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Barbie Dress Patterns

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Make A Barbie Dress From Baby Socks. My daughter J was cleaning out Little G's clothing a few days ago and was going to throw away a box of her baby socks...I of course saw crafting potential with them and snagged the box!

Make A Barbie Dress From Baby Socks

I used 2 of Little G's baby socks to make this cute 2-piece dress set for Barbie, the aka 11 1/2" fashion doll. It only took me 1 hour to make it including the little tote bag purse. Here is what you will need: Size 2 Crochet Hook 2 Baby Socks (I used one pale purple and 1 white, knitted infant socks) Dark Purple crochet thread (bedspread weight) Scissors Sewing Thread & Needle To Make The Top: I cut the heal and toe area off of the sock.

Using a size 2 Crochet Hook, poke it through both layers of your raw edge end and attach cotton thread (bedspread weight crochet thread) with a single crochet. To Make The Skirt: The skirt is made just like the top except I used a white sock for this skirt and I also made it 1/2" longer in the length than what I did for the top. Barbie Dress Or Tunic From $1 Stretchy Gloves-Tutorial. I was really curious to see if this idea would work and think the Barbie Dress or Tunic from Stretchy Gloves turned out cute!

Barbie Dress Or Tunic From $1 Stretchy Gloves-Tutorial

And it's something fun and crafty to do when the girls have a sleep over:@) The best part, you can get two pair of gloves for $1 at Dollar Tree! When's the last time you spent 25¢ on Barbie clothes? I did use adult size gloves and it only requires one seam up each side-gotta love that! Just got back from JoAnn Fabrics, they have some really great colors! 99¢ winter white anyone? Cut the very tips (the part that looks like a seam) off of the index and ring fingers. You'll need to stretch the neck a bit to get it over the doll's head, but it will fit. Pretty Woman Movie Dress. Pretty Woman Movie Hat.

! Free Barbie Gown Patterns. Cocktail Gown. Ik heb voor deze Barbie kleding patronen restjes van mijn lingerie stoffen gebruikt, die allemaal van tricot zijn en dus zeer rekbaar.

Cocktail Gown

Ideale stof om Barbie kleding zelf te maken, het rafelt niet, het rekt mee; dus past het altijd, het zit netjes en je hoeft de stof niet af te werken met een zig zag randje. Allemaal leuke voordelen van deze rekbare stoffen. Een halve meter kant, is voldoende om een outfit te maken, daarbij kan je de rand weer gebruiken om een onderkant mooi te laten zijn, of de onderkant van een mouw. Op de markt kost zo'n metertje kant ongeveer 3 euro, en daar dan de helft van, niet duur dus. Denk goed na hoe je de patroontjes op de stof legt, zodat je bijna niets hoeft af te werken. Barbie Chemise A. The chemise is the basic undershirt that was worn under most dresses from the middle ages through the 1800s.

Barbie Chemise A

There are a number of different styles, but this is based on some of the most basic. There are only two pattern pieces, and in total you will only have four pieces cut out--a front and back and two sleeves. The patter can be used to make calf- or ankle-length (shown). Barbie Princess/Fairy Dress. Barbie Vintage Strapless Dress Pattern. Barbie Strapless Bodice update - May 2012 The older version and photos of construction are still here.

Barbie Vintage Strapless Dress Pattern

I had gradually become convinced that the strapless bodice should be better. I had all those nice letters from people telling me it worked for them. If I don't get any thank-yous for the new version I'll know leaving the old one up too was the right choice :-) I just don't think that one version should really be for ALL the different shapes. Also, I decided I didn't like the triangle cut-out thing I had for the dart. Please let me know what you think! Older Version of the Free Pattern. Free Barbie Angel Sleeve Trapeze Dress Pattern. Barbie Candy Corn Dress Tutorial: Only 5 Seams. I see Halloween ideas starting to pop up all over the net and wanted to make a simple Candy Corn inspired dress for Barbie.

Barbie Candy Corn Dress Tutorial: Only 5 Seams

My goal when I started making doll clothes was to suggest quick projects that might get the kids involved... Even though we're working with small pieces of fabric the seams are straight and there are only 5 of them, I really think a girl could help make this dress with no problem. Material: 7" x 2.5" yellow fabric 7" x 2.5" orange fabric 3.5" x 3.5" white fabric At least 8" long piece of thin (but sturdy) elastic-has to fit in 1/4 seam unless you make adjustments 12" long piece of 1/8" white ribbon -All fabric was cut with pinking shears and all hems are 1/4" and back stitched.

Directions: With right sides together, sew the yellow and orange fabric together. Fold the yellow bottom hem over a 1/4", iron. Fold the top of the orange piece over 1/4" and iron. Before sewing that seam, fold the two sides of the white top over 1/4" and iron. Vintage Barbie Let's Dance / Swingin' Easy Pattern. Barbie® Dress Tutorial. Kicking off Barbie® clothes week…can I have a drum roll please?

Barbie® Dress Tutorial

Ok, just kidding. quit banging on your desk. Yes, you! Barbie Slim Fitted Vintage Dress. Over 200 free sewing patterns – download as many as you wish!

Barbie Slim Fitted Vintage Dress.

"Doll clothes patterns to sew" When making Barbie doll clothes it is always nice to have an assortment of patterns. This set begins with a cute career girl dress. This is the first pattern in the Mix and Match wardrobe. Barbie Doll Pattern, Dress & Panties. Over 200 free sewing patterns – download as many as you wish!

Barbie Doll Pattern, Dress & Panties

Outfit #4 of our free fashion doll sewing patterns.. This dress is the only street length dress in the Glamor Girl Collection. The pattern comes complete with matching doll underwear if you want to make a different type of outfit It could be made up with any small print cotton or cotton blend fabric. The fabric you choose can determine the type of dress this will be. You can shorten the skirt and make the panties to match and you could have a cheer leader outfit or a skating costume. Think about how you may lengthen the skirt, change the sleeves or leave them off completely. Barbie® Ball Gown Tutorial. Just a re-post of my Barbie gown tutorial, originally featured on U Create!

Barbie® Ball Gown Tutorial

I love making Barbie® clothes. I also like making them easy to make. They’re tiny enough-no need to complicate things, right? Sew A Barbie Dress. As promised in my previous post, here's a step-by-step tutorial for sewing this doll dress. The dress is one I designed and sewed (many, many times) in the 1970s. I scanned my original pattern pieces, which means they aren't perfect - you'll see the pin holes and slightly crooked solid lines. But that kinda adds to the charm don't you think? The document is a PDF and you can download it here. I have it set to print on a 8-1/2" x 11" sheet of paper. The dress is view 4 shown in the upper right corner of this pattern envelope. Supplies: Sew A Vintage Barbie Doll Dress - Free PDF. At christmas time I bought Amelia a very cheap barbie doll at Coles (I have no idea what the difference is between the more expensive but it certainly does the trick). This in turn led me to delve into my own dolls clothes I had growing up so as to play dress ups with Amelia.

Due to Barbie doll clothes being ultra expenisive when I was young just about all of my dolls clothes (which to my mums surprise was quite a lot, she wonders where she found the time) were either sewn or knitted and luckily I have held onto some of these. The one I liked the most was this very cute dress but because the lace had deterioated around the arms it was no longer usable, aha I thought to myself, time for a little unpicking and remaking. Halter Dress Pattern For Modelmuse (Barbie Basics) Made a wedding dress out of it. Then applied Photoshop to remove pins and make the skirt longer.

That was a LOT faster than putting in Velcro or making a new skirt :-) Here's the printable pattern in pdf format Instructions: Fold over sides (not lower edge) of top pieces and topstitch Lay one top piece over the other to the place where the arrow points, pin them together then gather the lower edges of both Pull gathering threads until the top pieces fit between the two arrows marked on the midriff piece Stitch top pieces inside doubled layers of midriff, leaving an opening where the top pieces are, through which you're going to turn the midriff. A Dress For Barbie. Malcolm is attending a classmate's birthday party so I needed to come up with a gift.

My favourite thing to give - especially to a child - is a book. But I wanted to include a little something for play as well. I was told the birthday girl loves anything Barbie, but I figured she likely has lots of Barbies already. Every girl likes a new dress every once in a while, right? Barbie Hot Little Dress Pattern. I decided to share a sewing pattern that I saved for awhile. I got this pattern from Barbie Bazaar Magazine, which the magazine no longer exist anymore.

Barbie Bazaar Magazine have recently partnered with another magazine called HaunteDolls. Anyway happy sewing and enjoy! Click on the links to download for a bigger image. Bellybutton Barbie Dress Bodice Pattern. How to tell the difference among the Barbie bodies! Strapless Bodice for 1966, 1999 (Bellybutton), 2006 and Modelmuse (2003/2008). Mimin Dolls: Barbie Fairy Dress & Wings.

Colonial Doll Clothes Patterns. One-Shoulder Dress Pattern For Bellybutton Barbie. A lady wrote to request an off-the-shoulder pattern. Halloween Witch Dress For Barbie Dolls.