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Media coverage 11dec2013 #copsoffcampus

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BBC: Students set fire to bins. 11 December 2013Last updated at 13:22 ET The university had taken an injunction out to prevent protests being held on campus A group of more than 1,000 students has marched across central London in a protest that has seen a police van attacked.

BBC: Students set fire to bins

BBC correspondent Tom Symonds said a group had got through closed gates into an area alongside the University of London Senate building in Bloomsbury. The students moved through Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly and Hyde Park Corner after blocking streets in Holborn. Metropolitan Police officers have monitored the group but not moved in. One police van was attacked with protesters hitting the vehicle's windscreen and opening its doors while officers inside tried to close them. Both Senate House and the adjacent Stewart House were briefly closed.

Chris Cobb, chief operating officer and university secretary, said: "There have been a few instances this afternoon of aggressive behaviour, which marred a largely peaceful demonstration. NovaraMedia: #cops*on*campus. Teaching Bill - #CopsOffCampus on Vimeo - You and I Film. Cops Off Campus. Students #CopsOffCampus Protest in Central London UK. #Copsoffcampus chants outside UoL. Cops off Campus - Fanny Malinen. KSM INSIDE EDGE: #copsoffcampus National Day Of Action. Cops off Campus! Students Defy Protest Injunction - 11.12.13. #CopsOffCampus Student Protest - London 11 December 2013. Leftwing Nut jobs fail at breaking into Senate House #CopsOffCampus. Guardian: 'Cops off campus' student protest in pictures – gallery. Maybe-it-worked-cops-off-campus-demo-passes-off-peacefully-9000164. There may only have been around 70 students and supporters from across the country, gathering in response to recent police presence at student demonstrations - but placards stacked against the walls bearing slogans such as "defend the right to protest" foreshadowed a much bigger turnout. 20 minutes later, anticipation was tangible as members of the expanding crowd donned balaclavas, waved flags and handed out advice cards in case of arrest.


Everybody knew why they were there, but seemed to be waiting for something. And then the mood ignited: it was the unmistakable sound of the SOAS samba band, armed with drums, whistles and bells. As they marched into view at the end of Malet Street, hundreds more supporters could be seen in tow - the promised attendees had arrived. Cheers and ululations rose to the sky, people began to dance, and chants filled the air: "one solution - revolution!

" The demonstration began and continued in a largely peaceful manner. 'Cops Off Campus!' London students rage against police viole. 5:36 cut-off as soon as .... Channel4News Were police too tough on the student protests? London's Students Reclaimed Their Campus Yesterday. Somewhere around 4,000 students protested in London yesterday against what they feel to be an overbearing police presence on their campuses.

London's Students Reclaimed Their Campus Yesterday

The police did their best to render it a non-event by staying off campus. Protesters filled the vacuum by burning bins, indulging in some graffiti and charging through gates using wheelie bins as battering rams. Tensions between students and the authorities are probably running at their highest since the mass protests of 2010. This is thanks to a number of incidents in recent months, which began in July when a woman at the ULU dared to chalk a political slogan on a wall and was promptly arrested. This particular protest was called after another against the cops last week that, ironically, resulted in 36 arrests. A noisy crowd gathered by the University of London Union (ULU) building – which, btw, might not exist in its current form for very long – chanting about how much they hate the police.

Others were less scary. It was a strange thing to watch. THE: Campaigners decry curbs on right to protest. Academics and students unite in condemnation of ‘violent’ crackdown on sit-ins and demonstrations Student leaders, academics, campaign groups and an MP have criticised what they believe is an attack on the right to protest on campus after a wave of university occupations.

THE: Campaigners decry curbs on right to protest

Sit-ins and demonstrations at nine universities last week led to numerous arrests and student suspensions, with the University of London obtaining an injunction to ban further “occupational protests” on and around its Bloomsbury campus. #copsoffcampus 11th December. #copsoffcampus at the University of London. Last Wednesday over 3000 students and university staff gathered outside the University of London Union (ULU) to protest against the previous week's heavy handed police response to the student occupation of Senate House and the well-attended #copsoffcampus demonstration that followed, which between them saw the arrest of 42 people.

#copsoffcampus at the University of London

The protesters marched past Senate House and through the cluster of University of London (UoL) campuses in Bloomsbury. A sizeable contingent later made their way to the Royal Courts of Justice, where an inquest into the alleged murder of Mark Duggan by the Metropolitan Police was underway. The original occupation of Senate House was launched off the back of the recent victory of the 3Cosas campaign for outsourced cleaners at UoL, in which concessions over holiday and sick pay conditions were won. Below is a selection of the best video reports from the demonstration: Novara Media @novaramedia You and I Films @youandifilms More like this ▾