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Main Page - EvoWiki From EvoWiki Welcome! The Evolution Education Wiki, popularly known as EvoWiki, is a website about evolution and the creationism controversy. Our editorial philosophy extends no further than being 'pro-evolution' (or rather, pro-science), and our many writers come from a wide range of cultural and philosophical backgrounds. The EvoWiki's 3,071 pages were collaboratively written by the people who visit the site; to find out how this works and how you can get involved, visit our community portal. The EvoWiki features essays, book reviews and a comprehensive encyclopedia of evolution, creationism and related topics. Main Page - EvoWiki
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Revive & Restore | Extinct species back to life The GreatPassenger PigeonComeback Male passenger pigeon, painting by Tim Hough. News & updates on the project using museum-specimen DNA to bring this iconic species all the way back. Revive & RestoreBlog › View all Posts De-extinction and the Microbiome Current research on microbiomes reveals that an organism’s microbiota are co-evolved with the host species, but not to a point of specificity that is problematic between related organisms (such as one kind of pigeon in relation to another). Revive & Restore | Extinct species back to life
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The Tree of Life The Tree of Life Oh my. As many out there know I have a thing with "badomics" words. These are words someone has invented where they have added the ome suffix on to the word to try and capture some of the hype of genomics.

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Tree of Life Web Project The Tree of Life Web Project (ToL) is a collaborative effort of biologists and nature enthusiasts from around the world. On more than 10,000 World Wide Web pages, the project provides information about biodiversity, the characteristics of different groups of organisms, and their evolutionary history (phylogeny). Each page contains information about a particular group, e.g., salamanders, segmented worms, phlox flowers, tyrannosaurs, euglenids, Heliconius butterflies, club fungi, or the vampire squid. ToL pages are linked one to another hierarchically, in the form of the evolutionary tree of life. Starting with the root of all Life on Earth and moving out along diverging branches to individual species, the structure of the ToL project thus illustrates the genetic connections between all living things.
Tree of Life | Wellcome Trust Tree of Life | Wellcome Trust See all Wellcome Trust websites Tree of life Interactive Blog Resources
Top 10 Myths About Evolution - with Downloadable PDF | Atheism Resource - StumbleUpon

Top 10 Myths About Evolution - with Downloadable PDF | Atheism Resource - StumbleUpon

Email If you have been looking for a simple, easy to follow quick guide to evolution… we’ve got it. Our friends at the Skeptics Society gave us permission to reprint this.
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