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Relaxing music, sleep-aids, anxiety reduction, relaxation tools

Engaging in a relaxing activity such as reading, meditation, yoga, or listening to music, before going to bed, can help you to get a good night sleep. Perform this activity in a dimly lit, stress-free environment. Try to schedule your activity to take place at the same time every day. Relaxing music, sleep-aids, anxiety reduction, relaxation tools
Everyone's Mixtape

Everyone's Mixtape

Checking your Google account... Checking your Facebook account... Everyone's Mixtape's celebrates the art of creating mixtapes. You can add to an existing mix, or start one of your own. Share with the world, your friends, or that girl from science class. Everyone's Mixtape is not about adding songs and hitting shuffle. - Your online Beat Counter
svenpanel by cubuss
[ iDaft ] The Daft Punk's Console by NAJLE.COM
Worst sound in the World experiment | Bad Vibes | University of Salford
BBC: Horrible noises experiment This experiment is being run by citizen scientist Izzy Thomlinson for BBC Radio 4's So You Want To Be A Scientist?. It aims to find out what you think about unpleasant sounds. Please read the following statement and click Take Part Now! if you agree to participate. If you are under the age of 18, a parent or guardian must read the following and give consent on your behalf 'I freely and voluntarily consent to be a participant in the research on the topic of unpleasant sounds. BBC: Horrible noises experiment
SimplyNoise is the best free color noise generator on the Internet, with thousands of new users discovering our site each day! All of our content is crafted by a professional Sound Designer to ensure the highest audio fidelity. The benefits of color noise have been utilized in clinics, schools, households, and offices around the world. Enjoy the benefits and features many expensive sound machines can't match. *5/1 UPDATE* SimplyRain iOS ranked #1 free app in 37 countries! Download SimplyRain for only $0.99.

SimplyNoise - The Best Free White Noise Generator on the Internet.

SimplyNoise - The Best Free White Noise Generator on the Internet.

Unhear it - get that damn song out of your head!

get that damn song out of your head Now playing: Jay Z Missy Chemical Bros New song Unhear it - get that damn song out of your head!
Whale Translator Organisationen & Betreiber der Webseite OceanCare Vera Bürgi Oberdorfstraße 16, Postfach 372 CH-8820 Wädenswil Tel: 41 (0)44 780 66 88 E-Mail: Firmennummer: CH- Geschäftsführerin: Sigrid Lüber Whale and Dolphin Conservation, WDC Implerstr. 55 81371 München E-Mail: Handelsregister: AG München HRB 126158 Geschäftsführer: Franziska Walter, Sian Carys Hamilton, Christopher Butler-Stroud, Christopher Robert Vick Wenn Sie mit OceanCare oder WDC in Kontakt treten möchten, nutzen Sie bitte die oben angeführten Kontaktdaten. Whale Translator
Die Knallerseite - Turn yourself into an ugly dancer
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