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Our fully hosted ecommerce software helps you succeed. It’s powerful, affordable and backed by professional services, business tools and dedicated support from real Volusion experts, 24x7. We are level 1 PCI compliant-ensuring credit card data security-and our 99.9% uptime guarantee means your web store will stay up and running to collect more sales. Ecommerce Software & Shopping Cart Solutions by Volusion Ecommerce Software & Shopping Cart Solutions by Volusion
“Mom… 5 more minutes” sound familiar? I love to sleep. In fact, I love to sleep so much I think this is the main reason I got out of the military and eventually started my own business. I am one of those people that set their ... What really matters in life? Online Entrepreneurship Simplified with Cliconomics™ Online Entrepreneurship Simplified with Cliconomics™
Rumors about a new movie starring Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs have circulated around the Web for weeks. Based on the biography by Walter Isaacson, the film will supposedly feature some scenes in the real-life garage where the Apple founder started the company with Steve Wozniak. Will it be the best film ever made about a start-up? Doubtful. It will have to contend with some serious competition, like the six movies below: 1. 6 Must-Watch Movies About Entrepreneurs 6 Must-Watch Movies About Entrepreneurs
Free Business Plans Automatically write a customized business plan, prove your idea and forecast the success of your business. Try it now. It's free! No credit card information required Free Business Plans
Marc and Angel Hack Life - Practical Tips for Productive Living “I sustain myself with the love of family.” ―Maya Angelou Last night, an old friend from high school – a hometown success story and entrepreneur who owns and operates a large publicly traded company – a man whom I have a great deal of respect for – came over to our home for dinner. After a delicious meal, he and I chatted for a couple hours in the family room and caught up on old times. Marc and Angel Hack Life - Practical Tips for Productive Living
30 Things to Stop Doing to Yourself post written by: Marc Chernoff Email When you stop chasing the wrong things you give the right things a chance to catch you. 30 Things to Stop Doing to Yourself
13 Business Books That Will Blow Your Mind Having never taken a business class in college I find that I read and listen to a lot of business books to round out my education. The books usually aren't "How to Manage Your Cash Flow" but rather get me to rethink the way I run my business, which--despite no business classes or diploma--continues to be in business 13 plus years after I started it. In that time, here are 13 of the books that had the biggest impact on how I run my business (in no particular order): 13 Business Books That Will Blow Your Mind
83 Money Moves To Make Before You Are 30 Years Old Lets face it…there are some things that you need to do now if you want to be rich in the Golden Years of your life. If you want to retire and eat something other than Ramen noodles and live solely off of your Social Security benefits, you need to start planning for your retirement now. There are things that you need to do with your money, personal finances, and investing in order to set yourself up for success later in life. It is a shame that you have to think about these things right after graduating from college and/or entering the workforce, but you do. The sooner you start making these essential money moves in the early portion of your life, then you will be positioned for success later when you actually have and need money for retirement. 83 Money Moves To Make Before You Are 30 Years Old
Unfortunately, they didn't cover the ONE situation that frustrates me the most - the procrastinating non-producer. Drives me crazy when you are in a meeting and people accept assignments willingly, but then just don't quite find (or make!) the time to actually complete the work. How to Productively Call People Out on Their BS (Without Being an Asshole) How to Productively Call People Out on Their BS (Without Being an Asshole)
A Year of Success | Grab This Next Year By The Throat The Four Cornerstones of Success You probably know which area represents your strength. The question is, where are you falling short? Could one of these cornerstones be your epic fail? If you want more in your life– more money, more recognition more happiness– you must understand and excel in all four cornerstones. A Year of Success assembles 4 of the world’s greatest experts, each a specialist in a different area, to help you create the greatest breakthrough of your career. A Year of Success | Grab This Next Year By The Throat
TenDollarz.com – cool stuff for your startup for $10 | TenDollarz.com
No obligation to sign up or start a contest. Information will be kept private. You can use this questionaire to launch a contest if you desire. Get the logo that you really want by choosing from 50-200+ custom designs, instead of settling on a design from a handful of options that a traditional design firm provides. See your first company logos within hours, not weeks. Logo Design by LogoTournament ™
Techie (Very!!) Amateur Photographer Cystic fibrosis warrior for Coach-Ed Inc. and the CFF Traveler. 26 of the United States. 23 countries. 4 continents. Dog lover. CheyneSuker.com
The Improvement Zone Today I made some stupid choices that led to some pretty dangerous situations, for myself and for others. I REALLY HATE when I do that! Allow me to explain. The 20-Miler and the Marathon I’m training to run in the inaugural Louisiana Marathon, which will be on January 15th, 2012, about 6 weeks for now. It will be my fourth marathon, and I’m really looking forward to running it.
Four Pieces of Solid Gold Old School Advice for New School Millennials Most readers of this blog are business owners, execs, leaders, and managers looking for ideas and strategies for engaging and developing the emerging workforce. This particular post, however, is written for the emerging workforce, i.e. millennials. While this generation is not lacking in talent, many are somewhat deficient in the revered social skills, primarily because… Continue Reading » Helping Leaders End Entitlement and Restore Pride in the Emerging Workforce | Reviving Work Ethic
EO Global Entrepreneur Indicator Results from EO’s Global Entrepreneur Indicator have been announced. More than 5,500 entrepreneurs in 40 countries responded to the survey. View the reports The Official Blog of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization Entrepreneurs' Organization - Fueling the Entrepreneurial Engine | Entrepreneurs' Organization - Fueling the Entrepreneurial Engine
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