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Half life 2 teaser whatsinthebox march13_2009 + april2 2009

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Fandom powered by Wikia. Half-Life 2, stylized as HλLF-LIFE2, is a science fiction first-person shooter developed and published by Valve Corporation, and released on November 16, 2004,[1] following an extended development period of five years.

Fandom powered by Wikia

The game garnered near unanimous positive reviews and received critical acclaim, winning over 50 Game of the Year awards. It is included in The Orange Box for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. The game uses the Source engine, which includes a heavily modified version of the Havok physics engine. Plot Taking place in and around City 17, nearly two decades[2] after the events of the first game, Half-Life 2 follows the scientist Gordon Freeman as he is thrust into an unfamiliar environment in which the aftermath of the Black Mesa Incident has come to bear fully upon human society. Characters Allies Other Enemies Xen Combine Weapons Development Half-Life 2 was also originally intended to be much more diverse in settings. Gameplay Half-Life 2 plays similarly to its predecessor. Reception Awards. What's in the Box? - Test Film 2009.

Fase1 march13 2009

Fase2 april 2 , 2009. Fase3 - not executed. CTM Entertainment — CTM Films: KILL SWITCH. Kill Switch (2017) Kill Switch (2017 film) - Wikipedia. Kill Switch is an upcoming American-Dutch science fiction film, directed by Tim Smit in his directorial debut, from a screenplay by Charlie Kindinger and Omid Nooshin.

Kill Switch (2017 film) - Wikipedia

It stars Dan Stevens, Bérénice Marlohe, Tygo Gernandt, Charity Wakefield, Bas Keijzer, Mike Libanon and Mike Reus. The film is scheduled to be released on June 16, 2017, by Saban Films. Dan Stevens as Will PorterBérénice Marlohe as AbbyTygo Gernandt as MichaelCharity WakefieldBas KeijzerMike LibanonMike Reus as Dr. Klintsen Kill Switch at the Internet Movie Database. Official Trailer. Kill Switch - Teaser.

KILL SWITCH Trailer (2017) Dan Stevens Sci-Fi Thriller. Kill Switch. Student becomes film director - Vox magazine - 2. What's in the Box, who remembers that video?

Student becomes film director - Vox magazine - 2

Natural sciences student Tim Smit, from Nijmegen, made it in 2009 and it went viral. Since then, he has been working on the thing that he really wanted to make: a feature film. The premiere is in June, with actors Dan Stevens and Tygo Gernandt. Location: the parking lot behind the Albert Heijn at the Daalseweg. We see abandoned cars, an exploding house and a man who is hiding in a city bus. What was special about What’s in the Box? By accident ‘I wanted to attend a workshop at Go Short film festival’, he says now, eight years later. ‘That’s when the meetings started’, he says. Amsterdam Unfortunately, the film is not set in Nijmegen.

Smit himself was director and he was also behind the visual effects. Student volgt zijn hart en wordt filmregisseur - Vox magazine - 2. What’s in the Box, wie kent dat filmpje nog?

Student volgt zijn hart en wordt filmregisseur - Vox magazine - 2

De Nijmeegse student natuurwetenschappen Tim Smit maakte het in 2009 en het ging viral. Sindsdien heeft hij gewerkt aan waar het hem echt om te doen was: een speelfilm. In juni is de première, met acteurs Dan Stevens en Tygo Gernandt. Locatie: de parkeerplaats achter de Albert Heijn aan de Daalseweg. We zien verlaten auto’s, een ontploffend huis en een man die zich verstopt in een stadsbus. ‘Ja, je komt er uiteindelijk achter wat er in de box zit’ Wat er zo bijzonder was aan What’s in the Box? "Mijn liefde voor film was altijd al aanwezig" - RTL LATE NIGHT.