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MUN : Model United Nations

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United Nations. The United Nations (UN) is an intergovernmental organization established on 24 October 1945 to promote international co-operation.

United Nations

A replacement for the ineffective League of Nations, the organization was created following the Second World War to prevent another such conflict. At its founding, the UN had 51 member states; there are now 193. The UN Headquarters is situated in Manhattan, New York City and enjoys extraterritoriality. Further main offices are situated in Geneva, Nairobi and Vienna.

The organization is financed by assessed and voluntary contributions from its member states. During the Second World War, US President Franklin D. The organization won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2001, and a number of its officers and agencies have also been awarded the prize. History Background and creation Cold War era. United_nations. Chaîne de unitednations. Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) - home page. RTC Accessibility User Requirements (RAUR) Note Published RTC Accessibility User Requirements (RAUR) is published as a Working Group Note.

Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) - home page

Real-time communication (RTC) provides real-time peer to peer audio, video, and data exchange directly between supported user agents. This enables instantaneous applications for video and audio calls, text chat, file exchange, screen sharing, and gaming. RAUR describes various accessibility related user needs, requirements, and scenarios for real-time communication (RTC) applications. These user needs should drive accessibility requirements in various related specifications and the overall architecture that enables RTC. Accessibility Translations: Getting the 'Global' in GAAD All WAI Translations now lists translations in 35 languages. For Review: Specification for Spoken Presentation in HTML Specification for Spoken Presentation in HTML Working Draft is ready for review.

For Wide Review: WCAG 2.2 Working Draft. World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Documentary on Model United Nations Trailer. Ban addresses students at the Model UN Conference. UN - United Nations MUN circuit encouraged/evoked to start playi. Somehow i can't get it out of my mind to encourage/evoke the official MUN circuit - ( Model United Nations ) which is a academic simulation of the United Nations that aims to educate participants about civics, current events, effective communication, globalization and multilateral diplomacy - to start playing our NON simulation.

UN - United Nations MUN circuit encouraged/evoked to start playi

Think about the interplay that might blossom in intertwining our future diplomats with the crowdsourcing potentials of our by the World Bank Institute developed gaming network. In this light i hope my bliin trip "our Devils Avastars training We Do ! @evokenet @RiMUN #evoke" DT: mobile: may contribute to our shared objectives. First a general intro during the opening ceremony of RiMUN 2010 by the Rector Magnificus from the Radboud University Nijmegen Prof. mr. The beginning of the keynote speech by former Prime Minister of The Netherland Dries van Agt. mobile via: Intertwining this with Jane McGonigal's TED-talk for some extra spark. mobile via: Model UnitedNations.

The opening ceremony of the second annual session of Budapest International Model United Nations in the Upper House chamber of the Hungarian Parliament Building Model United Nations (also Model UN or MUN) is a conference similar to the United Nations in which students participate as delegates to various UN Committees.

Model UnitedNations

Participants research and formulate political positions based on the actual policies of the countries they represent.[1] The committees usually consist of the six committees of the General Assembly (or some subset of them), but may also include the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and the Economic and Financial Committee.[2] The participants range from middle school students to graduate school students.[1] Model United Nations involves researching, public, teamwork, and leadership skills.[3] As of 2012, there are about 400 MUN conferences worldwide.[1] History[edit] The oldest MUN in the world is a disputed issue. Conference[edit] Procedures[edit] Harvard National Model United Nations. UI HNMUN 2011 (uihnmun2011) RU studenten verdedigen wereldtitel op Harvard. Een groep van 28 Nederlandse studenten vertrekt op 5 februari naar de Verenigde Staten, om voor de achtste keer mee te doen aan een gesimuleerde VN-conferentie op de Harvard University van 17 tot en met 20 februari.

RU studenten verdedigen wereldtitel op Harvard

De Nederlandse delegatie wordt jaarlijks samengesteld door United Netherlands, een internationale studentenorganisatie die is verbonden aan de Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen. Van de delegatieleden zijn negen Nijmeegse studenten. Biejan Poor Toulabi, één van de delegatieleiders, heeft er het volste vertrouwen in: ‘We gaan eerst naar New York voor een intensieve trainingsweek. Wafa Al Ali (alaliwafa) » Winst voor United Netherlands in Harvard Voxlog. They did it again.

» Winst voor United Netherlands in Harvard Voxlog

United Netherlands, dat zijn thuisbasis heeft aan de Radboud Universiteit, heeft de titel van ‘beste buitenlandse delegatie’ behaald op de meest beroemde VN-simulatie van allemaal, die van Harvard. De delegatie, die dit jaar als eerste Europese delegatie de Verenigde Staten mocht spelen, heeft daarmee een reeks van titels in Harvard weten voort te zetten. De conferentiedagen leverden weer een hoop diplomatieke spanningen op, zo melden de deelnemers vanuit Boston. Behalve het ‘normale’ diplomatieke verkeer, kregen de deelnemers ook te maken met crisissituaties die de relaties tussen landen stevig onder druk konden zetten: ‘A delegate in the USSR may wonder if the USA will or will not strike a deal with Iran to develop the nation’s industries.


RiMUN (RiMUN2010) RiMUN2011 (RiMUN2011) RiMUN 2011. THIMUN The Hague Int: Model United Nations. The Hague International Model United Nations (THIMUN) Bill Clinton Speaks to THIMUN 2008. OxIMUN - Oxford International Model United Nations. OxIMUN (oximun2010) UNEP OxIMUN10 (OxIMUN10UNEP) United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) - Home page.  News from Oxford International Model United Nations.

Key Information Location University of Oxford, United Kingdom Duration 3 days Dates 7th - 9th November 2014 Chair and Staff Registration 10th of March to 27th of April.

 News from Oxford International Model United Nations

Delegate Registration 31st March to 1st of June. Dear all, Thank you very much for attending OxIMUN 2013. The XIIth Session of the Oxford International Model United Nations conference will be taking place between November 7th-9th 2014, in the heart of Oxford. This year we aim to make things bigger and better than ever with 600 delegates spots open to anyone from anywhere, and even a couple of experimental committees! As always, participants can expect a weekend filled with lively socials, eminent guest speakers, and our highly acclaimed debates all within the various colleges in the 900 year old University of Oxford! We also recruit from the best of the best to provide you amazing directors and a professional press team and to ensure that you have an unforgettable weekend. Best wishes, The OxIMUN 2014 Secretariat. Ross Evans (rossowenevans) ModelUnited Nations about. Every year over 200,000 young people, university and school students alike, come together in conferences across the globe to share their passion for international affairs, the art of diplomacy, and the principles of the United Nations.

ModelUnited Nations about

Representing countries from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, they gather to discuss some of the most pressing and intriguing problems that confront the world today. Together, they engage in lively debate, searching for solutions to the complex conundrums of contemporary international politics; and in doing so, hone and perfect their skills of diplomacy and debate in a Model United Nations conference. What is Model United Nations? MUN aims to be nothing less than an authentic simulation of the United Nations - complete with Security Council, General Assembly, a wide range of sub-committees, a Secretariat headed by the Secretary General, and of course, you, the delegates!

Lord Hannay of Chiswick addressing the opening ceremony #Oxim. Dar Al Hekma Model United Nations DAHMUN 2010 - April 13th - 15t. Dar Al Hekma Model United Nations Conference DAHMUN 2010.

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THNK Institute for Creative Leadership and Entrepreneurship. Harnessing innovation to protect the vulnerable. Global Pulse (UNGlobalPulse) Chaîne de unglobalpulse. UN - United Nations.