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Ray Keim-Paper Model Purgatory. Papercraft raccoon head printable DIY template. Popupology. Design Stack: A Blog about Art, Design and Architecture: Architectural - Urban Sketches and Cityscape Drawings. Japanese Artist Kiyohiko Azuma (あずまきよひこ) is famous for his Japanese Manga Art and for being an author.

Design Stack: A Blog about Art, Design and Architecture: Architectural - Urban Sketches and Cityscape Drawings

Today though, we are going to have a look at his Urban Sketches and Cityscape Drawings. Azuma's drawings carry a powerful intensity and detail that are born from the deep feelings he experiences on a daily basis, we were able to see this when reading some of the notes accompanying these wonderful Black and White ink drawings. Enjoy... Model architecture. Model architecture. Écuries, Labyrinthe et Bus. Sans titre. Publié le mercredi 1 juin 2016 dans Muuuz - Magazine > D' Days A l'occasion des D'Days, l'Ecole nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs convie de jeunes créateurs diplômés à présenter leurs travaux au Bastille Design Center.

sans titre

L'architecte d'intérieur Eva Kouadio présente une série d'expérimentations autour du volume pavillonnaire et des différentes façons de l'habiter. "Un rectangle surmonté d'un triangle, telles sont les formes de la maison ; 538m3, tel est le volume de cette maison pavillonnaire" Eva Kouadio Eva Kouadio choisit sept familles au sens large du terme, de la colocation à la famille recomposée en passant par la cohabitation de deux familles monoparentales ou de plusieurs générations.

"A travers les différentes manières de vivre de ces groupes de personnes, il s'agira de s'interroger sur la façon d'exploiter le volume de ce pavillon" Eva Kouadio. Paper architecture exhibition in paris. Oct 14, 2012 paper architecture exhibition in paris ‘slicetow, module 1′, 2010 by mathilde nivet image © zoe guilbert cite de l’architecture & heritage in paris, france, has organized an exhibition at le palais de chaillot, entitled ‘paper architecture’ featuring designs by ingrid siliakus, beatrice coron, stephanie beck, mathilde nivet and peter callesen. the collection of work looks at iconic buildings and the creation of imaginary cities made of the thin sheets. during the presentation children will learn the techniques used in the art of folding and etching to realize the models.

paper architecture exhibition in paris

Ingrid Siliakus - Open cube. Ingrid Siliakus - Paper architect/artist. Maison et Livre. ANDREW CHARD — Year 3/ Semester 1/ Rotary model  不一样的材料和形式. 17 meilleures images à propos de assss RECYCLED AND PLAY sur Pinterest  Spokane, Washington (WA) profile: population, maps, real estate, averages, homes, statistics, relocation, travel, jobs, hospitals, schools, crime, moving, houses, news, sex offenders. Submit your own pictures of this city and show them to the WorldSee promotion details and to upload your Spokane, Washington photos OSM MapGeneral MapGoogle MapMSN Map Please wait while loading the map...

Spokane, Washington (WA) profile: population, maps, real estate, averages, homes, statistics, relocation, travel, jobs, hospitals, schools, crime, moving, houses, news, sex offenders

The Multilevel Metropolis. L'art du papier #2 : 100 créations incroyables & originales à découvrir - édition 2015. LE BLOG DE CLAUDE LOTHIER: MULTICOLORE. Mercredi 5 mars 2008 Publié par Claude Lothier à 22:19 Libellés : Mazzocchio.


Fantastic Cities: the most intricate all-ages colouring book yet. Artist Creates Outrageously Detailed, Beautiful Papercraft Microbes. There is something particularly glorious about art that takes some aspect of the mundane or hidden world and reveals its often unseen beauty.

Artist Creates Outrageously Detailed, Beautiful Papercraft Microbes

Such is the case with the papercraft art of Rogan Brown. Based in southern France, Brown uses bacteria and other microscopic domains of nature as inspirations for his hyper-detailed, monochromatic paper sculptures. His most recent piece, “Cut Microbe,” is Brown’s interpretation of the E. coli bacteria. The artist writes of his work on Bored Panda: A Horrific Pop-Up Book that Makes you Smile. By Marek Cina. - All About Papercutting. Marek Cina is an artist from Bratislava-mesto, Slovakia.

A Horrific Pop-Up Book that Makes you Smile. By Marek Cina. - All About Papercutting

I love the cleverness of this pop-up book that he created. It is black humor at its finest. To see more projects by Marek, you can visit his Behance portfolio. Human Body - The Turning Tide - Cut into sections - Workshops - dianabeltranherrera. Dianabeltranherrera - Home. Paper Birds by Diana Beltran Herrera. - All About Papercutting. Diana Beltran Herrera is a super talented artist born in Colombia.

Paper Birds by Diana Beltran Herrera. - All About Papercutting

At only 27 years of age, she has a solid body of work with paper as her primary medium. Diana studied Design at the Jorge Tadeo Lozano University in Bogota, Colombia where she graduated in 2010. She then studied experimental painting and moved to Helsinki, Finland in 2011 to study Ceramic Sculpture at Suomenkielinen School. Paper Kitchen by Angie Garland. - All About Papercutting. Angie Garland is a graphic design student from Melbourne, Australia, currently living and studying in Copenhagen.

Paper Kitchen by Angie Garland. - All About Papercutting

Angie is super talented. I predict that she will have a successful career. Today I want to share this paper project that she did for her 3D illustration class. Everything was made from cardboard, acrylic paint, and masking tape. You can visit her portfolio to see other projects. Photography and GIF animations © Angie Garland ↓ Beautiful Paper Lamps by Vera van Wolferen. - All About Papercutting. Vera van Wolferen is a very talented artist and filmmaker from the Netherlands.

Beautiful Paper Lamps by Vera van Wolferen. - All About Papercutting

She is also the creator of these beautiful paper lamps. As you can see, Vera has an amazing eye for detail and a great imagination. Aren’t these lamps beautiful and clever? Papercut Tutorial - All About Papercutting. Dear friend, After several testings, I have finally put together some sets of DIY papercut patterns, available at my Etsy shop. Yay! This first set includes: 1 Red Riding Hood, 1 Alice in Wonderland, 1 Peter Rabbit and 1 Pinocchio. Once finished, each piece in the set will fit into a 5″x7″ frame or larger. Peter Callesen. Making a model spiral staircase. I will be teaching five 3-hour sessions in model-making for the theatre design students at RADA (Royal Academy of Dramatic Art) in London throughout this month.

The fact that I’m given five, short time-slots is convenient, I think, because it fits in with the way I usually divide up model-making, at least in practical terms, into five areas; .. main construction, fine construction, modelling and shaping, creating surfaces and painting. I’ve delivered these sessions many times before but I’m always driven to ‘re-evaluate’, so this time I’m using that as an opportunity to write up my preparation for those sessions here. The next five posts are therefore geared towards the specialities of making theatre set design models, but many of the points apply in general terms to work in other disciplines I find the last four areas relatively easy to advise on, perhaps because they can be more easily illustrated, but I’ve always had some difficulty sorting out what I should say for the first. Stairway howto. This is the method I've developed to create stairs for our egg house, elf houses, candy corn house, pumpkin house,and many other projects.

It is useful anywhere you want an open staircase in an irregular or curved structure (or a regularstructure, for that matter). I suggest that you read through the instructions entirely before starting your staircase. In this example, I happened to have an empty cardboard oatmeal canister, so I cut it in half and will be making the curved staircase to fit inside it. Seems like 1:24 scale will be a pretty good fit, so the stairs will be constructed at that scale. First a bit about parts of a stairway and the terms I'll be using - The part of each step that you walk on is known as the tread. For this project you will need: - paper, tracing paper, pencil, eraser (maybe you won't need the eraser, but I always do). - high quality watercolor paper, cold press or "rough", in a weight suitable for the scale you're using. - World Trade Center - New York, New York, United States.

1) The following 7 steps must be done fairly quickly. City Series — JAMES MCNABB. A collection of cityscape inspired sculptures that explore sociological concepts regarding transformations of cities and urban landscapes, their beauty, uniqueness, and over-development. James McNabb uses discarded pieces of wood to create sculptures, some with very unique and alluring characteristics, that are contextualized to draw new meaning out of the material and force viewers to create their own perspective of the urban landscape.

McNabb blends traditional woodworking techniques with experimental mark making using a bandsaw. This intuitive process, referred to as “sketching with a bandsaw” allows the artist to generate forms rapidly, working through new and exciting ideas without preliminary design development. This approach to woodworking is an attempt to capture the fast paced, crude mark-making that is commonly found in contemporary urban art. Behance. Ulb – FA – BA1. Maquettes d’architecture. Modules architecturaux par David Umemoto. Gallery. Tissage de papier sur papier. Ingrid Siliakus - Paper architect/artist. Charles Young. 5 Minutes à perdre. Rogan Brown - Paper Sculptures.

Paper Cut Sculptures by Peter Callesen. Free Pop-Up Card Templates and printable designs. Here are images of my free printable pop-up card templates, and you can have them all! Most of these are PDF files you can download directly, others consist of step by step instructions. Just click on the photos below and add the templates to your cart! You will need to enter a valid email address, but I will not send you anything besides a link to your free template — unless (as I hope you will) you subscribe to my newsletters. I send those out only 5-6 times a year with news of new designs, special offers and discounts I reserve exclusively for my subscribers. Make sure you enter your email address correctly, and if you don’t get your confirmation email, check your spam folder for an email from Thank you for your interest!

How to design pop-up cards - All. I have published a few instructables on how to make specific pop-up cards (such as the dove, pop-up room, or the gift card), but this time I'd like to share tips on designing your own cards from scratch. There are many types of pop-ups, but to keep things from getting too complicated and long, in this instructable I will only discuss the style known as OA (for Origamic Architecture), and limit myself to cards which are best viewed when they are opened at a 90° angle. How to design pop-up cards - 8. LEGO Pop-up Himeji Castle (dai-tenshu) レゴで飛び出る姫路城(大天守)

Behance. Des maisons verticales qui s'élèvent dans des tubes. L’amsterdamoise Rosa de Jong a créé ces dioramas d’habitations et de maisons toutes en verticalité qui s’élèvent et sont suspendues dans les airs par des tubes de verre qui les protègent comme des échantillons. Pop-Up Card Designer Pro. Kirigami instructions. Ingrid Siliakus - Kunst10daagse Bergen 2011. Kirigami instructions. Pop-Up Card Designer Pro. Making Awesome Knowledge-building Experiences. Huge paradigm shifts in museum culture are underway as a variety of institutions are engaging in 3D digitization to democratize their collections through the digitization of priceless artifacts and bringing access to the masses (Milroy & Rozefelds, 2015).

Scientists in the fields of anthropology and paleontology have been using photogrammetry techniques to capture and record measurements of physical objects, but technological advancements now enable high quality digital scanning with specialized hardware, such as the Makerbot Digitizer (costs approximately $800) and the NextEngine 3D scanner (costs approximately $3,000). Once the files are converted to virtual 3D models, they are made available on a variety of websites where you can access the files to download (as .stl formatted files) or explore within interactive 3D viewers. Smithsonian X 3DSmithsonian X 3D is a 3D model database allows anyone with an Internet connection access to Smithsonian’s most renowned artifacts. Kirigami Search Results. 341.6K 2318.6K 11571K 12723K 10623K 465.8K 891124.3K 8726 2366K 7133 31831 101.9K 245.6K 106.1K510K 997 175.9K 38 12145 6326K 5331 241.7K 798 3114K 256.5K 3418K 3920K 168.1K 134.1K 97.2K 266.1K 95.6K 101.8K 434.5K 67.3K 7525 2211K 21 706.6K 242.4K 2513K 181.8K 182.1K 9968 8 5321K 293.3K 149.5K 16521 1336.6K 313.9K 231.3K 191.0K 101.4K 11439 91.1K 71.4K 5312 274.8K 7942 30668 26601 158K 297171K 8510K 948.7K 7778 14285K 220312K 5326K 723.5K 1868.9K 81.2K 3643K 11293K 10379K 8514K8248K 2310K 1035202K 11056K 16760K 12641K 12854K 6218K 6048K 1523K 7231 6641 41.1K 9540K 6454K 139.8K 14461K 202103K 11048K 171129K 8944K Scroll To Top.

Ingrid Siliakus - Paper architect/artist. With Kirigami, Scientists Conjure Curves From Flatness. Daniel Sussman. Aix-Marseille-Provence. Atelier & équipement - Ducaroy-Grange. Software. ★ Origamic Architecture Instructions & Free Kirigami Templates ★ Origamic Architecture Kirigami Cards for Free ! Popupology. Filigrane. Paper Models and Cardboard Crafts. Paper Engineering – Lukas Novotny. Deconstructed. Index. Green Chair Press Blog – Page 2. Illustrative Ceramics by Katharine Morling. - if it's hip, it's here. La vita puzza: Insetti. Postcarden by A Studio for Design. Bare Conductive Kits at Dezeen Super Store. Designing Origamic Architecture, instructions on how to make your own patterns. Your Beginner's Guide to Making Pop-Up Books and Cards. Ingrid Siliakus - Paper architect/artist.

Cat Ear Tuck Box – structural packaging design dielines. Daily Connection to Architecture and DesignIndesignlive. Peter Callesen. Abecedarian Gallery.