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Fashion visualisation

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History of fashion illustration.

Fashion visualisation 1960-2007

Drawing Fashion illustration exhibition. 03 November 2010 Ella Alexander THE world's most iconic illustrations from the past century will be showcased in a unique exhibition at the Design Museum. Drawing Fashion features the work of well known figures including Lepape, Gruau and Antonio, as well as contemporary artists, namely Aurore de la Morinerie and Francois Berthoud. These original works reflect the artistic style of each decade, through Art Nouveau to Art Deco to Pop Art. Curated by fashion curator Colin McDowell, the exhibition showcases each illustrator at the height of their careers.

"Each drawing exemplifies the period it came from which is why illustration is so special," McDowell told us at last night's preview party. Film clips and rare magazine covers will also feature in the exhibition, alongside examples of the couture clothes shown in the drawings. "It is so important because it gets to the soul of creativity. YOU SHOULD SEE: More beautiful fashion illustrations here...

Fashion illustration 1925-1960

Sonia delauney. George lepape. Paul iribe. Erte art. Leon Bakst. Fashion Drawing and Illustration in the 20th Century. Jeanne Paquin (1869-1936), fashion design, Paris, 1907. Museum no. E.1432-1957 1900s For most of the first decade of the 20th century, fashion mainly showed seasonal modifications rather than any fundamental changes. However, as the century unfolded, the concept of the 'natural figure' banished the corseted and exaggerated S-shaped figure that was fashionable at the beginning of the decade. 'Originality and Opulence': the House of Paquin In 1890 Jeanne Paquin (1869 - 1936) and her husband Isidore Paquin opened their Maison de Couture Rue de la Paix in Paris, close to the celebrated House of Worth.

In 1900 Jeanne Paquin was elected president of the Fashion Section for the Universal Exhibition and, throughout her career, many of her creations participated to those international fairs. At Jeanne Paquin's death in 1936, the house passed into the hands of the Spanish couturier Antonio Canovas del Castillo. 1910s The 1910s were a period of dramatic change in fashion. Florrie Westwood 1920s 1930s. The fashion design process - Royal College of Art. Drawing Fashion. 03 November 2010 – 06 March 2011 Drawing Fashion celebrates a unique collection of some of the most remarkable fashion illustrations from the twentieth and twenty first centuries. These original works define the fine art of illustrating fashion, from the collections of Chanel, Dior, Comme des Garçons and Poiret as well as Viktor & Rolf, Lacroix and McQueen.

The exhibition showcases fashion illustrators at their creative heights: Lepape at the beginning of the century, Gruau in the 40's and 50's, Antonio throughout the 60s, 70s and 80s, to current artists Mats Gustafson, Aurore de la Morinerie and Francois Berthoud. Film-clips, music and photography sit alongside the original illustrations to reflect not only the spirit and the style of the decades but also the wider social and cultural changes of the century.

It is the first time this collection, which was put together over the past 30 years by Joelle Chariau of Galerie Bartsch & Chariau, has been displayed. Sponsored by. Design museum fashion illustration.