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(C2FO) Collaborative Cash Flow Optimization. Bank on Dave: one man's crusade to help small businesses raise finance. The banks are "shit".

Bank on Dave: one man's crusade to help small businesses raise finance

According to Dave Fishwick, a Burnley businessman who has made millions as the biggest minibus supplier in Britain, "all they have done is shit on people". It's a crude assessment, but it's one probably now shared by millions as the Barclays scandal unfolds and NatWest picks up the pieces from its service meltdown. As he drives round his home town, all Fishwick sees are the relics of an industrial past, boarded-up shops and one To Let sign after another. But unlike almost everyone else, he has done something about it. In a unique model, that links savers in his home town earning paltry interest on their deposits with local businesses starved of cash, Fishwick has opened "Bank of Dave". Pensioners earn 5% on their money – better than any best-buy deal on offer from the high street banks – while small business borrowers pay 8.9% to 14.9% a year interest, or less than the rates often charged by conventional banks.

Equity Based Crowdfunding Platform. Kiva’s Secret Project To Let You Give Peer-To-Peer Loans. Microlending website Kiva’s original proposition was simple: Make an interest-free loan to someone who no bank will touch.

Kiva’s Secret Project To Let You Give Peer-To-Peer Loans

The site, which launched in 2005, became wildly popular, as people gleefully gave a few dollars to struggling businesspeople in the developing world, and then saw that business grow and had their money repaid. But many lenders assumed--not surprisingly, given Kiva’s marketing and web design--that the smiling face on the other end of the PayPal transaction got the exact cash they lent out.

A minor kerfuffle ensued in 2009 when a blogger broadcast the fine print of Kiva’s website, revealing the nuance that a donation actually goes to take on the risk of a loan already made to that person by a microfinance institution. In other words, the person you chose to fund already had his loan. You just make it possible, retroactively.

Civilisedmoney - people-to-people power! As Banks Start Nosing Around Facebook and Twitter, the Wrong Friends Might Just Sink Your Credit. Pay up, or we'll spam your newsfeed!

As Banks Start Nosing Around Facebook and Twitter, the Wrong Friends Might Just Sink Your Credit

The P2P Lending Landscape - GLG News. RateSetter sécurise les prêts en P2P. P2P Lending. Players. Is P2P Lending the next frontier for covesting platforms? An interesting tweet from @giyom is at the origin of this post: If we look at what is happening in the investment management sector, perhaps we can extrapolate a possible evolution in P2P Lending.

Is P2P Lending the next frontier for covesting platforms?

The development of electronic trading and discount electronic brokers such as E*Trade, have granted a better access to the stock markets. People are now able to trade most products and markets, without having to use a broker, financial advisor, or other intermediary. But trading successfully requires good financial knowledge and time, which most people may not have. Companies such as Kaching or Covestor, allow investors to follow the investment of “managers” (other investors for Covestor or qualified investment managers for Kaching).

This reintermediation strategy could be applied to P2P lending. Addendum: as mentioned by Tuomas Talola in the Comments: the basis of such a website exists at where you can review the performance and portfolio of each Prosper Lender. Year-End Review of Peer to Peer Lending in 2009 « Paolo blog: Ramblings on Web2.0, Trust, Reputation, Recommender. Today I presented to the other SoNetters a wonderful paper titled “Feedback Effects between Similarity and Social Influence in Online Communities” by David Crandall, Dan Cosley, Daniel Huttenlocher, Jon Kleinberg, Siddharth Suri of Cornell University, presented at the 2008 KDD conference on Knowledge discovery and data mining.

Paolo blog: Ramblings on Web2.0, Trust, Reputation, Recommender

My review just under the slides I used for the presentation. Besides the points already presented in the slides, here I add few points relevant for our research on Wikipedia. Social influence: People become similar to those they interact with Interaction ? Similarity Selection: People seek out similar people to interact with Similarity ? Interaction They considered registered users to the English Wikipedia who have a user discussion page (~510,000 users as of April 2, 2007). Contexte rglementaire du Prt entre Particulie. Quand on évoque le Prêt entre Particulier en France, une question émerge rapidement "Est-ce légal ?

Contexte rglementaire du Prt entre Particulie

". Un avocat répondrait par la négative à cette question mais, en fait, la réponse est beaucoup plus complexe. Contexte reglementaire du Pret entre Particul. Ce billet fait suite au précédent sur les différents modèles du Prêt entre Particuliers.

Contexte reglementaire du Pret entre Particul

Celui-ci détaille les différents éléments du contexte réglementaire en France à prendre en compte pour les opérations d’un service de prêt entre particuliers ouvert sur internet. Ce n’est cependant pas le seul modèle possible de prêt entre particuliers (voir le billet précèdent pour la description des autres modèles) mais c’est le plus représenté (avec des acteurs comme Zopa, Prosper, Lending Club, Smava,…).

Si vous interrogez un avocat sur la légalité du prêt entre particuliers, il évoquera en règle générale le monopole bancaire du crédit comme obstacle légal à la mise en place d'un service de ce type. C'est une réponse mais, on l’oublie souvent, le prêt entre particuliers ne s'arrête pas à une opération de crédit mais est constitué aussi des opérations : Quelles sont donc les obligations à satisfaire pour pouvoir réaliser ces opérations ?

Le prêt entre particuliers est une activité à deux faces. How it works? - Prosper case study. Outsourcing Loan Origination to P2P Lending Retailers. Kristin R.

Outsourcing Loan Origination to P2P Lending Retailers

Moyer Research Vice President 14 years at Gartner more than 20 years IT industry Kristin Moyer is a Research Vice President in Industry Advisory Services/Banking and Investment Services. She has more than 20 years of experience across the global high-technology industry in a variety of roles. Ms. Moyer's research coverage includes… Read Full Bio. Here Comes the P2P Economy - The Conversation - Harvard Business. Peer-to-peer, or P2P, networks have thrown the media industry into turmoil, changing the flow of information from a one-to-many model (with newspaper publishers, Hollywood studios, and big music companies as the sources) to a many-to-many model (with blogs, YouTube, and file-sharing forums as the venues).

Here Comes the P2P Economy - The Conversation - Harvard Business

The ability of individuals to both consume and create content–news, movies, and music–greatly threatens traditional players. Prosper raising $13.3 – $15.8M round for peer-to-peer lending ma. Peer-to-peer lending marketProsper is in the midst of raising a $13.3 – $15.8 million fourth round of funding, the company announced today. The company’s lending market currently has nearly a million members, and so far, those members have funded 32,000 loans totaling more than $193 million. The company said it has signed a letter of intent with new and existing investors to raise the round, which is expected to close by April 15. - Interview with Jean-Christop. I invite you to watch the video I shot last week in Paris with Jean-Christophe Capelli. - Interview with Jean-Christop

I met JC for the first time in NYC, the day before the very first Finovate event back in 2007. Time flies... I am glad we finally managed to shoot an interview about the innovative, the first P2P Lending marketplace in France.We covered a lot during this session. I asked JC to introduce FriendsClear, talk about the challenges he had to overcome to launch in France, the partnership he managed to put in place with Credit Agricole PG to make the service available to the French SMEs, the successful contest they launched to increase the visibility of the service (with 120 applications from startups and SMEs).Even though Jean-Christophe couldn't share much stats except they are closing on to 500,000 euros of loans, he shared some exclusive info on their international growth strategy... As Banks Start Nosing Around Facebook and Twitter, the Wrong Friends Might Just Sink Your Credit.

Micro-crédit entre particuliers : emprunter de l’argent sur un s. The Bank of Mom and Dad - Personal Finance - Debt - SmartMoney.c.