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‪Anthony Cody on why teachers are marching in Washington‬‏ Teachers March on Washington. Save Our Schools. Msnbc: Matt Damon rewrites attack on teachers. MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell Weighs in on Matt Damon, Teacher Comp. & Reason's Politics. At Least He Gets His Own Name Right.'s video featuring Matt Damon from Saturday's "Save Our Schools" rally is making the rounds.

MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell Weighs in on Matt Damon, Teacher Comp. & Reason's Politics. At Least He Gets His Own Name Right.

In the vid, Matt Damon tees off on the "shitty" salaries that teachers make and argues that teachers do what they do out of love, so that structural arrangement such as early-and-easy-to-get tenure have no impact on what sort of job educators may do in the classroom. As a point of fact, Damon's understanding of teacher compensation relative other professionals is wrong. It turns out that when you control for education level and hours worked, public school teachers do quite well (especially compared to private school teachers, who on average make $13,000 a year less).

And that's before fringe benefits, such as employer-paid health care and retirement packages are tossed in to the mix. Or job security. [This is] how crazy the attack on teachers has become. Emphasis added. JerseyJazzman: More Matt Damon Defending Teachers. This is hysterical: Damon: There's an answer [about how it's not impossible to fire a tenured teacher] from an expert [Damon's mother, a college professor of education who really is an expert] who says that that's not true, and you're not absorbing that information.

JerseyJazzman: More Matt Damon Defending Teachers

Reason "Reporter": OK, I was in school... she was a teacher, I was in school, so I know... The complete exchange between Matt Damon and Reason TV. ‪Matt Damon 'really dissatisfied' with Obama 'doubling down' on Bush's 'bad ideas' for education‬‏ How badly did Arne Duncan want to talk to Matt Damon? - The Answer Sheet.

Posted at 02:08 PM ET, 08/24/2011 Aug 24, 2011 06:08 PM EDT TheWashingtonPost It turns out that people in the Obama administration made several attempts to reach actor Matt Damon just before he spoke at last month’s Save Our Schools rally in Washington D.C., blasting education policies that focus on high-stakes standardized tests.

How badly did Arne Duncan want to talk to Matt Damon? - The Answer Sheet

According to two people familiar with the efforts, the administration tried to arrange a meeting with Damon and government officials, including Education Secretary Arne Duncan, before the July 30 march. The sources declined to be named because of the sensitivity of the matter. The RidicuList: Matt Damon. CNN AndersonCooper on why you should never mess w/ MattDamon! After school reform march, teachers question what's next. How teachers would reform schools About 5,000 people joined in the Save Our Schools MarchOne former teacher says she was told to cater to tests, not to students' needsThe U.S.

After school reform march, teachers question what's next

Education Department: We all must "get much better, much faster" Why I’m Marching Forward [It's The Only Direction] You’ve got to be wondering what a teacher like me is doing marching against the “reform” trends.

Why I’m Marching Forward [It's The Only Direction]

For those of you unfamiliar with my background, I graduated with a degree in Computer Science from Syracuse University. A year later, after 6-8 months of unemployment and a stint as a data entry person at an educational database firm, I went into the NYC Teaching Fellows program, an offshoot of Michelle Rhee’s New Teacher Project. On the surface, I’m a perfect candidate to follow the corporatist thinking about education, and should be easily molded into the dominant thinking from elites who ostensibly believe they’re going into education for the common good. All it takes is the right amount of fear, the right amount of frustration, the right amount of ignorance, and the right amount of failure to tip people into the hands of those who wish to rotate our profession backwards. Fortunately for me, I lucked out.

You’re a teacher, and that’s great. Jose Vilson, Math Teacher / Coach / Educator … WP: Teachers march on Washington. Tap.

WP: Teachers march on Washington

Tap. “No testing, no testing, 1-2-3.” The assembled teachers, education advocates and parents vented a frustration they said has been building since the passage of the No Child Left Behind Act in 2002, which made standardized testing the centerpiece of a school reform agenda championed by George W. Bush. With the election of Barack Obama in 2008, many thought their long-standing complaints, about how the policy has imposed unfair penalties on the poorest schools and how it has narrowed curriculum to make time for test preparation, would finally be heard. But three years later, the law is still intact, more schools are being labeled as failing, and standardized tests are starting to be used to make teacher tenure and termination decisions.

The Answer Sheet - A School Survival Guide for parents (and everyone else). Thousands come out to teacher rally in Washington, protest Obama and decade of 'bad' policies. WASHINGTON, D.C. – Despite 95-degree heat and high humidity, an estimated crowd of 3,000 to 5,000 descended onto the National Mall and later marched to the White House as part of the Save Our Schools and National Call to Action, urging President Obama and Congress to roll back No Child Left Behind and Race to the Top policy initiatives.

Thousands come out to teacher rally in Washington, protest Obama and decade of 'bad' policies

The audience, mostly teachers representing states from all over the U.S., listened on as leading education reformers like Linda Darling-Hammond, former assistant secretary of the U.S. Department of Education and professor Diane Ravitch and film star Matt Damon condemned the high-stakes testing they say are inimical to public education. The Kids Are All Right! I went to the Save Our Schools March--500 miles, a few Guinnesses, and many smiles later, I have the obligatory report.

The Kids Are All Right!

I'm not going to blow sunshine up your colon, though there was plenty of sun to spare. I am going to focus on the huge positives, then ask the old folk to step back--yes, even you, Ms. Ravitch. Matt damon's mom just introduced her son to @DianeRavitch. Jersey Jazzman. ‪Marie Corfield at the 2011 SOS March‬‏ ‪Talking To West Coast Teachers at Save Our Schools March‬‏ ‪Dance Teacher at 2011 Save Our Schools March‬‏ ‪Talking To TN Teachers at the SOS March 7/30/11‬‏

‪Talking to Teachers at the SOS March - Part I‬‏ ‪Teachers March on Washington‬‏ ‪Save our Schools March 7.30.11-Medium.m4v‬‏ Save Our Schools March Washington, DC 7/30/2011. ‪This Is What Democracy Looks Like‬‏ ‪SOS THANK YOU 2!‬‏ Gzlqxgzj Shared by juliecavanagh15. Photographs from the SOS March in Washington, DC 2011. We have our first grammatically offensive sign at #sosmarch. Today's #SOSMarch gear, courtesy of my 5th graders from. Awesome sign: "Students are our special interest" # #SOSMarch Check it out! Matt Damon in the queue w/ @DianeRavi. @DianeRavitch just arrived! #SOSMarch #DC #VIP. Erudite discussion between Jonathan Kozol and Matt Damon!!! # Dr. Pedro Noguera, me & @TheJLV, baking in the sun but ha. Video: Jon Stewart Addresses SOS Marchers. Leaving the SOS March « Outside the Cave. These are random thoughts I have as I leave the SOS March and Congress in DC to head to Philly for a weeklong seminar on teacher leadership: Democracy is a wondrous thing to behold.

Leaving the SOS March « Outside the Cave

Eight thousand people came together with a shared voice on Saturday, and then a couple hundred of these people stayed to lay the groundwork for a new organization that will aim to create a Save Our Schools Movement moving forward. It was the first time in my life I felt like I experienced a mass democratic experience where I had a direct voice.While there are some decisions I would have made differently, I have nothing but awe and respect for the organizers of the March to bring so many different people together for such a huge event. When I started the undertaking that became EduSolidarity, I had no idea that it would take over my life for the next three weeks.

I imagine that has been the same experience for the leaders of SOS to an exponentially greater degree. JOSÉ VILSON: Teachers Take to the Streets: Education Reform After the SOS March. When 5,000 educators, parents, students, and other citizens concerned with the state of education come to Washington, D.C. ready to answer the call for change, you respond.

JOSÉ VILSON: Teachers Take to the Streets: Education Reform After the SOS March

When they come together in a coalition for educational social justice and activism, you listen. When you’re asked as a teacher to speak on behalf of these thousands—and the many more who couldn’t show up—you stand up and represent. More importantly, when students of all backgrounds deserve better, you fight for it. Mr. Teachbad. This past Sat­ur­day I attended the Save our Schools ( SOS ) March in DC . It was great. It wasn’t a bag­illion peo­ple, but it was a good crowd of sev­eral thou­sand, clearly very ded­i­cated and/or pissed off edu­ca­tors. The gen­eral vibe was clear. Pub­lic edu­ca­tion is on the wrong track, not just dras­ti­cally, but spas­ti­cally as well. Want to read my full remarks to CNN regarding the SOS March?

Today, my perspective (as well as those of Sabrina Stevens Shupe and Amy Valens) on the SOS March & National Call to Action was featured in a article by Sam Chaltain. I'm famous! (hahaha) I was honored when he told me about the project and asked if I would answer some questions. Extraordinary teaches can't overcome poor classroom situations -

The kid in the back wants me to define "logic. " The girl next to him looks bewildered. The boy in front of me dutifully takes notes even though he has severe auditory processing issues and doesn't understand a word I'm saying. Eight kids forgot their essays, but one has a good excuse because she had another epileptic seizure last night. The shy, quiet girl next to me hasn't done homework for weeks, ever since she was jumped by a knife-wielding gangbanger as she walked to school. A missed opportunity for the White House - The Answer Sheet. Posted at 05:00 AM ET, 08/03/2011 Aug 03, 2011 09:00 AM EDT TheWashingtonPost Make of this what you will. Late last week, a few days before the Save Our Schools March in Washington D.C., organized to protest the Obama administration’s standardized test-centric school reform policies, an invitation to several of the march leaders materialized from the White House.

Matt Damon’s clear-headed speech to teachers rally - The Answer Sheet. President Obama’s unusual education roundtable - The Answer Sheet. 'Smart Media Inspires Action' @teacherken : reflections from a tired teacher. Inexcusable Inequalities! This is NOT the post funding equity era! SOS March on Washington - Substance News. My Students Are More Than a Test Score. Two Thoughts on Education This Week: Matt Damon's Wrong Identity.

Photo courtesy of Fame Pictures. Save Our Schools March Calls For Teacher-Backed Reform. WASHINGTON -- President Barack Obama was swept into office amid calls for change in the country on issues ranging from the economy to education. Almost three years after his election, those who enthusiastically supported his candidacy are calling for him to fulfill his campaign promises and bring United States public education into the 21st century. On Saturday the Save Our Schools march took place in Washington, D.C., at the Ellipse just south of the White House. The purpose of the event was to get federal officials to listen to teachers, parents and students -- the people who are closest to the education process.

Speakers included former Assistant Secretary of Education Diane Ravitch, Academy Award-winning actor Matt Damon and Damon's mother, Nancy Carlson Paige, a former Massachusetts public school teacher. "We need to give students a sense of hope," Ravitch told The Huffington Post. Kelly Hiegl, a public school teacher from Milwaukee, came to protest the budget cuts in Wisconsin. Marie Corfield for Assembly - Home/Contribute. An Urban Teacher's Education: SOS March in DC. Brian Jones: A stand to save our schools. GEMNYC: SOS March. Catalyst Notebook: Teachers, education activists march on Washington; CPS names 'mini superindendents' Gothamschools: Matt Damon criticizes Eva Moskowitz’s charters at D.C. rally. Matt Damon on teachers, testing, charters, co-locations and Eva Moskowitz. ‪GothamSchools Interviews Matt Damon‬‏

‪The complete exchange between Matt Damon and Reason TV‬‏ Is Matt Damon Right That Teachers Make a "Shitty" Salary? Matt Damon ‘really dissatisfied’ with Obama ‘doubling down’ on Bush’s ‘bad ideas’ for education. Not a photo op, but a real protest. Historian: Matt Damon goes all Good Will Hunting on some glibertarians. Michele McNeil: Duncan Meets With Dolls Politics K-12. Leaders Craft Next Steps - Politics K-12.

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