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Favorite childhood memory. Anonymous childhood data. Piktochart. How to create an infographic in 5 minutes. This page teaches you how to create a Piktochart infographic in 5 minutes (6 steps).

How to create an infographic in 5 minutes

Also check our Resources page for Piktochart videos and ebooks, as well as other tips on infographic creation! Step 1: Login and select a theme You can also narrow down the choices of the themes using the “categories” filter. How To Use Piktochart. Why your brain craves infographics. Top 10 Best Infographics of 2013. 2013 is coming to an end.

Top 10 Best Infographics of 2013

As we begin to close this amazing year and usher in the new year, we’ve decided that this year would not be complete without a list of top 10 best infographics of 2013. So, this is Piktochart top 10 of the most creative, interesting and just outright awesome infographics created in this year of snake. Some are funny, some more serious, but one thing’s for sure, all of them is equally inspiring examples of the infographic art. Let’s end this year with a bang, folks. Top 10 Wedding Infographics |

What do Wedding Vendors Cost?

Top 10 Wedding Infographics |

Ever wonder what having professional wedding vendors will cost? Here are the averages for the 10 top components of a wedding from seasoned wedding professionals across the country! 20 Super Infographics About Superheroes. We all have things in our lives that are out of our control: other people, companies, governments, natural events.

20 Super Infographics About Superheroes

Superheroes provide us with a fantasy of regaining at least some of that control. They captivate the imagination of kids everywhere, and provide an appealing dream world for people to escape to. Consumer Insights: 'Comedy Across Borders' - Viacom Corporate. April 8, 2013 @ 10:11 AM by Christian Kurz, Research & Insight, Viacom International Media Networks From the increase in comedy programming to the explosion of live comedy shows and tours, there’s an appetite for comedy like never before.

Consumer Insights: 'Comedy Across Borders' - Viacom Corporate

Showcase of best Piktochart infographics. Piktochart on Pinterest. 8 types of infographics: which one is right for you? There is more to infographics than a bunch of scattered numbers and pictures in a long image.

8 types of infographics: which one is right for you?

Actually there are different types of infographics (this flowchart shows 8) that come with their own strengths. As Danny Ashton from NeoMam Studios puts it: How to Pick the Topic for Your Infographic. Of all the decisions you make when creating an infographic, it may be the first that’s ultimately the most important: what topic to cover.

How to Pick the Topic for Your Infographic

Even the most well-researched and well-designed infographic will go ignored if what it’s about isn’t compelling enough. So how do you go about finding the right topic for your infographic? Structure your infographic story. As in all presentations, it is important to start, describe your infographic in a compelling manner and end it with a conclusion that lingers on in the mind.

Structure your infographic story

For this purpose, we borrowed a couple of excerpts and notes from various figures in the industry who are well-known for their presentations. Title Taken from Kissmetrics: Design Tips. Content created specifically for the internet is more important now than it ever has been.

Design Tips

There’s also considerably more content created for the internet that you’ll have to compete with in order to get the attention of the average user. Infographics are just one of the most effective ways to convey your message and information to internet users; however, you need to make sure your infographics are designed in the right way in order for them to work correctly. Content Idea Generator. Blog Topic Generator. See what topics are hot. Visual content is on rise and so are infographics.

See what topics are hot

If you are a blogger or a marketing manager there is a high chance you have already posted infographics or seriously thinking of using it in the near future. You can easily complement an existing to-be-posted blog post by creating a summary infographic. But what if you are starting from a blank page with a ever-haunting question “what shall I write about today”? Where to look for a hot topic? We strongly advise you not to create an infographic on a general (“What is Facebook?”)