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Coingen. Jean-François NOUBEL Centifolia 2013. Bitcoin, Alt-coins, and Free Money Theory. Gavin with some BitBills Gavin Andresen wrote this piece on his blog about alt-coins and several of the issues they create.

Bitcoin, Alt-coins, and Free Money Theory

As much as his concerns are valid, there is a different perspective where digital currencies of all kinds can compete in an open market to capture the most customers bases off of the greatest advantages they offer. Polyeconomy. Paul Kemp-Robertson: Bitcoin. Sweat. Tide. Meet the future of branded currency. Design - PaySwarm. The PaySwarm protocol is a universal payment mechanism for the Web.

Design - PaySwarm

It is designed to be incredibly secure yet easy to implement. The base protocol is built on top of OAuth 1.0a. Listing with multiple Currencies and Authorities from ☮ elf Pavlik ☮ on 2012-12-24 (public-webpayments from December 2012) The WAT System in Japan. Home » Case Studies This introduction to the WAT system is an excerpt from a longer paper by Mitra Ardron and Bernard Lietaer in which they offer ways of addressing some of the shortcomings of “peer-to-peer” currencies like the WAT.

The WAT System in Japan

The Wat system (described by Izumi, in a 2001 paper) is a peer-to-peer complementary currency system initially designed by Eiichi Moreno. Minuto - Cash. Le podcast qui décrypte les codes des systèmes monétaires. OpenP2PDesignOrg/FABMoneyDrupal. Create your money. Principles of Flow - New Currency Frontiers. Everything is flowing.

Principles of Flow - New Currency Frontiers

Really – everything. Objects, energy, electricity, magnetic forces, atoms, subatomic particles, heat, ideas, information, emotions, photons, planets, galaxies, Flow is patterned – it is not uniform. Creating Our Own Money: Examples with subtitles. NOUBEL Jean-François - CIRI IRIC - The Transitioner. HEC - Intelligence collective et monnaies alternatives - par Jean-François Noubel. PDF - HEC - Intelligence collective et monnaies alternatives - par Noubel. Monnaies alternatives : Jean François Noubel at TEDxDunkerque. Monnaies libres = free currencies? An Alternate Internet and The New Peer-to-Peer Currency. In response to the speed and efficiency with which the WikiLeaks site and its funding were taken offline, and the failure of the anonymous hacker movement to do any significant damage to Wikileaks’ corporate foes, media commentator Douglas Rushkoff notes how the situation illustrates how centrally-controlled the internet really is.

An Alternate Internet and The New Peer-to-Peer Currency

Rushkoff sees the Wikileaks debacle becoming a rallying point towards developing an new, alternate internet: The internet’s failings as a truly decentralized network, however, merely point the way toward what a decentralized network might actually look like. Instead of being administrated by central servers, it would operate through computers that pinged one another, instead of corporate-owned server farms, and deliver web pages from anywhere, even our own computers. The FCC and other governing bodies may attempt to defang the threat of the original internet by ending net neutrality. Jean-Michel Cornu : "Un particulier peut créer sa propre monnaie". More Thoughts on Social Currency, Part I. In Splitting the Social Currency Atom I explored how it was possible to make sense of the various uses of the term “social currency” by analogy to the different functions of money.

More Thoughts on Social Currency, Part I

“Social currency” means different things depending on whether we are talking about it as a “means of exchange” (jokes, information, rumours) or as “unit of account” (reputation points, badges, diplomas.) While this analogy is useful, it isn’t perfect. In a number of important ways, social currency does not function like money. In this post, I will focus in on the “means of exchange” view of social currency. Exploring how social currency behaves differently to money can help shed light on what it is, and isn’t. The MetaCurrency Project. Metacurrency Strategy & Vision by Arthur Brock on Prezi. Metacurrency_Flowspace Orientation - What is an overview of Metacurrency Flowspace concepts?