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University of London: Home. OCCUPY SENATE HOUSE. On December 4th, students from all over London occupied the University of London’s management offices at Senate House with a list of 10 demands aimed at making the University a more democratic and less exploitative institution.


On the same day, the University and the police violently evicted the occupation without an injunction - and 41 students were arrested over the following 2 days and hit with ludicrous bail conditions. Thousands have since marched in protest. We are fighting for democratic, public education - free from exploitation and police violence. In January, we will come back stronger. This demo also coincides with a planned week of action by striking workers in HE and one week after the demo, cleaners will be on strike for pensions, holiday pay and sick pay - 3 Cosas. We will not stop mobilising until our original ten demands are met: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. SHoccupation - Senate House Occupation... Occupy Goldsmiths. Tonight over 100 of us are occupying the offices of Goldsmiths University management, in solidarity with our lecturers and university staff who have been forced into striking for the second time on 3rd December over a 13% pay decrease in the past 4 years.

Occupy Goldsmiths

Our objective is simple: to escalate. UCEA, the negotiating body for universities, refuse to re-enter negotiations, citing lack of money. This simply isn’t true, there is a £2 billion surplus in the sector. We’d suggest that if managers are looking for savings, they should start by looking at their own salaries. The university sector has the biggest pay disparity of all public sectors, with the gender pay gap widening with every new government policy of marketisation. We also send our solidarity to other occupations around the country, and encourage other campuses to join in. We’re aiming for Deptford Town hall to remain closed on strike day tomorrow and we encourage everyone to join and support the picket lines around campus. Senate House (UnivOfLondon) sur Twitter. 3Cosas Campaign -Univ-of-London- affiliates.

Destroy ULU ? - delete democracy at University ?

(pdf)Vice-Chancellor Sir Adrian Smith open letter. 'Save ULU' rally leads to arrest of president Chessum. University security were bolstered by around fifty police officer at last Wednesday’s rally.

'Save ULU' rally leads to arrest of president Chessum

Photo: Oscar Webb • ‘Skirmish’ with police outside Senate House • ULU president seized for failing to warn police The president of the University of London Union (ULU), Michael Chessum, was arrested last Thursday under Section 11 of the Public Order Act after allegedly failing to notify police in advance of the ‘save ULU’ demonstration that he and others had organised for the day before.

Chessum was granted police bail late on Thursday 14 November with the condition that he must not “engage in protest on any university campus and or within half a mile boundary of any university”. Daniel Cooper, ULU vice-president, released a statement shortly after the arrest, stating: “This is a clear attack on the right to protest.

Between one and two hundred protesters attended the ‘Save ULU’ protest on Wednesday to fight the University of London’s (UoL) plans to shut down the union. Comments comments.

RightToProtest: Bail Conditions shackle Union Leader - Chalking

Occupation & evictionSenate House without injunction 3/4dec2013. BeingBeaten Cover it! BBCnews Guardian c4news... Bail conditions shackle editor student newspaper #mediablackout. Cover it ! @guardian @BBCnews @independent @c4news. Injunction -5/6Dec2013- COPS OFF CAMPUS DEMO 2013. #CopsOffCampus - Right to Protest - UoL - Uni of London.

UK Academic Staff Statement Against the Criminalisation of Prote. Call for a national demo and student meeting: 29th January. Hundreds of students march in London: strikes and assemblies to follow next week. For comment and contact call 07703114546 or 07964791663 Hundreds of students today marched through the University of London, before heading out to demonstrate around the capital, showing clearly that the resurgence of the student movement in late 2013 is not going away.

Hundreds of students march in London: strikes and assemblies to follow next week

Students, workers and supporters targeted a number of institutions and management buildings, beginning at ULU and Senate House in support of the #3Cosas strikers, and to demand that the University of London Union (ULU) remain in student hands. Other targets included the University and Colleges Employers’ Association (UCEA), which is attempting to implement yet more pay cuts. Protesters also marched on Holborn Police station and the Royal Courts of Justice, before finishing at Covent Garden, where cleaners at the Royal Opera House are planning a strike against poverty pay.

There were no arrests, as the police once again chose not to attack the demonstration or come onto campus.

#sacksmith 28febr2014

Twitter feeds. University of London (UoLondon) sur Twitter. UnivOfLondon : @metpoliceuk please will you...