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Organizing: Bedroom

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DIY Pipe Clothing Rack. Slowly but surely, our little studio is becoming a warm and cozy showroom space — most recently with the addition of a new clothes rack to display several of our vintage pieces.

DIY Pipe Clothing Rack

Before this, many of our clothes for sale had been stored in my own closet so I can’t tell you how ecstatic I am to get them out! My hope is to grow our little collection (and I’m already on it because I just picked up a few b e a u t i f u l dresses on our last shopping trip) now that we have the proper space to store everything. And this DIY project displays our clothes so gorgeously that my motivation to add to it is much stronger.

I just love the industrial elements of the clothing rack against the delicate row of vintage clothes. I can’t take credit for the design, and I’m sure many of you have seen this example or several others floating around the internet already. Storage Solutions for Small Bedrooms. Easy Under Bed Storage. Cheap Modular Storage Bed In Minutes. My other half and I are nomads currently living in Boulder, CO, til we figure out our next move.

Cheap Modular Storage Bed In Minutes

Being nomads means we've been sleeping on a mattress on the floor for a few months. Urban camping is fun for awhile, but we needed a change. When he went away on a business trip recently, I decided to surprise him and make us a bed. Plus it had been awhile since I built something and my brain was itchy. I captured the process with my iPhone. Here were my design protocols for the bed building project. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Under Bed Storage. Dis­clo­sure: I am a mem­ber of the Lowe’s Cre­ative Ideas Cre­ators & Influ­encers Net­work and receive a Lowe’s gift card to com­plete my projects.

Under Bed Storage

How­ever, all ideas, opin­ions, & expe­ri­ences are entirely my own. This month’s task from Lowe’s was creative storage solutions. I was racking my brain on this one because we definitely need some creative storage in my house. Especially since after Christmas it looks like Santa’s Workshop threw up all over. Christmas can be so pretty with the tree and decorations and the presents all neatly wrapped under the tree. So for my creative storage solutions I decided to task hubby with making under the crib storage for the kid’s room. Plywood (why waste good wood in a kid’s room!) Just wanted to give a quick tip to let you know that if you want to buy a sheet of wood from Lowe’s but you’re afraid it doesn’t fit in your car, you can get the helpful associates to cut it into any sizes you’d like.

Rolling Storage Drawers. *This is a sponsored post on behalf of Lowe’s.

Rolling Storage Drawers

This month, as a Lowe’s Creator Blogger, one of our challenge choices was to come up with a creative storage idea. With 5 kids, there is no such thing as too much storage.

Organizing: Jewelry

Barrette Holder. From week ending 9/13/98 Design and Instructions by Diana Trupiano I had very long hair a couple years ago.

Barrette Holder

As people with long hair can attest, I found I had an ever increasing collection of bows, clips and barrettes. I wanted a way to keep them organized and easily in reach. I came up with this simple holder, and made it out of fabric that matched my bedroom set. Supplies: 1/8 yard of 45" wide fabric, solid or print of your choice Thread to match, if sewing Aleene's Thick Designer Tacky Glue, if gluing 1 hank embroidery floss, color to match fabric Iron 1 thumb tack Instructions: Press fabric. To Make a Tassle: Remove paper collars from floss hank. Back to home page. Organizing Clothing With Drawer Dividers. 5 Tips For Organizing Dresser Drawers. We always focus on organizing your closet, which is definitely a vital storage area to keep clean and organized for easy dressing during the work week.

5 Tips For Organizing Dresser Drawers

But your dresser drawers are important too — save yourself just the smallest amount of time by cutting out the search for matching socks! Here are a few tips for getting your dresser drawers organized and keeping them that way. You know how it is — in the hustle and bustle of daily life you want to grab your clothes out of the drawer and go. Then, on laundry day, you drop your clean clothes in the drawer and promise you'll be back later to straighten up. Well that day is today! 5 Easy Storage Ideas For A Kid’s Bedroom. Organizing Kids Socks & Underwear. Keeping your underwear organized will ensure you can find the pair you want when you want it.

Organizing Kids Socks & Underwear

It can also help keep you underwear separate from other in your household that might have similar underwear. This is a guide about organizing underwear. Solutions: Organizing Underwear Read and rate the best solutions below by giving them a "thumbs up". Tip: Keep Track of Underwear Sizes With Dots When you have 3, 4 or more children all the same sex and close in age it can be difficult to keep underwear and socks sorted and in the correct drawers. When they pass it down to the second child, you add another dot.