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Online Tools. Recordation of Transfers and Other Documents.

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Publishing - (3) Springnote. Digital BinderyDigital Bindery. Publishers can make ebook conversion a fairly painless experience with tools that they’re already familiar with using.

Digital BinderyDigital Bindery

Simple Book Publishing. Digital Comics Platform ComiXology Launches Self-Publishing Portal. For ebook retail platforms like Kindle, Nook, Storia, iBooks, Bookish, Zola and more, the name of the game is offering readers original content that they can’t find elsewhere.

Digital Comics Platform ComiXology Launches Self-Publishing Portal

ComiXology, the digital comics platform founded in 2007, seems to have absorbed that lesson and has launched a self-publishing portal for comic book writers and artists, Comixology Submit. Like Kindle Direct Publishing Select and other such programs, the new portal allows users to upload and publish content that will only be available through ComiXology. Content creators and the platform split proceeds equally and there is no initial cost to use the tool. Some works are already available on the site via the portal, including Shannon Wheeler’s “Too Much Coffee Man” cartoons, Jake Parker’s “The Antler Boy and Other Stories,” Becky Cloonan’s “Wolves” and “The Mire,” and Richard Stevens’ “Diesel Sweeties.” [Press Release] Ebooks from independent authors and publishers.

Free at Last! PressBooks Plugin is now Free/Open Source Software. We’ve been promising this for a while, and today it is a reality: PressBooks, the CMS for books, is released as a free software/open source plugin, under a GPL v2.0 license.

Free at Last! PressBooks Plugin is now Free/Open Source Software

Details DOWNLOAD: download the plugin from our download page.LICENSE: GPL v2.0.BUG REPORTS/PATCHES: please use our PB Dev Google Group. Top 10 Free Wiki Hosting Apps - 1 to 10 based on popularity. 1 to 10 based on popularity Wiki hosting applications supply users with a simple way to build a knowledge database that can be edited by assigned individuals or all visitors.

Top 10 Free Wiki Hosting Apps - 1 to 10 based on popularity

AppAppeal ranks all wiki hosting apps based on worldwide popularity. Popularity rank 2,233 AppAppeal rating 4/5 Price range (p/month): $5.00 - $20.00.

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Draft2Digital. Pricing. Book Promotion Strategies That Actually Worked. Go-To List for Helpful Indie Rescources. Motion Books. Pearltrees videos. Pearltrees tips. Newspaper Template, Microsoft Word Newspaper Templates for Kids, Free & Students. iWebBuild. Strikingly - Simple, Beautiful Mobile Sites In Minutes. iTools et al. Recent Updates. Kindle Post US: The Send to Kindle Button. Sending web content to Kindle is now easier than ever.

Kindle Post US: The Send to Kindle Button

We are excited to announce the "Send to Kindle Button", a convenient new way to send content directly from a website to your Kindle. Customers can check out the Send to Kindle Button today on The Washington Post, TIME, and the popular blog Boing Boing. MagicScroll eBook Reader. Google Reader Is Shutting Down; Here Are the Best Alternatives.

Easy WordPress for Writers: Tips for WordPress newbies. Transferring Notes From Kindle for PC Between Machines. This is a huge huge huge thing for me.

Transferring Notes From Kindle for PC Between Machines

Between acting as a publisher and as an eBook converter, I often have clients, editors, and authors who proof digital copies. They frequently have to send me the corrections back in a separate text file or e-mail message... and it's a pain. Hell, the only reason that I keep Microsoft Word around is due to the comments functionality. (LibreOffice - you caught up on that yet?) However, if you are using a DRM-Free book, it's quite easy to transfer your notes. Please note - I am using Kindle for PC (Windows version) here. First, make sure you are showing hidden files. Kindle Review – Kindle Fire Review, Kindle 4 Review. The Future of Digital Publishing – The Synergy between HTML5 and EPUB 3. The Future of Digital Publishing question has been one of the most popular discussions at major conferences in the last few years.

The Future of Digital Publishing – The Synergy between HTML5 and EPUB 3

Publishers and ebook stores cannot come to a definitive conclusion on a singular delivery method that would appeal to everyone. Over the course of the last few weeks we have spoke with major publishers, ebook companies, app developers, and thought-leaders to chronicle the future of publishing. This article is the last one in a three part series, you can check out Part 1 and Part 2. You don’t have to follow the publishing industry closely to know that books these days tend to be packaged in dedicated apps or have interactive elements. Readers now have more choice than ever before when it comes to the process of reading ebooks. Whether you are reading books on the web or reading enhanced ebooks on a tablet, smartphone, or computer, you are often reading them in a HTML5 or EPUB 3. How to Start Building Your Author Rank: 6 Best Practices. Building identity around top content is now an integral part of a strong digital marketing strategy.

How to Start Building Your Author Rank: 6 Best Practices

As the industry buzzes about changes afoot with Author Rank, it has become impossible to ignore for forward-thinking marketing professionals. It's no longer a matter of if Author Rank will be widely implemented; it's only a matter of when. As even AJ Kohn, outspoken web marketer, states: "Author Rank could be more disruptive than all of the Panda updates combined. " So how does one prepare for the inevitable change? Many, if not all SEO best practices regarding content strategy for link acquisition, will hold true for Author Rank as well. Use Google keyword tools and Trends, to ensure popular keywords are included in your articles.Publish consistently on a regular basis. With that in mind, Google's effort to continuously improve search quality is good news for SEO professionals already using strong content strategies. Building Author Rank. Rethinking Content: Is Your Content “Snackable”?Angela Booth's Creativity Factory. Advertising as it used to be: vintage Coke ads.

Rethinking Content: Is Your Content “Snackable”?Angela Booth's Creativity Factory

Does image marketing confuse you? eBook Formatting: Possibilities and Limitations. While we are well into the eBook revolution--far enough in so that it's pretty safe to say eBooks and eReaders are not a fad and have become a permanent disruption to print books--there are still significant limitations on how eBooks can be presented to the reader.

eBook Formatting: Possibilities and Limitations

You CANNOT duplicate sophisticated print typography in an eBookReadability is still the key, but your formatting choices are limitedeReaders give most of the formatting/display control to the READER not the WRITERbest practice involves formatting for the simplest common denominator (compatible with all devices)everything written here will changee-Book Formats: MOBI and EPUB At the very least, you will need to create two types of eBook formats to get your book in all the major marketplaces. Yes, eBooks are currently where Betamax and VHS tapes were in the late 1970's with two major formats that don't play well in one another's sandboxes. How To Use IFTTT To Save Time & Automate - A Behind The Scenes Look. Book Promotion — What’s Working at Amazon in 2013? Amazon isn’t the only place to sell your ebooks, and I’ve had some luck with Apple and Kobo of late, but it remains the big dog in the house, and most of the questions I get in regard to book sales (as in, how do I make more of them?)

Center around Amazon.


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