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Float Tanks

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Oasis. The Oasis Relaxation System is a self-contained system that includes pump, filter, ultraviolet purification unit, and heater.


The enclosed fiberglass tub measures 99" long, 56" wide and 45" high on the outside. The inside dimensions are 90" by 48" by 41". The enclosed tub was designed for easy assembly and disassembly in case of relocation. You can even fill the tub with a regular garden hose, attached to a showerhead or sink faucet. There is no additional electrical wiring or plumbing to perform. Pump specs: centrifugal pump, 3/4 HP, 110 volts AC Filter: 75 CFT capacity Heater: solid state accurate to 0.10*F Special Design Features Easy entering and exiting of tub. The door is set 22" from the ground at an angle, making it easier to step in and out. Condensation control. Unlike most tubs on the market, the Oasis System has a large sloped roof that reduces water dripping resulting from condensation, by allowing the water to quietly roll down the roof and sides to water level. Warranty. Aquason. Aquason Enquire Now Cart - 0 items.


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Float Company

Float-ES. The San Juan Float-ES is the easiest float chamber to set up and the most efficient to operate.


With a 9 gal/min salt water pump, a 25 sq ft filter, a high output Delta UV sterilizer and a 13 amp electric titanium heater, the entire system plugs into a standard household circuit. It has the ability to be carried into an existing building set up without removing doors and windows. When assembled it has the volume of a large pup tent. At 45" wide and 84" long and 12" deep, the Float-ES has the largest surface area on the market.

The float-es has a large 30"x30" doorway set at a 45 degree angle to allow easy entree and exit. San Juan was approached by a company seeking to buy tanks for its “float center” — a business in which clients purchase time in the tanks. “They called and asked if we made them,” said Kirk Sullivan, president of the Lakeland, Florida-based manufacturer. Aqua Anima. The tank is 2.76 m long, 1.5 m wide and 1.3 m high in other words as big as a car.

Aqua Anima

The float tank is a sandwich construction consisting of four parts, top, bottom and two covers. Inside each part is insulating material which effectively prevents heat leaving the float tank which in turn decreases the use of energy. The insulation also prevents external noise from penetrating which could be disturbing for the floater. Inside the float tank is painted a beautiful blue but for the outside you can choose your own colour. The tank contains 700 litres of luke warm water containing 30 % Epsom salts (magnesium sulphate). An alarm button to the reception Two buttons for underwater lighting and the fan Mouthpiece for clean water from the filter to the tank Heating element which keeps the temperature constant (+- 0.1 ° C) Two loudspeakers for the buyer´s external hifi equipment Extra equipment Video screen for mental training and learning.

Genesis. I-sopod. Each tank is hand finished to customers’ specifications, colour-coded to blend in with existing livery if desired, and can even incorporate a company logo. Integrated audio Stereo sound is supplied via a built-in MP3 player using the latest transducer technology which excite the skin of the tank to ensure optimum fidelity.

Additional music can be supplied via the SD card reader giving the option for timed music playback. Comfort The internal floatation area of the i-sopod is 50% larger than most tanks on the market making the in-tank experience much more comfortable. Innovative filtration A powerful pump and the very latest in filtration technology are incorporated in the design. Fully programmable The i-sopod features a digital control unit enabling various automatic processes to be adjusted to suit individual requirements. Full operation of the tank can be monitored and controlled by the sophisticated remote control system which, ideally, should be located in the reception area. Tank Size: