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Entering a growth stage with new partners - Dwolla. We’ve always shared the story before, and we have no plans to start hiding it now.

Entering a growth stage with new partners - Dwolla

Why? Whether you’ve been with us for a few weeks or the last few years, you’ve taken the time to get to know us, place trust in us, and advocate for us. You’ve made the conscious decision to accept us into a very sensitive and important aspect of your life, so it’s only fair that we do the same. Dwolla raises $5m Series B round led by Union Square Ventures (Video) Dwolla, now at around 20 employees, expects to double in size following its latest raise of funds.

Dwolla raises $5m Series B round led by Union Square Ventures (Video)

Above, the Dwolla team at its meetup in December. Dwolla, an online and mobile payments network based in Des Moines, announced today it raised $5 million in a series B round led by Union Square Ventures of New York, with participation from Village Ventures and Thrive Capital, also of New York, Artists & Instigators of West Conshohocken, Penn. (Marc Eckō's venture innovation company) and angel investor Paige Craig of Los Angeles-based Betterworks. "The first round, the million-dollar round (in Dec. 2010), was really all about how do we get the product into the marketplace with the right partners? " PayPal taps POS maker Ingenico to expand in-store payment system. Apple and Mobile Payments – Predicting the Future. Why is Visa interested in mobile payment company Square? Connect with leaders from the companies in this story, in real life: Come to the fourth annual VentureBeat Mobile Summit April 14-15 in Sausalito, Calif.

Why is Visa interested in mobile payment company Square?

Request an invitation. Mega credit card company Visa appears to be incredibly impressed with mobile electronic payment startup Square, according to a company blog post. The post titled “Emerging Payment Types = New Opportunities” starts by spotlighting a recent interview by All Things Digital with Square founder Jack Dorsey and continues by graciously praising the company’s vision as a “big deal.” Square, founded in 2009, has created a small device which attaches to a mobile device to allow the user to accept credit card payments. Currently, the device can be plugged into a smartphone that uses Apple iOS and Google Android, including the iPad. Mobile Payments Videos We Like — Payments Essentials. Digital Money Forum: Camp community. [Dave Birch] There was another thought-provoking BarCampBank in London last month.

Digital Money Forum: Camp community

Many thanks indeed to Frederic and the gang for pulling it together and a special mention for Sun's super hospitality. As well as catching up with friends and meeting new people, I got to sit in on a series of fascinating discussions. Some of the ideas being kicked around were fairly mainstream, but some were really out of the box (I particularly liked the lunar phase model for hedge fund investment). All I ask from such an event is to go away with more ideas than I came in with, and once again the format and the audience delivered.

But what I've been reflecting on since the event is one specific thread: community. In Canada, there's a branch of CIBC that already sells "Toronto Dollars". Some of the new forms of alternative currency that are emerging are really quite different from the LETS and Time Banks that are so often seen as being "the" alternative currencies. Aneace's Blog: A counter-intuitive way to make mobile payments i. Put loyalty and prepaid cards on mobile phones first, which will create the desire to have credit and debit cards as well, integrated into a single transaction.

Aneace's Blog: A counter-intuitive way to make mobile payments i

Going the other way, credit cards first, will be extremely challenging. The difference is the value proposition to customers and retailers. The main promise of putting credit and debit cards onto an NFC mobile phone seems to be, "you can leave home without your wallet". That promise is impossible to deliver until the vast majority of retailers accept NFC payments. Customers still have to carry around their wallet, and, from the merchant’s angle, if customers have other payment methods on them anyway, the value of accepting NFC payments is limited. Le paiement mobile.

Post intéressant repris du Journal de la Silicon Valley par Phil Jeudy Quel est le pourcentage de transactions par carte de crédit et de débit sont payées avec un téléphone mobile ?

le paiement mobile

Environ 2% des volume des cartes de débit et de crédit aux États-Unis en 2013, et 4 % dans le monde, selon les estimations BI Intelligence. Les chiffres semblent faibles, mais pour les cinq dernières années, les transactions mobiles ont connu une croissance annuelle moyenne de 118% aux États-Unis. Qu’est-ce qu’un paiement mobile ? Les acteurs du marché français tentent de se mettre d'accord - O. Javelin Strategy and Research » New Opportunities for Banks in A. Prepaid Debit Card Companies: What’s your mobile internet paymen. Mobile devices that connect to the Internet are hot.

Prepaid Debit Card Companies: What’s your mobile internet paymen

In fact, Morgan Stanley (NYSE: MS) predicts that within five years, more people will connect to the Internet using mobile devices than with desktop computers. The opportunities in mobile are huge. So, prepaid debit card companies, what is your mobile payment strategy? Morgan Stanley published their Mobile Internet Report in December 2009. The report is similar to their famous Internet Report, and contains some fascinating information.

The mobile Internet is ramping faster than desktop Internet did, and we believe more users may connect to the Internet via mobile devices than desktop PCs within 5 years. A Revolution in Payments — Payments Views from Glenbrook Partner. Today’s announcement of American Express acquiring Revolution Money caught many of us industry pundits by surprise – especially given the $300 MM price tag that Amex paid for the deal.

A Revolution in Payments — Payments Views from Glenbrook Partner

But, upon reflection, and after listening to the Q&A section of Amex’s conference call earlier today, you can see why they were motivated to do this deal. American Express Jumps on the Alt-Payments Bandwagon in a Big Wa.