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Lavendelguide: Så lyckas du med lavendel | Lavendel är en klassisk växt i örtagården. Den har också blivit populär som vanlig trädgårdsväxt. En soläskande favorit som ger färg, form och väldoft till trädgårdar och uteplatser. Finns runt 30 arter lavendel Det finns cirka 30 arter av denna städsegröna och busklika perenn. Lavendel gör sig särskilt bra till låga häckar längs kanterna på en trädgårdsgång eller för att rama in perennrabatter, men är också tacksam att odla i utomhuskrukor och kärl av alla slag. Alla arter kräver sol, värme och en väldränerad jord. Efterhand kan lavendelplantorna bli kraftigt vedartade med långa grenar.

Fjärilslavendel och skärmlavendel Härdigheten skiljer sig mellan arterna. Bor du i högre zon än 3 kan det vara klokt att odla lavendel i kruka istället för i rabatt. Odla gärna mycket lavendel och olika sorter om du har möjlighet. Av Karin Elise och Lars Lindberg Foto: Karin Elise och Lars Lindberg, Anni Jähde, Shutterstock/TT Så lyckas du med lavendel Här är allmänna odlingsråd för lavendel.

Läge Jord Vattning. How To Propagate Lavender Plants From Cuttings - Get Busy Gardening. Who doesn’t love lavender? Not only does it add a gorgeous contrast of bright purple flowers against their silver/gray foliage to the garden, but the bees love it too… PLUS it smells amazing! Growing lavender is great for so many reasons! Once you learn how to propagate lavender plants from your garden, you’ll be able to grow as much lavender as you want – and you can share it with all your friends too!

There are a few different ways you can propagate lavender plants: by rooting the stems in soil, by rooting the cuttings in water, or by collecting lavender seeds from your garden. In this post, I’m only going to talk about how to propagate lavender from cuttings taken from mature plants, and then propagating them either in water or soil. How To Propagate Lavender Plants Before you can propagate lavender, you’ll need to collect a few supplies.

Supplies Needed: Supplies needed for lavender plant propagation Have soil ready before taking lavender cuttings Taking Lavender Cuttings For Propagation. How to Harvest Lavender the Easy Way! - Pet Scribbles. How to prune lavender | Garden Gate Magazine. By: Garden Gate staff Lavender (Lavandula spp.and hybrids) looking rough? Here's how to keep your plant beautiful year after year. How to prune new lavender plants Start pruning lavender when it’s small to encourage your new plant to focus on making more roots and branching foliage, which results in a nice mounded habit. Check out the illustration above to see what to do. Prune established lavender Lavender grows quickly, so by the second year, the plant should be about twice as big and ready for pruning once the blooms are spent (or cut blooms while they're still fresh and make a luxurious lavender sugar scrub!).

Some varieties will rebloom. 10 Reasons to Grow Lavender. Lavender is one of the more common garden and backyard flowers, and for good reason. It has so many uses and benefits! I have to admit that lavender is one of my very favorite flowers. It doesn’t take a whole lot of care, looks gorgeous, and is something that I use quite frequently for numerous applications. I have a few lavender plants started in our new yard, with plans of getting many more! As I already mentioned, lavender is super easy to grow in most climates. Here are some great posts on growing lavender: Besides being easy to grow, lavender is also beautiful! If you’ve ever been around when lavender is blooming, you know how well it attracts bees! Just like mint, lavender also repels the bugs that you don’t want around.

This is one of my favorite reasons for growing lavender… It makes super tasty treats! Here are some other lavender treats for inspiration: Lavender is also well known for making amazing drinks, boozy or not. Here are some more great lavender drink recipes: Save. Planting a Lavender Hedge | PreparednessMama. Dags att ta sticklingar av lavendel- Sara Bäckmo. How To Grow Your Own Lavender. Please Share This Page: Google + stumbleupon tumblr reddit 631 How To Grow Your Own Lavender – Image To Repin / SharePhotos – © visuall2, Anna-Mari West, Carly Hennigan – Lavender is a very popular evergreen herb that is native to the Mediterranean, South-western Europe and neighbouring parts of Africa and Asia. The scent of lavender is well-known to have a calming effect. Growing Lavender: In western climates it is considered a hardy perennial that lives for around 10 years and grows into a small shrub, although it is grown as an annual in hot, dry climates.

First of all it’s important to find the right location and soil type to grow your plants – lavender prefers well-drained, poor or moderately fertile soil, preferably chalky and with a pH of 6.5 to 7.5, so add some gravel and organic matter if your soil is heavy and lime if it is acidic. Growing from seed is more difficult as the seeds take several weeks to germinate and can be affected by damping off. How to Grow Lavender Plants. The robust smell and diverse shades of purple, blue, soft pink and white flowers, learn how to grow lavender in this article. Lavender is a must grow old world plant. Every garden should have at least a few bushes of this beautiful, fragrant herb (if possible).

Also, growing lavender is easy, however, there are some basic requirements and tips that must be fulfilled. Usually, lavender blooms from June to September. Growing on long, thin stalks its flowers sway gently in the wind, spreading intoxicating aroma. An additional advantage is its slightly mossy and serrated silvery foliage that looks marvelous in landscaping. Also Read: Landscaping With Lavender USDA Zones – 5-9 Difficulty – Easy pH level – 6.5-7.5 Requirements For Growing Lavender All lavender varieties like full sun and, light well-drained slightly alkaline soil. 3 Most Popular Varieties of Lavender Lavandula stoechas (Spanish lavender) – Comes from the Mediterranean countries, it is also called as topped lavender.

Planting Lavender. Planting a Lavender Hedge. Make a beautiful windbreak for your garden There are few herbs that bring as much delight as lavender. Its sweet smell and beautiful color brighten any home garden. Scent and color aside, lavender is a hard worker too, providing flowers for cooking, crafting, and herbal preparations. Lavender also mounds nicely into hedges to enhance your garden. Problem: The Southern Wind In my Texas yard, I have a new garden tilled and ready for planting. Enter the lavender hedge as a wind break. Lavender hedges make fantastic windbreaks. Benefits of lavender as a hedge Attracts bees to your gardenLovely smellActs as a wind breakLavender is an easy care plant, only requiring a shearing (back to 6-8 inches) in the spring.Drought tolerantDeer won’t bother itGood for crafts or herbal preparationsSome types of lavender are edible Lavender Cultivars for your Lavender Hedge To grow lavender successfully in your climate, choose one that is perfectly suited to your area.

Planting requirements. Growing Lavender | Pelindaba Lavender | Lavender Products & Organic Lavender Farm on San Juan Island – Washington. Growing Lavender - Bonnie Plants. This field of lavender grows by Senanque Abbey in Provence, France, for which Provence lavender is named. At home, just a few plants are all you need for color and perfume. In the Garden The countryside of southern France is legendary for its fields of lavender (Lavandula x intermedia Provence) grown for the perfume industry. In North America, lavender is a shrubby perennial grown for its flowers and fragrance, but it also serves as a landscape item for its beauty and ability to stand heat and drought. In parts of California, is it used in islands of commercial parking lots, which attests to its toughness. In a formal garden, lavender may be clipped to form a low hedge or an aromatic border along a path. In a rock garden, a single plant or just a few plants may be used to great effect as an accent.

Lavender also grows quite well in containers. Soil, Planting, and Care Lavender plants have a neat, shrub-like form. Troubleshooting Harvest and Storage Uses FAQs Can I grow lavender in a container? Lavender. Lavender. Lavender is the quintessential English or cottage garden plant, and is a must for the perennial or herb garden. It has grayish looking lance-shaped leaves that make a good backdrop for other plants and flowers, and the wonderful fragrant purple, pink, or white flowers make it an excellent choice for walkways or in containers near doorways or on porches or decks. Lavender is a perennial member of the large mint family and does well in situations with full sun and dry, well-drained, average soil. Though there are around 30 varieties, the most popular for the home garden are the hardy English and more tender French and Spanish types. English lavender is considered the top choice for fragrance purposes, but all the lavenders make lovely, fragrant additions to almost any type of home situation, as long as they are given very well-drained soil and lots of sunlight.

More information on Lavender is available in the Gardening QA Section. Click here to see what other gardeners are asking. Healthy News and Information. By ARIANA MARISOL Lavender is a wonderful, fragrant flower with many uses. Grow lavender in your garden and attract pollinators. You can use lavender to make oils, to flavor dishes and drinks, to make tea, for health purposes, to make potpourri, and much more. Lavender also attracts pollinators and other insects that are beneficial for you garden. There are many varieties of lavender: English lavender grows in sunset climate zones 2-24. Lavandin grows in zones 4-24 and has branching stems with flowers that appear at intervals near the top. Grosso is a widely planted commercial variety in Italy and France. Spanish lavender grows in zones 4-24. Soil Soil should be sandy, loamy, or gravelly. It is important to use well-drained soils or raised beds and containers if you are planning to grow your lavender outdoors.

Soil should have low fertility. Lavender prefers alkaline soil with a pH of 6.5 or higher. Soil Prep Using a trowel, dig a hole that is deep enough for the plant. Lavender in Pots Jen/flickr. Dags att ta sticklingar av lavendel | Skillnadens Trädgård | Sara Bäckmo. Det är mycket enkelt att föröka lavendel genom sticklingar. Utan någon större omvårdnad alls förvandlas sticklingarna till fina små plantor under sommaren – alldeles gratis. På vårkanten, när solen börjat värma något men det fortfarande inte är alltför behagligt ute, skär jag ner mina lavendelbuskar. Det finns flera bud kring vad som ger snyggast buske; att klippa mycket eller att klippa lite. Jag klipper mycket. Hela busken kapas till cirka 10 centimeter över marken och formas till en liten fin kudde. Självklart använder jag materialet som skurits bort till sticklingar.

Jag är lat och ägnar inte särskilt mycket tid åt att fjäska med de små stickorna. Det brukar vara utmärkt att förvara sticklingar av lavendel under bärbuskarna i köksträdgården. I augusti-september har flertalet av sticklingarna fått ordentliga rötter och blivit egna små plantor. Här kan du se resultatet av ett års sticklingar som på enklast möjliga sätt fick bo i en pallkrage med majs sommartid: Lavender Plant - Uses for Lavender. Dags att ta sticklingar av lavendel | Skillnadens Trädgård | Sara Bäckmo.

Lavender Hidcote - This easy-to-grow sun perennial thrives in full sun normal garden soil. Plants vigorously grow to form mounds of fragrant, silv… | Pinteres… Grow Lavender Like the French: 7 Easy Tips for Anyone! Lavender blooms in many parts of the world , and there are few flowers that are more cherished for romance, scent and form. What most gardeners don’t realize is that lavender is easy to grow and maintain, and can make a splash in your flower beds, add an old world touch to your flower gardens, or can have an entire garden design based around it, whether your style is modern, or old world. You can use the flowers for craft projects, aromatherapy, or even a relaxing tea!

You don’t have to have a generous field of lavender in Provence to enjoy and appreciate all it can do for your garden. The featured photo above is from a recent trip to Vashon Island, WA. Simply gorgeous! Here are seven easy tips for growing lavender in any garden space! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Note: Lavender is thought to help induce sleep and relaxation, either made into a tea, or tucked into pillow cases. How to Make Lavender Dryer Sachets Spanish Lavender Grow lavender. You might also like: