Liquid simulations

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Physics-Inspired Topology Changes for Thin Fluid Features
SIGGRAPH 2010: A Practical Simulation of Dispersed Bubble Flow
KQED Spark - Ned Kahn

Fluid Motion Simulations and Artwork

Fluid Motion Simulations and Artwork When a droplet falls into shallow water, it creates a crown or "coronet". This droplet simulation was calculated using Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH). SPH is one of the most impressive-looking fluid simulation techniques. Droplet Links Liquid Sculpture - beautiful high speed photographs, by Martin Waugh, see also this video Water Figures - beautiful high-speed camera splashes by Fotoopa Other Links Fluids v.1 - fast SPH C++ program by Rama Hoetzlein Physics Demos - fluid Java applets by Grant Kot Fluid Animations - amazing animations by Ron Fedkiw, with Eran Guendelman, Andrew Selle, Frank Losasso, et al.
INTERACTIVE fluid form
Realflow SlowMotion Test