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Equal Marriage

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ACLU Files Suit Challenging NC Second Parent Adoptions Ban. The ACLU this week filed a federal lawsuit challenging North Carolina’s ban on second parent adoptions.

ACLU Files Suit Challenging NC Second Parent Adoptions Ban

Second parent adoptions occur when one partner in an unmarried couple adopts the other partner’s biological or adopted children so as to be able to access the legal recognition of parenthood. For several years family court judges in North Carolina had recognized second parent adoptions. However, in 2010 the North Carolina Supreme Court ruled that second parent adoptions involving same-sex couples isn’t legal in the state because the state confers parenting rights as part of its narrow definition of marriage factored against biological parenting rights.

This means that even though the so-called second parent may have raised the family’s children as her own for a number of years, a second parent would have no parental claim should the relationship dissolve or something happen to the designated parent. Said Jennifer Rudinger, Executive Director of the ACLU of North Carolina: Ninth Circuit Rejects Prop 8 Rehearing, Setting Up Appeal to Supreme Court. WASHINGTON - June 5 - Today the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals filed an order denying a request by proponents of Proposition 8 to refer Perry vs.

Ninth Circuit Rejects Prop 8 Rehearing, Setting Up Appeal to Supreme Court

Brown to a larger panel of judges. Below is a statement released by Evan Wolfson, founder and President of Freedom to Marry: “Today’s decision by the Ninth Circuit to deny a rehearing of Perry vs. In civil unions debate, Hickenlooper misplaced priorities. By Tyler Q.

In civil unions debate, Hickenlooper misplaced priorities

Houlton Posted: 05/18/2012 04:00:00 PM MDT Over the last week, Gov. John Hickenlooper finally took a stance on a hot-button issue since being sworn in as the 42nd governor of Colorado — albeit one that has nothing to do with job creation or economic recovery. Hard-working Colorado taxpayers should be appalled at his lack of leadership. After 16 months of refusing to take a stand on any economic issue — such as the $2.9 billion tax hike in Proposition 103, the executive order unionizing state government, drilling on the Roan Plateau, or PERA reform — Hickenlooper finally stuck his neck out in a blatant political ploy to distract voters away from the economy.

Those days are officially over. Reasonable people can disagree over civil unions and same-sex marriage. It's crystal clear that Hickenlooper collaborated with the Obama administration to distract voters away from their failed records on job creation and economic growth. Governor, welcome to the world of accountability. New Libertarian Nominee Gary Johnson Slams Republicans For Gay Staffer Flap.

Former New Mexico Gov.

New Libertarian Nominee Gary Johnson Slams Republicans For Gay Staffer Flap

Gary Johnson makes a statement in the Fox News/Google GOP Debate at the Orange County Convention Center on September 22, 2011 in Orlando, Florida. (Photo by Phelan M. Gary Johnson: I'm The Best Candidate On Gay Marriage. Michael Bennet for U.S. Senate. BREAKING: Joe Biden Endorses Same-Sex Marriage. By Igor Volsky on May 6, 2012 at 9:03 am "BREAKING: Joe Biden Endorses Same-Sex Marriage" Vice President Joe Biden has endorsed same-sex marriage, becoming the highest ranking American official to back marriage for gay and lesbian people.

BREAKING: Joe Biden Endorses Same-Sex Marriage

His comments signify a split within the Obama administration and may pave the way for President Obama — who says he supports civil unions and is still evolving on the matter — to also embrace equality. Biden made his remarks during an appearance on Meet the Press, telling host David Gregory that he is “absolutely comfortable with…men marrying men, women marrying women.”

Could marriage equality become a dog whistle issue for the conservative base? North Carolina: Marriage Rights (but Not Equal Rights) on the May 8th Ballot. North Carolina polls are open for early voting in the primary election, and the rights of unmarried couples are being put to a public referendum.

North Carolina: Marriage Rights (but Not Equal Rights) on the May 8th Ballot

I voted against North Carolina’s Amendment One, which seeks to amend the state constitution “to provide that marriage between one man and one woman is the only domestic legal union that shall be valid or recognized in th[e] state.” A recent Pew poll shows that nationally support for gay marriage is higher than ever —47 percent of Americans in favor of it; 43 percent opposing — but North Carolinians have tended to be less progressive on the issue. When Amendment One was introduced last September, public opinion polls reported that only 31 percent of North Carolinians were in favor of legalizing gay marriage, and 61 percent favored keeping it illegal. The fate of the amendment to ban civil unions and gay marriage will be decided on May 8th, the official primary election day.

Local religious leaders have come out on both sides of the debate. Backers of North Carolina gay marriage ban: State no longer 'vulnerable' Gov.

Backers of North Carolina gay marriage ban: State no longer 'vulnerable'

Bev Perdue shares her thoughts on the gay marriage fight taking place in North Carolina on Tuesday and struggles to say whether she is for or against gay marriage itself. By Miranda Leitsinger, Staff Writer, NBC News Updated at 8:30 a.m. Obama's Gay Marriage Equivocation. "I favor legalizing same-sex marriages," Barack Obama told a gay newspaper while seeking his first term as an Illinois state senator in 1996, "and would fight efforts to prohibit such marriages.

Obama's Gay Marriage Equivocation

" When Obama ran for re-election in 1998, he took the National Political Awareness Test, which among other things asked, "Do you believe that the Illinois government should recognize same-sex marriages? " His response: "Undecided. " It took Obama only two years to learn the political value of reticence regarding touchy social issues—a concept that evidently still eludes Vice President Joe Biden, whose unguarded comments about gay marriage on Sunday called unwelcome attention to his boss's studied ambiguity on the subject.

Yet a close look at Obama's statements over the years suggests his spokesman is telling the truth when he says Biden's position is essentially the same as the president's. "The government has to treat all citizens equally," Obama said during a 2007 presidential debate. Contribute now to They filibustered equality! The GOP leadership filibustered equality last night.

Contribute now to They filibustered equality!

Help me fight back by supporting a pro-equality majority! It was an astonishing display of political desperation by the Colorado State House Republicans last night. The GOP leadership blocked pro-equality legislation from coming to a vote, because they knew civil unions had the bipartisan support needed to become law. Democracy was thwarted last night, and it's time we fought back!

Health rights at the core of dead civil unions bill.