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Enjoy 10% more this season... Hi there! It’s the season of giving and we would like to celebrate it by giving you more reasons to smile and play this holiday!

Play Free Online Game | Free Online Games at Friendster

Play Free Online Game | Free Online Games at Friendster
One of your mules has taken a sick day, but instead of staying home and recovering from whatever vague illness he claims to have, he simply wanders around town, getting into lots of adventures while leaving you in the lurch. If this sounds suspiciously like the plot of a rather well-known 80s movie it is, but it is also the basis of Glitch Games' marvelous new comedic mobile adventure, Ferris Mueller's Day Off! Instead of resembling Matthew Broderick, Ferris is... well, he's a mule. A green mule. And he's missing. JayIsGames



BubbleBox.com Bad Eggs Online 2 Battle online with your friends in explosive last man standing matches! Civilizations Wars 2: ... A very long awaited sequel to the hit fast thinking rts/rpg game!

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XGen Studios | Online Flash Games Skye April 10, 2014 Today's update addresses an issue with non-ASCII Windows account names. If you were one of the players getting an error stating "An unknown I/O error has occurred" when running Super Motherload, that issue should now be resolved for you. If you were encountering this issue, please give the game a try now and let us know if this has resolved it for you. Thank-you for your patience.
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