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Why WikiLeaks Is Good for America. A truly free press — one unfettered by concerns of nationalism — is apparently a terrifying problem for elected governments and tyrannies alike.

Why WikiLeaks Is Good for America

It shouldn’t be. In the past week, after publishing secret U.S. diplomatic cables, secret-spilling site WikiLeaks has been hit with denial-of-service attacks on its servers by unknown parties; its backup hosting provider, Amazon, booted WikiLeaks off its hosting service; and PayPal has suspended its donation-collecting account, damaging WikiLeaks’ ability to raise funds. MasterCard announced Monday it was blocking credit card payments to WikiLeaks, saying the site was engaged in illegal activities, despite the fact it has never been charged with a crime. Meanwhile, U.S. politicians have ramped up the rhetoric against the nonprofit, calling for the arrest and prosecution and even assassination of its most visible spokesman, Julian Assange.

WikiLeaks is not perfect, and we have highlighted many of its shortcomings on this website. WikiLeaks v the imperial presidency's poodle. Harold Koh, in 2000.

WikiLeaks v the imperial presidency's poodle

As chief legal counsel to secretary of state Hillary Clinton, Koh has led the administration counterattack with his condemnation of WikiLeaks' release of the US embassy cables. Photograph: AP/Donald Stampfli. Carter: Clinton wrong on WikiLeaks. The Shameful Attacks on Julian Assange - David Samuels - International.

Getty Images Julian Assange and Pfc Bradley Manning have done a huge public service by making hundreds of thousands of classified U.S. government documents available on Wikileaks -- and, predictably, no one is grateful.

The Shameful Attacks on Julian Assange - David Samuels - International

Manning, a former army intelligence analyst in Iraq, faces up to 52 years in prison. He is currently being held in solitary confinement at a military base in Quantico, Virginia, where he is not allowed to see his parents or other outside visitors.