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300 university departments occupied by students. It is estimated that circa 300 departmental student assemblies have decided to occupy their departments.

300 university departments occupied by students

The majority of the universities in Greece are occupied by students protesting against the new reform bill. The new bill aims into the commercialisation and privatisation of higher education of the country, into the withdrawal of the academic asylum, the introduction of tuition fees and university managers, amongst other. Today, is the first school day for high schools, people from the occupation of the Athens School of Economics and Business went to local secondary schools to publicise the demands of the occupation and meet with school students. “Debtocracy”, le documentaire qui secoue la Grèce. Interview avec Aris Hatzistefanou, journaliste à l'origine de Debtocracy, un documentaire-choc qui a rencontré un grand succès.

“Debtocracy”, le documentaire qui secoue la Grèce

Il demande une commission d'audit sur la dette grecque et prône une sortie de l'euro. Cette interview a été initialement publiée sur le 6 mai dernier. Suite à la publication de la version sous-titrée en français du documentaire, nous publions aujourd’hui la traduction française. Né à Athènes, Aris Hatzistefanou, 34 ans, est un journaliste à toute épreuve depuis ses plus jeunes années. List of universities in Greece. A listing of Institutions of Higher (or Tertiary) education in Greece.

List of universities in Greece

Universities and Technical Universities[edit] (Greek: Πανεπιστήμια και Πολυτεχνεία) All the Higher Tertiary state-accredited universities in Greece are public. The duration of the undergraduate degree programs for most disciplines is 4 years (full-time). Programs in engineering, dentistry, pharmacology, agronomics, forestry, along with some programs in fine arts, have a duration of 5 years (240E.C.T.S - 300E.C.T.S ISCED 5A). Technological Educational Institutes[edit] At least 87 departments under student occupation across Greece, with the number increasing by the hour. At least 87 departments across the country are now under student occupation – General Assemblies are happening all of this and next week and it is very likely that the number will increase dramatically.

At least 87 departments under student occupation across Greece, with the number increasing by the hour

There seems to be a completely unprecedented agreement between students across almost the entire political spectrum for mobilisations against the voted law: this is rapidly becoming a stand-off between the Student community and the Parliament. Here is a google map with departments under occupation – please note that it’s not quite up-to-date, as the number of departments increases rapidly, literally by the hour. Student demonstrations have been called for September 1st, in Athens and September 2nd, in Thessaloniki.

Hundreds of student occupations across Greece « Kritische Studenten Utrecht. NL (Nederland) - Press release of occupied universities in Greece. {*style:<b>Press Release Student Unions and Occupied Universities of Athens </b>*} Press Release On the day of the official academic-year opening, the student movement, the university personnel and the academic community as a whole declare proudly: this education reform will be blocked. Our decisive struggle has just started! Report from Greece – Students resist new laws & occupy « Education Activist Network. By Costas Todoulos, who has previously spoken at an EAN teach-in.

Report from Greece – Students resist new laws & occupy « Education Activist Network

After 3 hot months of general strikes and square occupations, the student movement in Greek Higher Education started early this academic year: Since August 29, Student Unions at universities organised emergency general meetings, and more than 155 are under occupation (by September 1st). The government, under the direction of IMF, ECB and EU tried to catch the movement off guard, by passing the new set of law in HE within August. These new laws will force students to buy textbooks and possibly introduce tuition fees in the future – although this is still constitutionally forbidden! The Greek government is opening up the way for private capital to fund universities, while limiting public funding and cutting both lecturers’ jobs and positions, and student facilities. Κατάληψη Φ.Σ. ΑΣΟΕΕ. Συντονιστικό Γενικών Συνελεύσεων/Καταλήψεων Αθήνας. Over 300 university and polytechnic departments now under occupation by Greek students.

Despite the fact that the Greek academic year has yet to begin, students in universities and polytehnics across the country are already gearing up to resist contoversial reform programme being introduced by minister for education, Anna Diamantopoulou.

Over 300 university and polytechnic departments now under occupation by Greek students

According to student leaders over 300 department in institutions of higher education nationwide are now being occupied by students unhappy with changes designed to overhaul Greece's ailing universities and technical schools. Flickr. Kjol2eoj Shared by DianaMadison. (pdf)Strong Performers and Successful Reformers in EducationEducation Policy advicE for GrEEcE. OECD: Onderwijshervorming redt Griekenland. 8 augustus 2011 - Hoe kan Griekenland de schuldencrisis overleven? Het moet snel en ingrijpend onderwijshervormingen doorvoeren. De OECD stelde een rapport samen met aanbevelingen en raadt de Grieken ook een Nederlands ‘best practice’ aan. Tijdens de presentatie van OECD's merkte Angel Gurría, secretaris-generaal van de OECD, op dat hoe nijpend de economische crisis ook is, de problemen in het Griekse onderwijssector niet aan de kant mogen worden geschoven.

Hij prees de ambitieuze 'agenda for change' van de Griekse minister van Onderwijs, Leven lang leren en Religie, Anna Diamantopoulou, maar wees haar ook op de nood van snellere en ingrijpendere beleidswijzigingen die het onderwijs zo hard nodig heeft. Griekse studenten protesteren tegen hervorming universiteiten - Buitenland. 31/08/11, 17u04 © afp.

Griekse studenten protesteren tegen hervorming universiteiten - Buitenland

Students escalate opposition to reforms. Greece's Education Secretary Anna Diamantopoulou has warned that students risk not being accredited with the autumn semester if they continue to be involved in escalating protests over higher education reforms, including the occupation of more than 350 faculties.

Students escalate opposition to reforms

Many Greek universities are facing severe administrative problems as a result of the three-week occupation of facilities by students. Although there have been some disagreements in their ranks, the majority of students voted to continue the occupations, reviewing the situation week by week, and to escalate their action in order to render new higher education laws inoperable. Already the time available for the autumn examination period is running out and there are problems with new registrations, arrangements for student accommodation, and the ratification of appointments of department presidents.

The number of schools under student occupation is rising daily. 3 day ultimatum in Greek HE tragedy. 12 januari 2012 - Greece desperately tries to modernize its HE sector, but faces massive opposition from university rectors.

3 day ultimatum in Greek HE tragedy

Only 2 out of 60 universities took measures to implement the recent HE reform. Now, the government set an ultimatum: if rectors do not comply within 3 days, all public funding is cut. Greek universities and researchers are facing major reforms.