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A List Of European 'Startup Factories' There are tons of startup incubators and accelerators operating all across Europe today.

A List Of European 'Startup Factories'

Often, they are modeled after the successful Y Combinator early-stage fund, but sometimes there’s a twist that makes them unique, particularly when they focus on a single region or type of business only. Anyway, I was delighted to find out today, thanks to GigaOM’s Bobbie Johnson, that there’s something called Startup Factories, which says it aims to be a “guide to accelerator programmes in the European Union”. At this stage, there are a lot still missing from the list, and the guide does not include Seedcamp, apparently because the organization thought it “didn’t quite match” their definition of an accelerator programme. NETVA France - Formation entreprenariale et accélérateur de développement aux Etats-Unis. Le Camping – Kick off for Startups. The Founder Institute: Helping Founders to Build Great Companies. Cap Digital.

Répertoire des programmes : Services aux citoyens : Portail Québec.