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Dairy Goat Handbook. History of Goats It is quite certain that the goat was one of the first domesticated animals in Western Asia.

Dairy Goat Handbook

He is thought to have descended from the Pasang or Grecian Ibex, a species of wild goat found in Asia Minor, Persia, and other nearby countries. Old Testament verse mentions the goat more than 150 times. Fias Co Farm: Goats- Edible & Poisonous for Goats. People have asked me to share a listing of edible & poisonous plants for goats, but I hesitated to make a list of plants you can, or shouldn't feed, to goats because there is no possible way I, as one person, could know all plants the are poisonous to goats.

Fias Co Farm: Goats- Edible & Poisonous for Goats

I may know most in my own area (East TN, USA), but there may be plants in places such as CA, England and Australia that I do not know, may would mistakenly not add to the list. I do not want the responsibly of a goat getting poisoned because I did not list the plant the goat was fed. Fias Co Farm- Feeding your goats. Goats are ruminants; they have four stomachs.

Fias Co Farm- Feeding your goats

Their stomachs act like big fermentation vats. When you feed a goat, you are actually feeding the bacteria in this fermentation vat. The bacteria, in turn, make the nutrition in the food available to the goat's system. A goat's rumination method of processing food requires plenty of roughage and fiber to work properly. Although the goat's digestive system is similar to that of other ruminants, such as cattle and sheep, who are "grazers" and eat grass, goats are more related to deer, who are "browsers". How much lawnyard do you need to pasture a sheep or a goat. In multi-species grazing, with cows, goats, and sheep in the same pasture or paddock together, it can be seen that the cattle prefer the grass, sheep the forbs (broad-leafed herbs), and goats the browse (woody herbs and shrubs).

How much lawnyard do you need to pasture a sheep or a goat

Each species does eat of all three categories, but the animals select their respective plants first, moving to other plants later. My research has focused on miniature dairy goats on intensively managemed pasture (attempting a zero grain, low hay diet). I live in subtropical Florida, so we have green grass all year round. Though my interest is in goats, the bulk of information available is on cattle, so most of my collected knowledge relates to grass rather than browse (and forbs least of all).

My research has shown that, intensively managed, my 0.6-ac backyard with low natural fertility will be sufficient for a herd of between 6 and 8 goats (average weight of each miniture goat is 75-lbs). What conditions does a goat require to survive. Answer: Goat survival A full grown goat just a food and water source, goats will eat anything weeds flowers ropes always use a chain to tie them up.Another Answer:The answer above sucks!

What conditions does a goat require to survive

Goats WON'T eat "anything", if they have a choice. Goats browse, like deer. They don't graze, like cows. A sure way to kill a goat is to provide it nothing to eat except grass. (Or just about any single food source) It messes their digestive system up.