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Rue Mouffetard Lively Market Street in Paris. Marais Walking Tour. The Marais is one of Paris’ oldest and most visually stunning quarters.

Marais Walking Tour

First developed in the 12th century, the neighborhood, whose name means "swamp" in French and once was one, went from being a royal favorite under Henri IV and Louis XIII, to falling into ruin after the French Revolution of 1789. Since its revival in the 1960s, it has shone as a center of Parisian artistic and cultural life. It has also significantly gentrified, evolving from a mostly working-class and immigrant neighborhood to one of the most affluent and prestigious areas in the city. This, of course, is not to the liking of all, but whatever your stance, it's undoubtedly made it a stunning place to walk around, eat, drink, and lounge. The Marais is one of the only areas that preserves the narrow streets and architectural styles of Medieval and Renaissance-era Paris.

Tour Tips: Paris. Thinking Of Paris; Places Not to Miss. By Arnie Greenberg There are so many details that are often left out of discussions about Paris.

Thinking Of Paris; Places Not to Miss

I’d like to suggest at least a dozen "MUST SEE" places with a brief description of some. I know we all have different tastes, but looking back through the historical days that shaped Paris, I like to pase and remember. Paris, in the early days was really a tiny collection of buildings on what we now call Ille de La Cité.

It was an ideal location since there was water all around. The Arenes de Luteces sur la. The Ultimate Guide To Exploring Paris In Style. Paris. Paris city guide. Musée Paris. Voir la Chine à Paris. Musée Guimet. Musée Cernuschi - Musée des Arts de l'Asie de la Ville de Paris. Maison de la culture du Japon à Paris. Le Top 10 des sites culturels parisiens les plus fréquentés. Sept242012 Email D’après un sondage réalisé par MKG Qualiting1 pour l’OTCP, l’offre culturelle de la capitale est la première motivation des visiteurs de loisirs qui ont choisi Paris pour destination.

Le Top 10 des sites culturels parisiens les plus fréquentés

Mais où sont-ils allés ? Découvrez notre Top 10 des sites culturels parisiens les plus fréquentés en 2011. Découvrez les sites culturels parisiens les plus fréquentés en images avec notre tableau Pinterest ! Musées parisiens. Top 20 free attractions in Paris - travel tips and articles. StreetFood  MTL - Bouffe de rue à Paris. Good Coffee in Paris. Despite the size, the café sees no lack of business.

Good Coffee in Paris

It handles customers comfortably, as the clientele arrives in small but regular numbers throughout the day. Lloyd, a former Lockwoodian, describes the harmonious cycle of service that exists between Boot Café and the surrounding bars: “The barmen wake up late in the afternoon, and come in for a coffee before they start work. Then when we finish at the café, the baristas go to the bars and are served by those same barmen”. I like that. Throughout the conversation, I sip slowly on my café crème, crafted on the Marzocco from a Peru-Burundi blend provided by Belleville Brûlerie. The highlight of my visit comes when Lloyd offers me a coconut after I finish my coffee. If there's any doubt left in your mind about the coolness of Boot Café, let it be known that they recently offered a week's worth of free coffee to anyone who could come in and rap an entire Biggie Smalls verse, on the occasion of the BK rapper's birthday. Paris FOOD, Restos. 10 Insanely Delicious Things You Shouldn’t Miss in Paris.

How about a pain aux cereales?

10 Insanely Delicious Things You Shouldn’t Miss in Paris

Here’s my list of Ten Great Things To Eat in Paris, things I think you shouldn’t miss! 1. Dinner at Les Papilles This is one of my favorite restaurants, serving delicious well-presented food, at very reasonable prices. Doubling as a wine bar, you pick a wine from the rack on the wall (ask for help, the staff will guide you if necessary) then enjoy your dinner. 2. If you want to see Parisians eating something messy on the street, with far more flair that I can muster, head over to the rue de Rosiers in the Marais.

Lately I’ve been more inclined to head over to Maoz on the Left Bank, which lacks the name recognition, but the falafel is really great and the help-yourself condiment bar means you can pile on the pickled vegetables and hot sauce as much as you’d like. Restaurants à 2e arrondissement, Paris. Adeptes de l’orthorexie, du gluten-free ou simple nutritionniste averti, passez votre chemin.

Restaurants à 2e arrondissement, Paris

Car le dernier-né de la rue Mandar (qui compte aussi Filakia et La Marée Jeanne) pourrait bien vous donner des sueurs froides. Top 10 breakfast spots in Paris. Frenchie to Go Young chef Gregory Marchand cooked in London with Jamie Oliver and then in New York with Danny Meyer before opening his hit bistro, Frenchie, after returning to Paris several years ago.

Top 10 breakfast spots in Paris

He has been putting his Anglo-American experience on display with this excellent new cafe and takeaway. Made with smoked bacon produced from the Tamworth pork raised by cult meat-master Tim Wilson in North Yorkshire, the bacon sandwich here has become a cult classic. It’s served on an English muffin, and you can add an egg or cheddar cheese. He also does seriously good sticky buns and maple-syrup-and-bacon scones, plus excellent coffee. • Breakfast about €15. 9 rue du Nil, 2nd, 20 restaurants parisiens à moins de 20 euros. La crise économique n’a pas ralenti la floraison des enseignes de restauration.

20 restaurants parisiens à moins de 20 euros

Le Guide Lebey 2013 a testé 440 bistrots et tables parisiennes tout au long de l’année passée. De l’abondance pour les gourmets. Voici une sélection de restaurants français et étrangers dont les premiers menus, au déjeuner, ne dépassent pas 20 euros, quelquefois moins. La récession favorise aussi les additions plus légères. Miam ! (à Paris) Les meilleurs restaurants de Paris - Cityvox. Le DodinRestaurant français | 75017Refuge dans le quartier.

Les meilleurs restaurants de Paris - Cityvox

Hidden flavours of Paris. Want to savour the French capital's best steaks, freshest baguettes, most welcoming bars and secret street markets?

Hidden flavours of Paris

Discover the hidden gems of Paris' food scene with the help of the experts. The article, taken from an edition of Lonely Planet Traveller magazine, shows you how. My Paris. Not For Tourists Paris. Lieux parisiens. Restos-Bars : Connaître sa Rive Gauche de sa Rive Droite. Restaurant insolite à Paris : nos meilleures adresses. Recevez l'idée mode, food ou design du jour. PARIS! Sorties à Paris. LES MEILLEURS BARS À VIN DE PARIS. Nous avons retenu dans cette sélection consacrée aux meilleurs bars à vin à Paris des établissements assez différents les uns des autres. Que le vin soit au centre du concept du lieu, ou tout simplement un prétexte pour passer un bon moment entre amis, ces bars à vin de Paris nous ont agréablement surpris. Cette sélection est évidemment très subjective, alors partagez vos bonnes adresses en commentaires ! Les Caves Populaires Voilà un bar à vin comme on l’aime: tout le monde parle à tout le monde, novices et habitués s’y mêlent dans une joyeuse et bruyante ambiance.

Un grand classique des Batignolles, qui a su garder son charme d’origine. Une adresse conviviale et pas chère où on se retrouve pour refaire le monde sans chichi. Restaurant A Paris - Le guide des bons restaurants parisiens. A Walk along the Paris inner city Railway, abandoned since 1934. I spent my Saturday afternoon, avoiding the Parisian summer crowds and tiptoeing along the train tracks of the “Little Belt” railroad (La Petite Ceinture), a surviving relic of a bygone era, closed since 1934; open for pleasant summer strolls if you look hard enough for a way in … Built in 1862, the Petite Ceinture is a great way to see Paris from a different perspective as the railroad’s bridges peep over the boulevards every few hundred yards.

The tracks run along the backs of artist ateliers which you can’t see from the street. The railroad was a circular route (hence “the little belt”), connecting the main train stations of Paris within the old fortified city walls. This is one of the old stations, Gare de Charonne, which has since been converted into a café and rock’n’roll music venue, La Flèche d’Or. Of course when the métro was built, it was to be the end of the Petite Ceinture. Can this really be right in the middle of Paris?! From the Vault. Clic-Clac PARIS * Le 20ème * - Père Lachaise. Ma playlist sors tes collants en laine.