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Monkey Fist Floating Snake (1979)
Monkey Fist, Floating Snake
John Chang in Snake in the Monkey's Shadow 1979
Stroke Of Death - Monkey Kung Fu
Mad Monkey Kung Fu
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Exemplarische moderne Animefigur Anime (japanisch アニメ, [anime], im Deutschen häufig [ˈaniːmeː]) ist eine Verkürzung des japanischen Lehnwortes animēshon (japanisch アニメーション, von englisch animation)[1] und bezeichnet in Japan produzierte Zeichentrickfilme. In Japan selbst steht Anime für alle Arten von Animationsfilmen, für die im eigenen Land produzierten ebenso wie für importierte. Er bildet das Pendant zum Manga, dem japanischen Comic. Stile und Genres Animes decken ein breitgefächertes Themenspektrum für alle Altersstufen ab. Anime Anime
Anime (Japanese: アニメ?, [anime] ( ); English Anime Anime
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Asian movies - to recommend - a list by Ubik_0 Asian movies - to recommend - a list by Ubik_0 by Ubik_0 created 18 Sep 2011 | last updated - 29 Sep 2012 3-Iron (2004) A transient young man breaks into empty homes to partake of the vacationing residents' lives for a few days. (88 mins.) Oldboy (2003) After being kidnapped and imprisoned for 15 years, Oh Dae-Su is released, only to find that he must find his captor in 5 days. (120 mins.) Seven Samurai (1954)
Oldboy (2003)
Zatôichi (2003 Zatôichi (2003 Edit Storyline Blind Zatoichi makes his living by gambling and giving massages. But behind his humble facade, Zatoichi is a master swordsman, gifted with lightning-fast draw and strokes of breathtaking precision. Zatoichi wanders into a town run by sinister gangs and a powerful samurai.
Ichi the Killer (2001 Edit Storyline When a Yakuza boss named Anjo disappears with 300 million yen, his chief henchman, a sadomasochistic man named Kakihara, and the rest of his mob goons go looking for him. After capturing and torturing a rival Yakuza member looking for answers, they soon realize they have the wrong man and begin looking for the man named Jijii who tipped them off in the first place. Soon enough Kakihara and his men encounter Ichi, a psychotic, sexually-repressed young man with amazing martial arts abilities and blades that come out of his shoes. One by one Ichi takes out members of the Yakuza and all the while Kakihara intensifies his pursuit of Ichi and Ichi's controller Jijii. Ichi the Killer (2001
Tigre et dragon (2000 Tigre et dragon (2000 Edit Storyline Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon is a timeless story that takes place in QING China when miracles were credible and spirits and gods were present in man's world. It is not unbelievable that zen warriors float through the air, skim the water and battle in trees and on rooftops.
Avalon (2001 Quotes Bishop: Just as I thought, you are the only one who got through the gate. Ash: Is this "Special A"? Bishop: We call it "Class Real". Building it has taken huge amounts of very sophisticated data. Avalon (2001
The Host (2006
Battle Royale (2000
Other Good Asia Films

Edit Storyline A guksu western. Three Korean gunslingers are in Manchuria circa World War II: Do-wan, an upright bounty hunter, Chang-yi, a thin-skinned and ruthless killer, and Tae-goo, a train robber with nine lives. Tae-goo finds a map he's convinced leads to buried treasure; Chang-yi wants it as well for less clear reasons. Le bon, la brute et le cinglé (2008 Le bon, la brute et le cinglé (2008
Ip Man (2008)
Tetsuo, the Iron Man (1989
Seven Samurai (1954 Seven Samurai (1954 Edit Storyline A veteran samurai, who has fallen on hard times, answers a village's request for protection from bandits. He gathers 6 other samurai to help him, and they teach the townspeople how to defend themselves, and they supply the samurai with three small meals a day. The film culminates in a giant battle when 40 bandits attack the village. - Information
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