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A Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Insights. Ekaterina Walter is a social media strategist at Intel.

A Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Insights

She is a part of Intel’s Social Media Center of Excellence and is responsible for company-wide social media enablement and corporate social networking strategy. You have created a Facebook Fan Page. Now what? I bet these questions come to mind: “Is my page a success?” “Who is engaging with us?” The Facebook Insights dashboard will help you answer some of these questions. So what's the best way to use this relatively new tool? Note that only page administrators can view Insights data for the properties they own or administer. There are two types of Facebook insights: User Insights: Total page Likes, or a number of fans, daily active users, new Likes/Unlikes, Like sources, demographics, page views and unique page views, tab views, external referrers, media consumption. The question then becomes: “What do you want to track and measure?” Below are the insights I recommend you pay attention to and track. 6 Surefire Ways to Capture More ‘Likes’ on Facebook.

Facebook 'likes' are quickly turning into currency for credibility.

6 Surefire Ways to Capture More ‘Likes’ on Facebook

Here's how to get your numbers up. February 13, 2012 Facebook ‘likes’ are quickly turning into currency for credibility. The more ‘likes’ your business has, the more seriously consumers will perceive your company. Extra bonus: every time someone ‘likes’ your page, each of your updates shows up in their news feed, thereby providing them constant reminders of your brand. So how can you pump up your ‘likes’ to Apple Inc. and Gap levels (2.7 million and 1.4 million, respectively)? Tag, Tag, Tag In late January, Jill Homiak, founder of Presenza, a wrap top designer in Alexandria, Virginia, posted this to her company’s Facebook wall: ‘Who else is excited that Sofia Vergara is the new CoverGirl?!?!’ “By ‘liking’ my comment, it showed up on their Facebook page, which is ‘liked’ by more than 1.7 million people,” says Homiak. Donate to Charity Host a Giveaway/Contest How’d he do it? Contests are also great ‘like’ drivers. Get personal. 9 Hot Tips for Small Business Marketing on Facebook.

This post originally appeared on the American Express OPEN Forum, where Mashable regularly contributes articles about leveraging social media and technology in small business.

9 Hot Tips for Small Business Marketing on Facebook

With 845 million users, Facebook has become an increasingly useful tool for brands, and it's important to have a strong presence on the social network. Whether your brand is fully established or just starting out, launching a marketing campaign can seem overwhelming. But, it doesn’t have to be a timely or expensive process. There are several small and simple things you can do for your brand on Facebook. In fact, some of these marketing tactics are used by the biggest brands in the world. Ready for your brand to get in front of the 845 million?

1. Before you launch your brand presence on Facebook, you need to make sure that your vanity URL is available — and that it’s simple and easy to remember. 2. 3. Services such as North Social and Pagemodo provide the kinds of applications that most businesses need. 4. 5.