, click here to register. You'll probably find it much easier to use Facebook to register and get connected to MMC. Once you've set up your account, you can begin to define your project.

Your project title This needs to be concise and punchy - it has to sum up your project in just a few words. The category This is the "drawer" where your project will be stored on MMC. Your avatar This is the image which will show up to represent your project on the site and it will be the first thing people see about it.

The description This is your project's pitch. 2. This is a vital part of creating your project. The project goal The deadline 3. 4. SoKap. Crowd Funding in the Netherlands. Wil jij crowdfunding inzetten en ben je op zoek naar een platform om jouw project of onderneming te presenteren?

Crowd Funding in the Netherlands

Deze pagina bevat een overzicht van alle platforms (zowel Nederlands als internationaal) waar Nederlandse projecten en ondernemingen op gepresenteerd kunnen worden. Er zijn verschillende redenen om voor een platform te kiezen, waaronder: taal, betaalmethode(n), niche, het gehanteerde crowdfunding model en natuurlijk de functionaliteiten, gebruiksvriendelijkheid en uiterlijk van een platform. Heb je een platform gekozen? Doe dan eens een donatie of investering via het platform en ervaar zelf hoe het is om een bijdrage te leveren! Crowdfunding para amantes de la creación. Jump on opportunities. How it works Eppela is a reward based crowdfunding platform which allows you to create a project, share it with your network and obtain funding for its implementation.

jump on opportunities

The target Whether you are an artist, a writer, a filmmaker, a geek, a designer, Eppela is the right place where you can make your project/idea jump, where you can create your new business and / or your successful startup. Why to choose Eppela To promote the challenge of ​​"being funded by the crowd," you have to believe in the co-creation idea of a project, supporting your creativity or the one of other creatives.

Eppela team will help you in defining the rewards to give to your supporters and,if you have proven you can do it, will support your promotion activities throughits network of specialists (journalists, advertisers, online and offiline media, blogs) until your budget is reached. Achieving the goal If budget idsuccessful Eppela withholds a 5% of commissiont to the collected amount. Eppela in 6 steps. New Jelly. Crowd Culture. WEMAKEIT.CH – CROWDFUNDING MADE IN SWITZERLAND « Crowd Funding for INKUBATO.