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I slash, therefore I am. Potter Slash Archive. Harry Potter. Next generation characters [ Date 2008-08-30 ] [ ID 232 ] [ Tien Riu ] As per the request at the forums, we have added in the following next generation characters Albus Severus Potter James Sirius Potter Lily Potter Scorpius Malfoy Teddy Lupin Rose Weasley New character [ Date 2006-03-13 ] [ ID 186 ] [ Tien Riu ] As per Slytherincess's request, Zacharias Smith has been added as a character in the Harry Potter fandom. cheers TR New characters!

Harry Potter

I've added a few more characters. Kay. New Characters [ Date 2006-01-08 ] [ ID 169 ] [ Tien Riu ] Hi all, characters have been added to the Harry Potter fandom. To add character listings to your story, simply log into the userpanel, and follow the links through to Update story details. 1984. Harry knows his girl, Luna, is unusual. Charlie Weasley loves Nymphadora Tonks and strawberry tarts. To Hermione, the most beautiful thing about Viktor Krum was his fingers.

Remus/Sirius. Things gone wrong after Hogwarts. COMPLETE! Where your Harry Potter Fan Fiction needs are met. Harry Potter FanFiction Archive. Oh no!

Harry Potter FanFiction Archive

What am i doing here? How do i get home- wait a minute, is that James! What do you mean no! Wai- What! Sirius Black? Rated: K+ - English - Mystery/Friendship - Chapters: 6 - Words: 8,317 - Reviews: 4 - Favs: 3 - Follows: 12 - Updated: 17m ago - Published: Feb 12 - Sirius B., James P., Roxanne W. Astronomy Tower - Dark Lord Potter Forums.

Unlock your inner muse. Despoiling harry by Amanuensis- Home Page. *Last updated: Jan 4, 2008- "You Didn't Think They Just Sold It To Him, Did You? " (full-length, Main Fanfiction Page) Sept 6, 2007- "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince: One Fan's Screenplay" (full-length, Main Fanfiction Page) Sept 1, 2007- "Even Closer To Me" (full-length story, Main Fanfiction Page) June 2, 2007- Nine full-length stories and ficlets added. November 13, 2006- "The (Happy) Half-Blood Prince" (full-length story, Main Fanfiction Page) "Sovay" (full-length story, Main Fanfiction Page) September 29, 2006- "Hero Worship" (full-length story, Main Fanfiction Page) June 5, 2006- "Crazy Man Michael" "One Night in October" "Scrimgeour's Man" (all full-length stories, Main Fanfiction Page) January 17, 2006- "Tower Princess, Ravished" (full-length story, Main Fanfiction Page) January 7, 2006- "And Of Course He Was Cleared Of All Charges, And Declared A Hero, But That's Not The Part You Want To Read, Now, Is It?

" December 15, 2003- Welcome! Much love, Ship Listing. Let Your ImaginationTake Flight. FictionAlley. Darkest Midnight - A Harry/Draco/Snape Slash Archive. Ink Stained Fingers - Main Page.