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Grand Masonic Lodge of Scotland Welcome to the web site of the Grand Lodge of Scotland. Grand Lodge has had its own web site since 1998 which was initially designed and maintained by the late Brother Willie Davidson and it grew considerably under his guidance. However, the addition of large amounts of new material made it difficult to navigate. The new site was designed to be easier to move around whilst including the huge amount of material that was to be found on the old site. Grand Masonic Lodge of Scotland
Freemasonry and the Philalethes Society, publisher of the Philalethes Magazine Discover the New Philalethes Established in 1928, the Philalethes Society is the oldest independent Masonic research society in North America, serving thousands of members around the world. With a new, contemporary design, the Philalethes magazine features thought-provoking, substantial articles on Masonic symbolism, philosophy, ritual, artwork, literature and history. Today’s Freemasons are acutely curious about the meaning of the Craft in their lives. They want to understand more deeply the profound lessons of the ritual. Freemasonry and the Philalethes Society, publisher of the Philalethes Magazine
The Manchester Masonic Research Collection The Manchester Masonic Research Collection The Manchester Masonic Research Collection Some years ago the Library Collection of the Province of East Lancashire and of the Manchester Association of Masonic Research were combined and housed in the Library Room at Freemasons’ Hall in Manchester. However, this room was continually in use for Masonic Meetings, rehearsals, and for other meetings, so that access to the collection was very difficult to arrange. In order to facilitate access to members of the Craft and the general public, it was decided to offer the collection to the John Rylands University Library. It was accepted with enthusiasm and the University Library undertook to fully catalogue this collection, funded by the Manchester Association of Masonic Research. In the interim the John Rylands Library has undergone refurbishment with the construction of a new Entrance Wing with the reception area, shop and café, with lift access to all floors.
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Table of Contents - King Solomon's Temple by Jerome Bernard Frisbee Table of Contents - King Solomon's Temple by Jerome Bernard Frisbee King Solomon's Temple by Jerome Bernard Frisbee Click on the above image to see 200 dpi image This pamphlet by Jerome Bernard Frisbee contains just about everything one would want to know and learn about Kings Solomon's Temple. It includes all the ancient forms of measurements (many still used today), architectural drawings, elevations, their biblical references and meanings. Each page from this book has been super-sized to 200 dpi for easy viewing. Simply click on the image on each page to view the larger perspective. Scanned at Phoenixmasonry, Inc. by David Lettelier - November 2005.
KNIGHTS OF MALTA 1523-1798 BY R. COHEN LATE SCHOLAR OF WADHAM COLLEGE, OXFORD 1920 THE LOTHIAN PRIZE ESSAY FOR 1920 (UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD) CONTENTS CHAPTER I SETTLEMENT AT MALTA, 1523-1565 Departure from Rhodes--Residence in Italy--Settlement in Malta, 1530--Condition of the Mediterranean--The corsairs--Turkey--Fortification of Malta--Loss of English "Langue"--Enterprises of the Order--Solyman decides to attack Malta CHAPTER II THE SIEGE OF MALTA, 1565 Preparations--Size of opposing forces--Siege of St. Elmo--Arrival of Dragut--Capture of St. Elmo, June 23--Death of Dragut--Siege of main fortresses--Great losses on both sides--Arrival of reinforcements from Sicily--Turks evacuate island CHAPTER III THE CONSTITUTION OF THE ORDER OF ST. Knights of Malta - 1523 - 1798 by R. Cohen Knights of Malta - 1523 - 1798 by R. Cohen
Book of the Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite (1884 Edition) by Charles T. McClenechan The Book of the Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry (1884) By: Charles T. Book of the Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite (1884 Edition) by Charles T. McClenechan
Masonic E-Book Library Note: Many of the e-books in this library are several hundred pages long and include illustrations. It takes a minimum of a high-speed DSL or cable modem to download many of them. i.e. Mackey's Masonry Defined takes 3 minutes just to download the text. A Message from our Librarian Masonic E-Book Library
History of the Knights Templar - Table of Contents [1842] This is a mainstream history of the Knights Templars, written in the 19th century. Addison details the rise of the Templars to become, essentially, the first multinational corporation. The Templars were entrusted by the Church and States of Europe to be the spearhead of the crusades. In the process they gained immense wealth and influence, although individual Templars took a vow of poverty. History of the Knights Templar - Table of Contents
Masonic Books Online for Freemasons Masonic Books Online for Freemasons by V.W. Bro. Stephen MICHALAKDeputy Grand Lecturer, Grand Lodge of South Australia and N.T. Plato’s philosophy is at the core of modern Freemasonry. There are many themes that are adopted in Emulation Ritual from Plato’s writings. The Author has isolated them and provided evidence of these correspondences between Plato’s writings and our Emulation Ritual.
Freemasonry 101 Freemasonry 101 Before exploring the key issues in the Christian case against the Masonic Order, it is important to have a basic understand of what Freemasonry is. Many who join the Masonic Lodge become intrigued by its eloquent ritual, its stunning regalia, impressive pageantry, and its universality, including its secret modes of recognition. All of this, of course, will naturally attract interested petitioning candidates, impress the initiates, and "puff-up" its members. Yet rather than instill the virtue of humility, as taught in the Bible, these aspects of the fraternity often build pride and unfortunately encourage an attitude of arrogance, and/or superiority.
The Master of a Lodge - who, when addressed, is given the honorific title of "Worshipful" - presides over the meeting of Masons. The term is one of respect and has nothing whatsoever to do with "worshipping" of an individual. It is an ancient word usage with a meaning similar to the honorific "Your Honour". The use of the word "worshipful" continues today in titles as "The Worshipful Lord Mayor of London" - who is not worshipped in the traditional sense nor is he necessarily a secular Lord - and is certainly not a Lord in a religious sense by anyone's stretch of imagination. ANTI-MASONRY in the CONTEMPORARY WORLD
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Masonic Queen's Jubilee List Draws Criticism Telegraph: Foreign Secretary Bro. William Hague Approved Inclusion Phone-hacking scandal: Bro. Jonathan Rees obtained information using 'dark arts' Telegraph: Brigadier Tony Hunter-Choat
Freemasonry and Catholicism, by Max Heindel, Part I through VI by The Rosicrucian Fellowship aims to educate and construct, to be charitable even to those from whom we differ, and never to vent the venom of vituperation, spite, or malice even upon those who seem deliberately determined to mislead. We revere the Catholic religion; it is as divine in its essence, as both were born to further the aspiration of the striving soul, and both have a message and a mission in the world not apparent upon the surface today, because man-made ceremonial as a scale has hidden the present articles to remove that scale and show the Cosmic purpose of these two Great Organizations, which are so bitterly antagonistic to each other.
| Home - Latest News | Introduction | Bayside Prophecies | Directives from Heaven | Order Form | Testimonies | Veronica Lueken | Miraculous Photos | Bible | Radio Program | What’s wrong with the Masons? "My children, and I ask My pastors to listen to Me as your Mother, as I tell you that you must take yourselves from all secret societies. What’s wrong with the Masons?
Interviu cu Leo Zagami, fost francmason de grad 33 în cadrul lojii Propaganda Due :: În afară de intenţia sa de a face aceste dezvăluiri pentru ca planurile criminale ale Francmasoneriei mondiale să poată fi stopate, el consideră şi că aceasta este, în cazul său, strategia care îi oferă cele mai multe şanse de supravieţuire. Vă prezentăm transcrierea unui interviu cu Leo Zagami postat pe Internet, accesibil de exemplu aici: aici: Noua Ordine Mondială, fascism deghizat Leo Zagami: Numele meu este Leonard Zagami, am 37 de ani şi aceasta este povestea mea.
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Masonic Secrets: The Secret Handshake, Secret Word, Secret High Sign, and the Secret Nature of Freemasonry
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