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What Osho said about J. Krishnamurti and his work on his death. Crock Pot Yogurt Q&A. After sharing with you all how we make crock pot yogurt, I was flooded with questions.

Crock Pot Yogurt Q&A

Here are a few that were asked multiple times. Feel free to send others my way! Q: Can I use this same recipe with Greek yogurt as my starter to end up with Greek yogurt? A: No. To get Greek yogurt, you would follow the recipe as written and then strain a good portion of whey from the yogurt. To strain to whey from yogurt, by either tying yogurt inside the cloth and hanging it over a bowl or by propping the cheese cloth under a jar lid’s ring and letting the whey drip from the yogurt above into the jar below. Q: If I use a flavored starter, will it make flavored yogurt? A: No, that’d be nice though. And I find adding real berries to my yogurt to satisfy my sweet tooth. Q: If I don’t want to make less than a half gallon, does any of the times change? A: Nope. Also I recently had a crock pot yogurt gone bad experience. The Altered Editions of Rachael Ashe. Rachael Ashe is a Vancouver artist whose specialities include photography, collage, and a very unique approach to the art of book alteration.

The Altered Editions of Rachael Ashe

Drawing inspiration from the vast variety and influence that our cities nature provides us, Rachael strives to incorporate bits of nature into all of her artwork. We sat down with Rachael as she shared exactly why she alters books, how she approaches them, and what drives her unquenchable desire to create. Interested in some of the tools seen in this video? Lineco Bone ScorerPrecision KnifeAlvin Self Healing Cutting MatBookbinder Needle See more of Rachael Ashe’s work on her website.


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